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Retro Thing
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Vintage 2.0 – Glossy Retro Takes Over Web Design | Inspired Maga An Inspired Mag reader said a few posts ago that the round corner buttons are dead. I think precisely the same mate, I know how you feel about the so-called web 2.0 buttons and shiny blingos! But what about this new futuretro style, that combines the web 2.0 (clean) look with a vintage touch? We’ve made a roundup of 25 websites that mix the retro with the shiny. What do you guys think about this style? The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely Mister Aero The Blizzards Cottonseed Oil Slabovia Bestial Design Big Cartel The NY Moon Team Fortress 2 Belvoir On For Britain Aespec Studio Rockatee Frisk Web Tomatic Field Notes Adaptd Level 2D Get Satisfaction Singularity Concepts Black Moon Design Kid Acne We offer 642-973 design tutorials and 642-359 guide to help you start with web designing .

Crookedbrains Journal d'un avocat - Zahi Hawass jim0581密技 mshta.exe -> HTML Application HOST HTML應用程序主機 msiexec.exe -> Starts Windows Installer Program 開始Windows安裝程序 mspaint.exe -> Microsoft Paint 畫板 msswchx.exe -> mstask.exe -> Task Schedule Program 任務計劃表程序 mstinit.exe -> Task scheduler setup 任務計劃表安裝 narrator.exe -> Program will allow you to have a narrator for reading. Micros oft講述人 nbtstat.exe -> Displays protocol stats and current TCP/IP connections using N BT 使用 NBT(TCP/IP 上的 NetBIOS)顯示協議統計和當前 TCP/IP 連接。 nddeapir.exe -> NDDE API Server side NDDE API服務器端 net.exe -> Net Utility 詳細用法看/? net1.exe -> Net Utility updated version from MS Net的升級版 netdde.exe -> Network DDE will install itself into the background 安裝自己到後 台 netsh.exe -> Creates a shell for network information 用於配置和監控 Windows 2 000 命令行腳本接口。 netstat.exe -> Displays current connections. 顯示協議統計和當前的 TCP/IP 網絡 連接。 Win XP(包括2000)的控制台命令是在系統出現一些意外情況下的一種非常有效的 診斷和測試以及恢復系統功能的工具。 第一部分:文件和目錄操作命令 Attrib Batch Chdir (Cd) Copy Delete (Del) Expand Mkdir (md) Rmdir (Rd) Type More 第二部分:系統和磁盤操作命令 參數 Batch 範例 或者

RetroWonders-Retro Jukeboxes, Radios, Record Players. [Geeks are Sexy] Technology News - We make technology sexy! Korben - Upgrade your mind The 13 Webbiest Papercraft on the Internet The internet loves papercraft (see, for example, the large collection on Boing Boing), and papercraft loves the internet. Below are a baker's dozen of the best meme-based papercraft. (History tip: The "baker's dozen" was invented when the FCC ruled that any blogger who shortchanges a reader with fewer list items than promised gets their hands cut off.) 1. Flying Spaghetti Monster There's something magical about papercraft that moves. 2. Oh god, if you make this cat and tape it to your ceiling, please don't tell us what it's watching you do. 3. Aww, this fat weird-looking statue of the infamous Hipster Grifter almost seems cruel, except for all the fraud and extortion she did to deserve it. 4. Another moving papercraft, this Keyboard Cat (a 2009 Urlies award winner) will play you off when you turn the handle. 5. Give this little guy some popcorn and plop him on the family Steinway to recreate Hamster on a Piano. 6. 7. 8. Remember to make two, and remember to scooch 'em up close. 9. 10. 11.