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Simply Measured sur Twitter : "[NEW] How People Use #Twitter vs. How They Use #Instagram: Fashion's Multi-Channel Social Strategy. Instagram on Twitter: How Fashion Brands Blend the Two Networks Bridget Quigg Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured Where do fashion fans peruse the latest looks on social?

Fashion's Multi-Channel Social Strategy

Instagram, of course. They love the network so much, in fact, that in our recent research of Twitter brand-followers we found that “Instagram” is one of the most common words in Twitter bios for followers of fashion brands H&M, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton. Source: 1 Million Twitter Users: A Study of People Who Follow Brands How do the brands capitalize on this connection? Our study, “1 Million Twitter Users: A Study of People Who Follow Brands,” looked at the behavior of the most recent 100,000 followers for ten of the Interbrand 100 Global Brands. Get daily email alerts for Twitter. The New, New Twitter and What It Means to You and Your Business.

InShare704 The new, new Twitter is upon us and while some of you already have access to it, others will have to wait up to three weeks.

The New, New Twitter and What It Means to You and Your Business

I’m not one to write about new features or products as they’re released. But I would like to take some time to review why this version of Twitter is important to you and your business. Twitter has undergone nothing short of a complete redesign…again. The new experience offers a much needed simplification. Unveiled through a tagline of “let’s fly,” the new, new Twitter centers around five distinct tabs, Home, Connect, Discover, Me, and Tweet.

Home: One of the most notable improvements is in the intuitiveness of the design. Five Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing That You Might Not Know About. With a little strategy, Twitter can boost your connections and website traffic.

Five Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing That You Might Not Know About

I like to think of Twitter as a live networking event where you can jump into a conversation at any time. It's a great tool for communicating information to followers but also for engaging with them. However, I've learned that many people, even those who are on Twitter frequently, use it only for sharing information -- not for starting a two-way dialogue. That's a lot like walking into an event and shouting at people but not listening to their responses. It just doesn't work. Over the last few years using Twitter, I've uncovered a few features that help businesses make better connections and build brand exposure. 1. Relationship Management. 20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools.

Take the pulse of the social Web by hitting these rich targets Target audience: Nonprofits, cause organizations, brands, businesses, NGOs, educators, independent publishers, individuals.

20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools

In this social media monitoring series: • Guide to monitoring social media conversations • 10 paid social media monitoring services for nonprofits • How to build & manage a monitoring dashboard Ready for a listening program? There are a wealth of free monitoring tools to choose from. 10 social media monitoring tools: a downloadable flyer Free monitoring tools may fill your needs if you work for a small nonprofit or your business has no need for more sophisticated services (coming tomorrow). And a word of advice: Don’t begin with the tools.

8 Tools to Help Filter Your Twitter Stream & Find News. If you’re like me, you first hear about a lot of news and information through your Twitter stream.

8 Tools to Help Filter Your Twitter Stream & Find News

It’s is an excellent way to tap into what the buzz is about at the moment. But if you follow more than 500 people who post frequently, it can be difficult to filter the stream and see what your most trusted sources have shared — especially if you’ve been away for awhile. Several desktop apps and Web sites, like TweetDeck and HootSuite, will help you manage your Twitter account.

But there also are several services that will filter your stream and the collective content on Twitter so you can get the most important (or at least the most popular) news and information shared by users. Here are eight sites that can help you filter the signal from the noise. Filtered by Followers: Twitter and MicroPlaza.

The Fallacy of Social Media Reciprocation. You are not entitled to attention.

The Fallacy of Social Media Reciprocation

You are not entitled to a follow-back on Twitter simply because you follow someone. You are not entitled to blog subscribers or comments simply because you publish stuff. You are not entitled to clicks to your junk or signups for your newsletter or any thing of the sort. In fact, you are not entitled to anything. The web is not a democracy, nor is this an egalitarian society. If you honestly need someone to follow you or friend you on a social network to find self worth or acceptance, it’s really time to re-evaluate your priorities. Moreover, if the precedent we’re setting is that blanket reciprocity should be the standard, aren’t we bound to inundate ourselves with countless connections that have no enduring meaning, purpose, or substance to us other than some initial handshake gesture?

There is no inherent value in a superficial connection, but only in how that relationship becomes substantive later. 270buffer. Twitter and Google Reveal How the World Tweeted, Searched in 2010. Twitter Is Now Worth Almost TWICE As Much As The New York Times. Formulists.