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Teaching with Twitter

Teaching with Twitter

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Professors experiment with Twitter as teaching tool Facebook may be the social medium of choice for college students, but the microblogging Web tool Twitter has found adherents among professors, many of whom are starting to experiment with it as a teaching device. People use Twitter to broadcast bite-sized messages or Web links and to read messages or links posted by others. It can be used as a source of news, to listen to what people in certain groups are talking about, or to communicate with experts or leaders in certain fields. Marquette University associate professor Gee Ekachai uses Twitter to discuss what she's teaching in class with students and connect them with experts in the field of advertising and public relations. Instructor Linda Menck, who also teaches at Marquette, encourages students to include social media as a strategy in marketing campaigns for clients. Twitter is helping these professors build community in their classes in a way that appeals to some members of a Facebook-addicted generation. Live tweeting More informal

Twitter Tweets for Higher Education I love I usually post a couple of items a day, on average, and tend to follow and interact others who also post in a moderate fashion. Some people post dozens of twits a day and use Twitter as a kind of instant messaging client. I see, and use it, more as a mini-blog. For the uninitiated, Twitter limits you to 140 characters and spaces per post (or per "tweet"). I actually had not considered it as a tool for education until I saw a link posted by Twittown to a blog post on that subject. 1- Using Twitter with your students on Doug Belshaw's blog - emphasizes secondary education. I think Twitter could be ideal for reminding students about homework, trips and such things, especially as they can enter their mobile phone number to be alerted when one of their ‘friends’ updates their account. For a couple more library examples of this, see You can set your Twitter account private ("Protect My Updates") or public.

A Framework for Teaching with Twitter Faculty are increasingly experimenting with social media, and it’s exciting to find more and more courses incorporating Twitter, a ProfHacker favorite. Just last week on ProfHacker Ryan provided an excellent introduction to Twitter, while earlier in the summer Brian reflected on his use of Twitter in the classroom during Spring 2010. As we gear up for the Fall 2010 semester, I wanted to revisit the idea of teaching with Twitter. I’ll address my own pedagogical use of Twitter in a future ProfHacker post, but for today I want to share a general framework for Twitter adoption in the classroom, originally sketched out in late August 2009 by Rick Reo. Rick is an instructional designer at George Mason University, and he’d been keeping tabs on the different ways instructors were using Twitter in their teaching. Rick sent a draft of this adoption matrix to the university’s Teaching with Technology listserv, and I soon began trying to situate my own Twitter use on the chart. How about you?

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twitter en classe: casser les codes habituels de la classe "Twitter en classe" permet, avec cette deuxième année d’usages, une diversification du réseau et un élargissement spatio-temporel qui cassent les codes habituels de la classe. - Les équipes pédagogiques des deux nouvelles classes tweeteuses sont quasi-complètes présentes sur Twitter. Il y a une vraie volonté des enseignants de ces classes à s’inscrire et participer au réseau. Et c’est à la demande des élèves. Si j’avais présenté Twitter l’année dernière aux élèves comme une expérimentation, cette année ce n’est plus le cas. Le réseau prend en comparaison à l’année dernière une force et une valeur encore plus fortes dès lors qu’il ne concerne plus un ou deux enseignants mais bien toute l’équipe pédagogique. - Le réseau s’élargit au delà du groupe classe/équipe pédagogique: les enseignants des trois équipes pédagogiques des classes qui tweetent s’abonnent à tous les comptes enseignants et élèves du lycée: le réseau ne se restreint plus à la classe et s’ouvre à la communauté du lycée.

What Can You Teach With Twitter? Twitter is one of the best known social networking tools. It has been at the centre of scandals, the root of rebellions and a source of much controversy and mirth over the last few years as it has grown in prevalence. What is it exactly? Twitter is a social network or ‘micro-blogging’ service that allows members to send and receive short 140 character messages. You can find and follow people from all over the world and receive updates of their messages as they happen, and likewise they can sign up for your updates as and when you post them. Do Check: Twitter Under The Spotlight How can this be used as a teaching aid? Twitter as a service has a range of informational and social applications but one of its most undervalued uses is in the classroom. Primary School Kids know more about gadgets and the internet than many grown people. Twitter is a good way to introduce poetry to primary children. old pond . . . a frog leaps in water’s sound High School University For Further Reading: About Guest Author

The Top 50 Educators on Twitter to Follow in 2010 With the tough economic times of today and unemployment rates spiking across the world, there are scores of people making education their number one resolution for the New Year. With this in mind, we wanted to create a list of educators who are utilizing Twitter to help others reach their educational goals. We have spent hours scouring over our followers at usedgov - Usedgov is provided by the US Department of Education, and offers its followers a variety of edutweets that address the current news and events of today’s US Education system. # Of Tweets: 351Followers: 12,364 Following: 889 education_com – education_com has been designed to provide parents with a variety of tweets pertaining to information that will help them to support their children’s educational and developmental needs, as well as offer them a number of suggestions for making learning fun. # Of Tweets: 1,158Followers: 9,604 Following: 8,999 # Of Tweets: 96Followers: 804Following: 587

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