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Gary Glitter. Collecting Vintage Clothes - Tips for buying retro antique fashion garments. Whiskey Creek Jewels Links Page. Jewelry Groups and Educational Sites. Guide: Understanding Gemstone Cuts - Page 1. Collecting Vintage and Contemporary Jewelry. Vintage Jewelry Information. Amazing Adornments: Unsigned Vintage Costume. Milky Way Jewels Useful Links. Milky Way Jewels Resources. As your collection of vintage jewelry grows, you will probably find yourself wanting to know more about these lovely pieces of wearable art.

Milky Way Jewels Resources

There are many resources available to help you learn. Reference Books - We have prepared a brief guide to some of our favorite jewelry reference books. Costume Jewelry Collectors International (CJCI) is a new organization which intends to bring together, support, and unite the existing regional vintage jewelry conventions and groups. CJCI continues the tradition of the quarterly full-color magazine-style newsletter and biennial national conventions begun by the Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry (VFCJ) Newsletter and Club.

This exciting new club is using the power of the internet to bring collectors together via online chats, discussion forums, and other new technologies. Online Discussion Groups - Lovers of costume jewelry get together in online forums to discuss their favorite topic. Educational Websites: Favorite Reference Books Baker, Lillian. Vintage Jewelry, Vintage Costume Jewelry Education. Illusion Jewels Vintage Costume Jewelry Links to Jewelry Research. MODERN SILVER magazine links. Antique & Collectible Jewelry Price and Value Guides - Online Price and Value Guides for Antique & Collectible Jewelry. Home Antiques Share this page on: Send to a Friend via Email Your suggestion is on its way!

Antique & Collectible Jewelry Price and Value Guides - Online Price and Value Guides for Antique & Collectible Jewelry

An email with a link to: was emailed to: Thanks for sharing with others! Most Emailed Articles How to Prepare Your House for SaleBest Laundry Detergents for Septic SystemsBefore You Start Pruning Lilacs, Read These TipsWhat Type of Care Do Easter Lilies Need? How to Buy Vintage Costume Jewelry for Yourself or as Gifts. Have a yen to add a piece of vintage costume jewelry to your accessories wardrobe?

How to Buy Vintage Costume Jewelry for Yourself or as Gifts

Or, maybe you have a jewelry lover in our life who'd relish a vintage gift to add to their collection. Keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re ferreting out vintage costume jewelry to purchase for yourself or a friend: Condition, condition, condition – Don’t take the condition of a vintage jewelry item for granted. Sure, vintage jewelry from the Victorian era through the 1930s can have a very vintage look to it (meaning it doesn't look "new"). But there are times when you can find jewelry from the '40s, '50s and 60s in like-new condition or very lightly worn. Look for quality – If you find a bargain piece of low quality jewelry that’s kitschy and fun, and you absolutely love it, go ahead and purchase it. Certain manufacturers are known for creating jewelry of quality as well: Eisenberg, Schiaparelli, Miriam Haskell and Schreiner are a few names to look for when purchasing high-end pieces.

Brooches and Pins - Vintage Weiss Costume Jewelry. Jewel Chat Magazine by Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. Morning Glory Antiques. SELLING Since I receive lots of questions about selling to a dealer, let me offer a few tips.

Morning Glory Antiques

Even though we buy jewelry almost every day, we do not buy everything we are offered... no one could. We buy based on what is popular, desirable and what we think will do well with our customers. And we pay well for what we do buy. Also, what we buy changes all the time as fashions and trends change. 1. 2. I might add here that if someone asks too little for a piece, I will offer and pay more. 3. There is LOTS of jewelry around now and many pieces that we used to think were rare have become more plentiful as the older generations put their collections on the market. What a dealer will pay can vary widely. 4. Hope this is useful! Adornment // The Magazine of Jewelry & Related Arts. Basic Hallmarks Identification. JEWEL CHAT  INTERNET COSTUME JEWELRY MAGAZINE brought to you by Morning Glory Antiques. BUTTERWORTH Jeweller late 1890s to present "I was thrilled to see the coral earrings in their original box.

JEWEL CHAT  INTERNET COSTUME JEWELRY MAGAZINE brought to you by Morning Glory Antiques

"G" was George Butterworth, my great uncle. He was apprenticed in his home town of Rochdale as a gold and silver worker when he left school, setting up in Shipley, Yorkshire where he was later joined by his brother (my grandfather) in 1900. They then traded as Butterworth Brothers (but might have used up existing boxes of course). I have attached an image of G Butterworth. The box lid says, "G. "In 1903 they moved back to Rochdale and set up here, where the family has traded ever since. I knew very little about the early days in Shipley except that a guard dog named Piper was kept and he caught a burglar!

Vintage Costume Jewelry, Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry, Vintage Designer Jewelry, Vintage Collectible Jewelry, Vintage Plastic Bakelite Jewelry. Researching Costume Jewelry History, Jewelry Marks, Fashion Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry research, Jewelry signatures. Vintage Fashion Guild : International Vintage Clothing Organization. All About Jewels Glossary: A.