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Students, get citable references for your research with The Full Wiki

Students, get citable references for your research with The Full Wiki

WikiSummarizer WikiSummarizer is a Web-based application specializing in automatic summarization of Wikipedia articles. Automatic summarization is the creation of a shortened version of a text by a computer program. The result is a summary that presents the most important points of the original text. A summary is a shorter version of the original information. It highlights the major points from the much longer article. WikiSummarizer automatically summarizes the Wikipedia articles. The blending of visualization with summarization, knowledge browsing, mind mapping provides you with a wide range of means to explore relevant content. All the summaries are stored in the WikiSummarizer knowledge base. In fact when we are summarizing, we are zipping through the whole content, homing in on the important chunks. With the ability to summarize web pages everybody can become an instant speed reader. You instantly see what the web page is about. You get more done in less time. The key benefits are: Yes.

12 Fun Hacks for Getting More Out of YouTube There's no doubt that plain old YouTube can be tons of fun, but when you get bored of watching clips the traditional way, there are a ton of sites that can help enhance the experience. Whether you want to view a video with a far-away friend, compare two clips, or find more interesting ways of browsing and sharing, there are plenty of options out there. The web community is known for creating hacks that improve your surfing experience; now we've dug into some of those tools and hacks built around YouTube. Have a look through our 10 choices and let us know of any other YouTube mashups, hacks, or similar sites and services you've used. We'd love to hear about them in the comments below. 1. This site features a super-simple premise. 2. DragonTape allows you to remix YouTube videos into a seamless mixtape. 3. This "mashup helper" exists "because you have better things to do than work." 4. 5. Enter your choice of keywords into this site and it will create an infinite playlist based on them. 6.

8,200+ Strong, Researchers Band Together To Force Science Journals To Open Access Evolutionary biologist Michael Eisen made this t-shirt design in support of the Elsevier boycott. Academic research is behind bars and an online boycott by 8,209 researchers (and counting) is seeking to set it free…well, more free than it has been. The boycott targets Elsevier, the publisher of popular journals like Cell and The Lancet, for its aggressive business practices, but opposition was electrified by Elsevier’s backing of a Congressional bill titled the Research Works Act (RWA). Though lesser known than the other high-profile, privacy-related bills SOPA and PIPA, the act was slated to reverse the Open Access Policy enacted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2008 that granted the public free access to any article derived from NIH-funded research. But the fight for open access is just getting started. Seem dramatic? Paying a high price for academic journals isn’t anything new, but the events that unfolded surrounding the RWA was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

AcaWiki academic papers Wikipedia Welcome to WikiFieldTrip Xournal User's manual Xournal User's Manual Version 0.4.8 Xournal is an application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylus. It is free software (GNU GPL) and runs on Linux (recent distributions) and other GTK+/Gnome platforms. It is similar to Microsoft Windows Journal or to other alternatives such as Jarnal and Gournal. Xournal can be downloaded at or Xournal aims to provide superior graphical quality (subpixel resolution) and overall functionality; however various advanced features have not been implemented yet. Table of contents Getting started Xournal's user interface is (hopefully) intuitive, and if you don't run into installation or tablet calibration issues, you'll probably be able to start taking notes without referring to this manual. Refer to the next few sections of this manual for more information about the various functionalities. The drawing and selection tools The pen The eraser The highlighter <? . .

NoodleTools : MLA / APA / Chicago Bibliography Composer, Notecards, Outlining Main Page StartSpot Network Contact Us Advertising News About Us Network Welcome Book reviews, book awards, poetry, literary criticism, authors & more. Movie reviews, movie trailers, movie quotes, movie listings & more. Genealogy, family search, heraldry, surnames, public records & more. Charities, volunteer opportunities, philanthropy, nonprofits & more. Recipes, food, cooking recipes, restaurants & more. U.S. government, state government, Congress, government jobs & more. U.S. newspapers, headlines, world news, current events & more. Homework help, science fair project ideas, online learning & more. Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more. Museums, aquariums, zoos, art museums, national parks & more. People search, celebrities, people finder, world population & more. Product reviews, deal sites, comparison shopping tools & much more. Travel maps, travel destinations, travel guides, tourism & more. College search, university profiles, online learning, test prep & more. Enjoy your visit!

Let's Get Video on Wikipedia Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Advanced Operators (Cheat Sheet) The following table lists the search operators that work with each Google search service. Click on an operator to jump to its description — or, to read about all of the operators, simply scroll down and read all of this page. The following is an alphabetical list of the search operators. Each entry typically includes the syntax, the capabilities, and an example. allinanchor: If you start your query with allinanchor:, Google restricts results to pages containing all query terms you specify in the anchor text on links to the page. Anchor text is the text on a page that is linked to another web page or a different place on the current page. allintext: If you start your query with allintext:, Google restricts results to those containing all the query terms you specify in the text of the page. allintitle: If you start your query with allintitle:, Google restricts results to those containing all the query terms you specify in the title. allinurl: In URLs, words are often run together. author: ext:

Waking from the Middle East Nightmare by Javier Solana Exit from comment view mode. Click to hide this space MADRID – The Middle East is caught in a seemingly endless spiral of instability. The possibility of military intervention in Syria, together with the deteriorating situation in Egypt since the army’s coup, has placed the region on a razor’s edge. Paradoxes abound, as the United States’s traditional Middle East allies (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, and the Gulf states) have taken opposing – and sometimes seemingly contradictory – positions on the region’s key conflicts. Saudi Arabia, fearing severe domestic consequences from the Muslim Brotherhood’s empowerment in Egypt, does not want to see an Islamist movement legitimized democratically. Israel, for its part, is exerting pressure in two ways. The civil war in Syria, meanwhile, has inflamed the Sunni-Shia fault line that traverses the entire region, and that defines, for example, the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran.