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20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools

20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools
Take the pulse of the social Web by hitting these rich targets Target audience: Nonprofits, cause organizations, brands, businesses, NGOs, educators, independent publishers, individuals. In this social media monitoring series: • Guide to monitoring social media conversations • 10 paid social media monitoring services for nonprofits • How to build & manage a monitoring dashboard Ready for a listening program? There are a wealth of free monitoring tools to choose from. 10 social media monitoring tools: a downloadable flyer Free monitoring tools may fill your needs if you work for a small nonprofit or your business has no need for more sophisticated services (coming tomorrow). And a word of advice: Don’t begin with the tools. Yesterday we covered why monitoring is essential to your organization. Here is our Guide to Free Social Media Monitoring Tools. Monitor social campaigns Wildfire: How is your brand performing in social? Monitor social networks & blogs Social Mention: Widgets & social search

Social Media & Text Analytics using Open Source Tools — The Fifth Elephant — HasGeek Funnel Objective Discuss how you can start analyzing Social Media Data today using Open Source Tools like RapidMiner or Open Source Languages like Python, R and PERL. Description You don't need the most expensive Text Mining Tools or even expensive software to start doing Text Analytics. Requirements Laptop and a version of Rapid Miner and R downloaded if you want to follow along. Speaker bio Randhir is an Online and Social Media Analytics Professional with over 10 years of Analytics and Retail IT consulting experience. Sanjeev Mishra is the Co-Founder of Convergytics and has over 13 years of analytics experience with companies such as GECIS, TNS and Mu Sigma and has consulted with the likes of DELL and The Home Depot.

Five Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing That You Might Not Know About With a little strategy, Twitter can boost your connections and website traffic. I like to think of Twitter as a live networking event where you can jump into a conversation at any time. It's a great tool for communicating information to followers but also for engaging with them. However, I've learned that many people, even those who are on Twitter frequently, use it only for sharing information -- not for starting a two-way dialogue. That's a lot like walking into an event and shouting at people but not listening to their responses. It just doesn't work. Over the last few years using Twitter, I've uncovered a few features that help businesses make better connections and build brand exposure. 1. Related: Why You Need a Social Media Policy Additionally, the search function allows you to target tweets from a certain area so that you can stay within a community. 2. Related: Why You Should Optimize Your Social Media Presence Then you can use Google Alerts to monitor your name and company. 3.

Tool: 9 strumenti irrinunciabili per i Social Network Sono tanti e diversi i tool, e quindi gli strumenti, per i social network. Del resto chi si trova a gestire tanti account non può che far ricorso a questi per cercare di massimizzare il tempo e organizzare al meglio il tutto. Per cercare di agevolare la consultazione di questi tool abbiamo provato a fare un po’ di chiarezza, dividendoli in base al tipo di strumento e riducendoli a 9, naturalmente prendendo in considerazione le versioni gratuite. Per quanto riguarda la tipologia abbiamo preso in considerazione quelli che servono per l’analisi e la ricerca, quelli utili per la gestione degli account ed infine quelli per l’analisi dei dati e le statistiche. Social Mention È da considerare un vero e proprio motore di ricerca per i social network, anche se abbiamo verificato che l’attendibilità con le altre lingue non di default, quindi anche l’Italiano, non è il 100%. TweetCounter Un servizio specifico per Twitter ed è davvero utile per le statistiche. Topsy

How to build & manage a monitoring dashboard Download this one-page flyer to get set up in Google Reader or Netvibes. Settle on a favorite tool and then let info & updates come to you! Target audience: Small to mid-size nonprofits, cause organizations, agencies, brands, NGOs, Web publishers, individuals. This is part of our series on social media monitoring: • Guide to monitoring social media conversations • 20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools • 10 paid social media monitoring services for nonprofits Last year a study of the 200 largest U.S. nonprofits and found that they’re using social media at a faster clip than the business community or academia for the third year in a row. Some 8 percent more charities are monitoring social media over the previous year’s figures. But how deep-seated are their efforts? In your monitoring dashboard, you’ll see headlines from dozens of important blogs in your sector, alerts, search results, new photos and more There are a few things to consider before starting. 1Create checklists.

The New, New Twitter and What It Means to You and Your Business inShare704 The new, new Twitter is upon us and while some of you already have access to it, others will have to wait up to three weeks. I’m not one to write about new features or products as they’re released. But I would like to take some time to review why this version of Twitter is important to you and your business. Twitter has undergone nothing short of a complete redesign…again. Unveiled through a tagline of “let’s fly,” the new, new Twitter centers around five distinct tabs, Home, Connect, Discover, Me, and Tweet. Home: One of the most notable improvements is in the intuitiveness of the design. Now, you have access to what you need in a simple and functional layout.On the “Home” page, you will find your social stream of course in addition to trends, recommended people, DMs, etc. @Connect: The Connect tab is where you can see who’s talking about you as well as who’s interacting with you or your Tweets. Get Embed with Twitter Yes, embedded Tweets are portable and fully functional. 1.

Strumenti Gratuiti per il Monitoraggio di Twitter | @pedroelrey Moni­to­rare la con­cor­renza e misu­rare i suoi, ed i pro­pri, risul­tati è un’attività indi­spen­sa­bile, che ahimè soprat­tutto dalle pic­cole e medie imprese viene svolta in maniera appros­si­ma­tiva o, addi­rit­tura, non effet­tuata del tutto [con tutte le ecce­zioni che la gene­ra­liz­za­zione com­porta, ovviamente]. Per quanto riguarda social net­work e social media vi è ampia dispo­ni­bi­lità di stru­menti gra­tuiti che pos­sono aiu­tare a fare un moni­to­rag­gio, un’analisi delle per­for­mance. Come sem­pre si tratta di tools che evi­den­te­mente non sono para­go­na­bili che quelli a paga­mento ma pos­sono comun­que aiu­tare a farsi un’idea. Con Twit­ter in for­tis­sima cre­scita nel nostro Paese, ho scelto di segna­lare oggi uno stru­mento che con­sente di fare un buon moni­to­rag­gio sia del pro­prio account, per­so­nale o azien­dale che sia, che di qua­lun­que altro account iscritto alla piat­ta­forma di micro­blog­ging da 140 caratteri. - Clicca per Ingrandire -

10 paid social media monitoring services for nonprofits Tweet Twitter data galore: A screen grab from Trackur, Sprout Social, Thrive & other monitoring tools worth paying for Target audience: Mid-size nonprofits, cause organizations, agencies, brands, NGOs, Web publishers, individuals. Search engines and free monitoring tools can help you find mentions of your brand easily, but if you want to take your social media efforts to the next level, you may want to consider using a social media monitoring vendor. Download flyer: some new ones here Once your nonprofit or business reaches a certain size — with, say, hundreds of daily mentions — a paid social media monitoring vendor or service can help you smartly assess the conversations taking place about your brand. Paid subscription services for social media monitoring can save staff time and provide insight into influence, authority, sentiment and reach. Social media vendors come in all shapes and flavors. Commercial social media monitoring services Thrive: Convert fans into donors Related

8 Tools to Help Filter Your Twitter Stream & Find News If you’re like me, you first hear about a lot of news and information through your Twitter stream. It’s is an excellent way to tap into what the buzz is about at the moment. But if you follow more than 500 people who post frequently, it can be difficult to filter the stream and see what your most trusted sources have shared — especially if you’ve been away for awhile. Several desktop apps and Web sites, like TweetDeck and HootSuite, will help you manage your Twitter account. Here are eight sites that can help you filter the signal from the noise. Filtered by Followers: Twitter and MicroPlaza After you log in with your Twitter username, The Twitter creates a page that displays stories by filtering through what the people you follow have tweeted the most. MicroPlaza helps you see what’s being shared by many people — both the people you follow and all Twitter users. Curated by Editors: The Hourly Press Overall Trends: and TweetMeMe Local: and monitter

Social Media Marketing e DEM, trovata a tutto Twitter Ecco la nuova trovata, tutta finalizzata al Marketing e strettamente correlata all’implementazione dei follower targati Social Network: Twitter inaugurerà l’opzione “invia tramite e-mail” anche per ogni singolo tweet. Trovata tutta incentrata nel Social Media Marketing, interrelato con la DEM, la Direct E-mail Marketing. Stando infatti a quanto afferma l’ingegnere Stefan Filip, il quale ha prontamente annunciato l’arrivo su Twitter di questa nuova funzione (od opportunità, come volete chiamarla), “invia tweet tramite e-mail” potrà essere disponibile in poche settimane e avrà un funzionamento molto semplice: Sotto ogni tweet ci sarà un pulsante ‘Altro’ dove comparirà la suddetta opzione, sarà dunque sufficiente inserire l’indirizzo email dell’utente a cui si desidera spedire il tweet, e il gioco sarà fatto. Nulla di più semplice, quindi. Ma cosa apparirà al destinatario della tweettemail? In poche parole, apparirà il tweet insieme con il commento.