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Vintage Sewing Patterns

Vintage Sewing Patterns

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A Beginner’s Guide to AI/ML – Machine Learning for Humans – Medium [Update 9/2/17] This series is now available as a full-length e-book! Download here. For inquiries, please contact Roadmap Neuschwanstein Castle Paper Model Kit Neuschwanstein Castle Paper Model Kit Scale: 1:250 Complexity level: 4 (high) Dimensions: 14” x 9,5” x 27.5” Quantity of details: 359 Pack: card box 14,4” x 9,7” Weight: 0,5 kg Neuschwanstein Castle (German: Schloss Neuschwanstein, lit. New Swan Stone palace; is a 19th-century Bavarian palace on a rugged hill near Hohenschwangau and Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. Essential Oil Perfume Recipes I don’t think I’ve ever found the perfect perfume. Usually, by the time I’ve exhausted my capacity to sniff little strips of cardboard, my nose is so overwhelmed I have no idea whether my decision to hand over so much money is the right one. I like some scents more than others (fresh and light over musky) but there’s never been one that stands out, one that I feel is just right.

An indie guide to releasing your music Digital [Overview | Mastering | Distro | Bandcamp | Publishing, Licensing, Copyrights] | Overview With a budget of a few hundred dollars... Emily Henderson — Stylist - BLOG - How to choose your perfect color palette While there are no rules necessarily (at least none that I always adhere to), there are definitely some tricks, keys, and secrets to finding the color palette that you’ll live with the longest and that feels the most like you. Step 1: Start with one color you love the most, and the easiest way to choose this color is to think about what you want to wear the most (if you wear black solely b/c its flattering, then disregard that). Clearly, if you want to put green constantly on your body, then you probably really like green. It’s pretty simple.

RosMadeMe: Making a Spectacle - Glasses Case Tutorial I found some fabulous bias binding in my local shop and just had to have it... floral bias binding is the future! Then what could I make from it... well, the answer was in my handbag, my reading glasses case was looking a little the worse for wear, also it was black and I could never find it in the bottom of my handbag to say nothing of the suitcase which held my sunglasses which was almost as big as my handbag... so I was off an running. What I need is a simple quilted speccy case! You will need2 pieces of cotton fabric1 piece of waddingSewing cottonPinsCutting mat, Rotary wheel and Ruler or Dress making scissorsSewing machineIron and Ironing boardSmall drinking glassScraps of contrasting fabric if you decide to applique Iron your fabric and cut out two pieces of fabric 8"x 8" If you have larger sunglasses or are making the case for Dame Edna then you will need to increase the size a little.

Learn to Play Chess Chess Corner Home Learn Play Games Fun World Champions Ecards Book Store Links Learn to Play Chess Want to play chess? Don't know how? Don't worry. DIY a reusable notebook cover with pockets Brand new school supplies are one of life’s great joys. The smell of a fresh pack of pencils, the feeling of tearing the plastic off a stack of pristine notebook paper. Ahhh. Can we repeat 3rd grade, please? Designer and maker extraordinaire Ceri Staziker stops by the blog today to show us how to make custom, personalized notebook covers so your kid can feel like the coolest in the room on day one.

Proko Full Access to Figure Drawing Videos - miss new tutorials, signup for my mailing list - Let's get into shading a drawing! We'll explore form, planes and light on form. I'll guide you through making an object feeling 3 dimensional by indicating the elements of light on form - highlight, center light, halftones, core shadow, reflected light, cast shadow and occlusion shadow. How the local value of the object effects the tones.

East African Preterm Birth Initiative: Tiny Hats for Tiny Babies We were set to roll out the East African Preterm Birth Initiative just when Hurricane Harvey hit. These are two very different but important campaigns and we’re hoping that in-between stitching afghan sections, you’ll have time to complete a preemie cap or two for this life-saving initiative. Unlike WUA!