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@twitterstories. 13 Twitter Tips and Tricks to Tweet Like a Pro - Webopedia. Posted May 28, 2015 By Matthew Guy From celebrity tweets to hosting live Twitter chats, our favorite Twitter tips will have you tweeting like a pro in no time.

13 Twitter Tips and Tricks to Tweet Like a Pro - Webopedia

Want to know how to use Twitter like a pro? We picked 13 of our favorite Twitter tips and tricks to help you improve your twitter marketing efforts. Our top picks offer sound advice on everything from building trust to gaining followers and successful live tweeting. Recommended Webopedia Definitions: Twitter, Twitter following, targeted tweets, hashtag 1. Millions of users. 140 characters. 2. LOL! 3. Think back to the time you bought something with great promise and expectation, only to have it break immediately. 4. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have mercilessly mocked the hashtag, but it does have incredible power on Twitter. A Primer for EdTech: Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed. Teachers - Hybrid Pedagogy. This is the sixth article in a series focused on creating a dialogue among K-12 and post-secondary pedagogies and pedagogues.

A Primer for EdTech: Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed. Teachers - Hybrid Pedagogy

Click here to read the original CFP. Every educator, from kindergarten to graduate school, should contribute to the important and significant work of teaching students to use online sources and social networks for educational and professional goals. To ignore the technology, or assume that our students already know it because they use it every day, is to participate in educational malpractice.

I teach Freshman Composition and Freshman Literature at an urban open-entry state institution. My students’ primary use of the internet is on smartphones and tablets. In order to assist my students in transitioning their use of the internet from primarily social and entertainment use to academic use, I have made it a priority in my classes for at least five years now. Posting links in a Tweet. All links (URLs) posted in Tweets are shortened using our service.

Posting links in a Tweet

When viewing the Tweet on the original URL (or shortened version of the original URL) will be displayed. Below are instructions on how to post a link in a Tweet on the web and on your mobile device. How to post a link in a Tweet on the web: Type or paste the URL into the Tweet box on URL of any length will be altered to 23 characters, even if the link itself is less than 23 characters long.

Twitter as a learning tool for teachers. Few tools have changed the nature of learning — or left teachers more baffled — than Twitter.

Twitter as a learning tool for teachers

Part of a group of services officially known as microblogs, Twitter makes two simple tasks possible: 1) Users can post short, 140-character messages — known as tweets — to the Web. 2) Users can automatically follow the messages being posted by others. Now I know what you’re thinking: “How can anyone share anything valuable for the ongoing professional development of teachers in 140 characters or less?

Isn’t that even shorter than text messages and complete sentences?” Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching? So, what are you doing?

Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching?

If you’re one of the 3 million people on Twitter, you are likely inclined to tell whoever cares right now, in 140 characters or fewer (or, about the length of this paragraph). Twitter, on the small chance that you don’t know, is the free micro-blogging service that enables users to post short messages, or Tweets, that are delivered to friends, enemies, family, colleagues -- anyone who has subscribed. These are your followers. You may have one, several, or, if you’re Ashton Kutcher, 2 million. With its enormous popularity, Twitter has invited dopey hyperbole (Time magazine went all in with a recent cover story) and snide cracks (“Who cares that I just ate a tasty corned beef sandwich?”) But before you write off Twitter as just the latest social media “fad,” take a look at how some clever educators are using it to enrich their classrooms and even forge informal professional networks.

But what about the much-ballyhooed decline of the American attention span? A printable 1-page Twitter guide for all skill levels. Share.

A printable 1-page Twitter guide for all skill levels

25 top ways teachers use Twitter in the classroom. Getting started with one of the most popular learning trends is always something worth considering.

25 top ways teachers use Twitter in the classroom

When it comes to blended learning, that’s just something every teacher, student, and school leader should consider. If you’re looking to dive into this innovative new method of engaging students, this graphic guide is perfect for you. This graphic we found via Pinterest is one of the best and most straightforward guides around. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get a bit more informed and offered a basic level of understanding on blended learning. Random bit of information: by the end of the decade (2019), about half of all high school courses will be delivered online. What Will The Future Of Education Look Like? If you look at the current trajectory of today’s education system around the world, it’s easy to see a few emerging trends. In other words, helping parents, school leaders, students, and teachers all share in the workload of creating a positive learning experience.