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Historical Photography

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1800's - 1930's

1940's - 1990's. Recent Photography (2000 - 2015) Then & Now Photography. Rare Historical Images. 20 Rare Historical Photos. Powerful. Cracked: 15 Mind-Blowing Old-Timey Photos. The Great Depression in Colored Photographs.

Color presents an entirely different image.

The Great Depression in Colored Photographs

This is a photograph of Faro and Doris Caudill, farmers in Pietown, New Mexico. They lived in a dugout and struggled to survive on Resettlement Administration land. As the 1930s came to a close, Kodak came out with Kodachrome film – the first commercially viable color film available to the general public. In 1937 and 1938, the colors were still not stable and accurate, but by 1939 Kodachrome was producing color images of remarkable precision. Now, not just anybody could buy this film. Urban America New York City was the metropolis of America. Times Square was the happening place. Washington was a city of contrasts – the New Deal having extended its influence across the nation.

But it was still very much a Southern city – especially if you were African American. How Moonshiners hid their tracks. Adolf Hitler [far left] with fellow WWI German soldiers. A famous explosion. 30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past. 1.

30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past

Unpacking the Head of the Statue of Liberty delivered June 17, 1885. German soldiers discover what Hitler has done. Old New York in Colour - Lower East Side. New York, NY - Franny Wentzel - Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 : goo Browsing articles link - [previous] :: [next] From the Charles W.

Old New York in Colour - Lower East Side

Cushman collection of colour photographs - This set taken in 1942 New York City Lower East Side Flat bldgs. Clinton St. Residents of lower Clinton St near East river Saturday afternoon. The Photographs Behind Norman Rockwells Iconic Paintings. 25 of the Most Influential News Images of All Time. News Photography is all about capturing the decisive moment in an aesthetic way. It is about telling the world a story, through one or more images. Many times, news images come to be remembered as symbolically associated with a certain event, remembered for decades thanks to that special news image. Let us look at 25 such images. Remember, news images need NOT always be technically sound. Things that happened a while ago that someone caught on camera.

The People of the United States. Photographs Renewed. 50 Years of Nat Geo Covers. Historical photos superimposed on the same spot. All the Best WTF Retro Pics in One Page. These pics are old, they are black and white, but they are very WTF.

All the Best WTF Retro Pics in One Page

If someone can explain what is going on here, he is very welcome. Voici une série de photos rétro en noir et blanc complètement incompréhensible et très WTF. Si vous avez des explications sur cette série de photos, merci de les soumettre en commentaire. Want more ? Boy's pet fawn watches him leave for school (1960) Old-timey Kids Who Are Way Tougher Than Modern Adults. #3.

Old-timey Kids Who Are Way Tougher Than Modern Adults

Sick Kids Had to Go to School Outside, in Winter Behold the magnificent installations of the St. James' Park Open-Air School in London, one of the many educational establishments from a hundred years ago that intentionally exposed kids to the elements, all year long, due to a tragic misunderstanding of how medicine works. Before the discovery of antibiotics, doctors pretty much took their best guess and made shit up about how to cure disease. Amazing Mystery Photographer Comes To Fame After Her Death.

25 Amazing Vintage Photos. We are big fans of good old photos, so this series has been created with fascination and pure joy. We hope you’ll love these great photos and also show your opinions in the comments! US Letter Carriers on Motorized Scooters Streetcar Named Desire Roller Skater, circa 1905. John F. Kennedy out with the family. Mythical pictures in black and white, digitally colored. The History of the Bikini. The photo of Lincoln used to make the penny, restored (1862) Troops recreate the countenance of W. Wilson. Rare and very interesting photos. Interesting and very rare photographs, you may never see.

Rare and very interesting photos

The first McDonald’s. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Capital of Brazil, on the beginning. Pius XII and Hitler. The King. Rare Beatles photos. Osama bin Laden and his family. Titanic. Fall of the Berlin Wall All forms of Coca-Cola bottles. Top 10 Pictures That Shocked The World. It has often been said throughout time that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Top 10 Pictures That Shocked The World

Any picture may be worth a thousand words, but only a few rare photos tell more than a thousand words. They tell a powerful story, a story poignant enough to change the world and galvanize each of us. Over and over again… 9 Old-Timey Animal Photos You Won't Believe Are Real. In the old days, concepts like safety, animal rights and sanity weren't as well-defined as they are now.

9 Old-Timey Animal Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

And while there's no question that we treat animals better today than we did a few decades ago, sometimes what's good for the animals is bad for the field of insanely badass photography. So, we'll just have to fill that void with old-timey photos like these. #9. Photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Albert Camus, Paris, 1944.

photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Coney Island, New York, 1946. Romania, 1975. Naples, Italy, 1960. 1930's Circus photos. Bill Clinton meets John F. Kennedy. Newly freed POWs in Vietnam. Otto Frank returns to the attic he hid in during WWII. The real life models for Classic Pin-Up paintings. Accidental photo of a man falling to his death.