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50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements

50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements
Like many others I find myself captivated with vintage advertising. There have been numerous articles, blog posts and websites dedicated to the subject and I just can’t seem to get enough. Specifically, it is the advertising of the 50′s and 60′s that is most aesthetically pleasing to me. The following are 50 of my personal favorites. Western Electric [Source] Volkswagen [Source] Sony [Source] Lightolier [Source] Campbell’s [Source] Molson’s Golden Ale [Source] Monroe [Source] Burroughs Corporation [Source] Bigelow Carpet [Source] Ford Fairlane [Source} Ronrico [Source] [Source] International Transtar-400 [Source] Lustre Creme [Source] [Source] Ozite Carpet Tiles [Source] Corvette [Source] Dobbs [Source] Eve Filter Cigarettes [Source] Air Canada [Source] Wild Westerns [Source] Pabst Blue Ribbon [Source] Pontiac Bolero [Source] Smirnoff [Source] Motorola [Source] [Source] Budweiser [Source] Ouija Board [Source] Frigidaire [Source] Churchman’s No. 1 [Source] Kenmore Dryer [Source] International De Luxe Delivery Trucks [Source] Levis [Source] [Source] Related:  Vintage

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seanwes hand lettering | Sean McCabe HET verzameloord Huge street art by ARYZ Good idea to place people in the pictures, so we can realize how big these artworks are. More on ARYZ’s website. Juguetes y diseño Cuando pensamos en juguetes, caemos en el clásico muñeco articulado o la clásica muñeca rubia, pero el mundo del diseño trae nuevas propuestas al mercado, con nuevos materiales y con la posibilidad de personalizar el juguete. Las grandes marcas, como Playmobil, ven el mercado del diseño como un público potencial de consumo, y hacen que no solo sean juguetes para niños, sino también para público adulto. A continuación podrán ver juguetes divertidos, como así también, bien diseñados. Es un producto diseñado para los niños mucho más jóvenes que nosotros. Por otra parte, es una representación muy pequeña de la tienda que nos vende todos los brillantes aparatos de Apple que nosotros no podemos resistir. Hasta hicieron Playmobil al dueño de Apple, el famosísimo Steve Jobs. Es el clásico muñeco para pintar y personalizarlo al gusto del usuario. Uno de los grandes ilustradores a nivel mundial como Jon Burgerman, tiene su propia versión del muñeco Munny.

I Love Marketing Retro and Vintage In Modern Web Design Advertisement Retro and vintage are becoming a new trend. Once rarely used in this robust, dynamic medium, early, retro and vintage elements are now becoming more and more popular in a variety of design contexts. Online shops, corporate designs, portfolios and blogs incorporate both styles on a small and large scale. Retro and vintage designs exhibit graphic solutions that are strongly influenced by the time period that they are supposed to represent. Such elements create a nostalgic atmosphere, awaken feelings and memories and attempt to communicate information effectively using emotions. The Secrets Of Vintage and Retro Designs What elements do designers use to create a genuine vintage or retro atmosphere? illustrations from old posters, movies, newspapers, CDs, vinyls, ads; old-style typography (e.g. vintage and retro are often combined with a hand-drawing style2 and grunge style3. Below, you’ll find a showcase of 50 beautiful retro, vintage and Renaissance designs. Custom Design6

The Reference is Lost: Stuff From Old Cartoons That Made Sense at the Time - Blog - Adult Swim

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