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Historical/Colonial legacy

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Countries that have been under European control. *****70 years ago #USA committed to #MarshallPlan. #Geopolitics at its best. Interests of all involved were considered. The expansion of the Roman Empire to AD 117 #History #RomanEmpire. Fall of Empire: One of my favourite book sets has a very fitting image sequence on the spine... *****Chart: Which Side Of The Road Do You Drive On? Driving It's a question that arises surprisingly often among travellers, especially those considering renting a car.

*****Chart: Which Side Of The Road Do You Drive On?

Which countries drive on the right and which drive on the left? Approximately two-thirds of the global population drive on the right side of the street. All in all, 163 countries and territories have right-hand drive traffic while vehicles use the left-side in 76 countries. The bulk of countries that drive on the left are former British colonies including South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This chart shows countries by left and right-hand traffic in 2017. Report. *****#Map shows on which side of the road cars have to drive. I haven't worked out the pattern... *****#Map shows only 5 countries have never in #history been under European rule. #Liberia is the exception in #Africa! *****How Google Maps could help settle the Afghanistan-Pakistan border dispute. More than a thousand miles of harsh, mountainous terrain separates Pakistan and Afghanistan.

*****How Google Maps could help settle the Afghanistan-Pakistan border dispute

The border is notoriously porous and difficult to enforce, as invading armies have learned — and it’s been a source of contention between the two governments for decades. The “Durand Line” establishing the border was drawn in the 1890s, by British representatives from Afghanistan and what was then British India. It split the land of ethnic Pashtuns nearly in half. Pakistan inherited the border when it gained independence in 1947, but Afghanistan has never officially recognized it. Pashtuns living on either side of the border traditionally haven’t paid it much attention — they often have more in common with each other than with their respective countries.

Things remain tense in the disputed border area, however. But officials in Pakistan and Afghanistan are signaling that they may be ready for détente. *****Sykes–Picot Agreement: @simongerman600 Only a bit more illogical than this1916 effort. Who gets German anti-colonialism map from WWI. 13 May 1787. First fleet of ships carrying convicts to penal colony of Australia left England. List of crimes punishable by transportion.

Things that wouldn't exist if Mexico hadn't lost its territory. Percentage of each country's population that natively speaks English. *****% of population that speaks English natively by Reddit user 'famicon3' - *****In the tradition of Sykes-Picot: Our bold proposal to reshape Western Europe for a more stable and peaceful future. (Inspired by what Europe did elsewhere.) The Rise & Fall of the Romans: Every Year Shown in a Timelapse Map Animation (753 BC -1479 AD) The Youtuber “EmperorTigerstar” specializes in documenting the unfolding of world historical events by stitching together hundreds of maps into timelapse films.

The Rise & Fall of the Romans: Every Year Shown in a Timelapse Map Animation (753 BC -1479 AD)

In years past, we’ve featured his “map animations” of the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865), World War I (1914-1918), and World War II (1939-1945). Today, we’re highlighting a more ambitious project, an attempt to visually document the rise and fall of the Romans. The video covers 2,000 years of history, in just ten minutes. Moving from 753 BC to 1479 AD, the map animation shows Rome’s territorial boundaries changing as the Roman Kingdom morphs into the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. Follow Open Culture on Facebook and Twitter and share intelligent media with your friends. If you’d like to support Open Culture and our mission, please consider making a donation to our site. Related Content: *****#Map hints at what #Kurdistan could look like. 32M #Kurdish people are largest group of people without a state. Only 22 countries have not been invaded by Britain. *****#Macron v #LePen support base is largely along 12thC Plantaganet/Angevin Empire v French Kingdom lines...

Lmd_853.jpg (JPEG Image, 1754 × 1240 pixels) - Scaled (58%) Europe iunder the French Empire (1812) *****When reading about the #MiddleEast this #map provides you with important context about the #geography of #religion. Via @GPFutures. *****Colonisation of USA: The population of every US county, 1790 to 2010. Canada’s 1886 Indian Act defined “person” as “an individual other than an Indian." Europe iunder the French Empire (1812) #Map is a great reminder of the odd fact that the #Vikings were in the Mediterranean. *****Political evolution of Central America and the Caribbean (incl animation of change in Central America) #Map of The Holy Roman Empire (roughly today's Germany, Poland, Czech Rep. and Austria), around 1792. The rise and fall of the Roman empire over 2.000 years. The Swedish Empire from 1560-1815 - *****How many colonies each country had. @fj @Law_and_policy Cult of the gentleman amateur. Empire 1.0: "George is an Oxford man, right sort of chap. Of course he can run India..."

Cool @HarvardMapColl find from a 1936 Italian history book on colonial expansion. Old school transition effect. It's all kicking off down here this weekend. Or, rather, literally everyone I've met today is hoping it doesn't kick off. #OnThisDay 1957: The people of Ghana celebrated the end of colonial rule and the dawn of their independence. *****Roman Empire trade routes #map #RomanEmpire. #Map shows which places the British Empire / England ever invaded. Also shows how.

#History: The #mongols were a superpower in the 13th century. Animated #map shows their expansion across #Eurasia. Australia, until 60s, Aborigines came under the Flora And Fauna Act, classified them as animals, not human beings. #History #map shows all areas that at some stage were under control by #France. The History of South Asia: Every Year. Europe at the death of Charlemagne (814 CE)

#History of #USA westward expansion in a single simple #map by @Stratfor. ******A map of the world according to second languages. Language remains an inescapable leftover of conquest and empire.

******A map of the world according to second languages

Algeria's second language is French - a remnant of France's occupation - and much of Africa speaks English, Italian or French as a result of their colonialism alongside their many countries' native tongues. MoveHub, an online resource for people looking to move abroad, created an infographic to demonstrate the second languages of countries around the world. Europe The countries which once belonged to the former Soviet Union – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine – still hold Russian as their second language. Romania, Serbia and Slovakia’s collective second language is Hungarian, from their membership in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. North America Canada's second official language is French, whereas both Alaska and the US's second language is Spanish.

South America Central America Africa Italian is spoken in Libya, and English is the second language of both Egypt and Sudan. The Portuguese State of India in 1580 #History #Portugal. Happy #AustraliaDay! Let's not forget the original #map of #Australia. #Aboriginal #geography looks different to common view of #OZ. Overview of the slave trade out of Africa - Major colonial empires drawn to scale (1800 AD) #Cartograms #History #Oldmaps. #Map shows that in #Australia all #Aboriginal land was dispossessed after 1788 and some has been returned today. #Map shows biggest #French speaking cities across the globe. #Paris is the ONLY one in #France. #Colonial #heritage in action...

Short History of Colonialism Since 1492 In One GIF. World map showing Colonialism from 1492-2008 The map above presents a very short history of colonialism around the world from 1492-2008 in one simple GIF.

Short History of Colonialism Since 1492 In One GIF

Interestingly, it doesn’t limit itself to European colonialism but also includes the colonial empires of the United States, Russia/Soviet Union and Japan. It includes the borders of the following colonial empires: British Empire French colonial empire Portuguese Empire Spanish Empire Russian Empire & the Soviet Union Ottoman Empire Danish colonial empire Dutch Empire American Empire Belgian colonial empire Italian Empire German colonial empire Empire of Japan In total 11 snapshot years are looked at.

Dividing the East and West throughout history Source - Europe in 1328 - ***Animated Rise and Fall of Roman Territory: 510 BC – 530 AD. According to a mix of legend and historical record, the Ancient Roman civilisation spanned from the mythical foundation of Rome as a town in 753 BC by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, to the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD at the hands of Germanic tribes, led by Odoacer/Odovacer.

***Animated Rise and Fall of Roman Territory: 510 BC – 530 AD

In between its birth and demise, the Republic and then Empire covered a vast territory, controlling the Mediterranean region and incorporating much of Europe as well as parts of Western Asia and North Africa. Roman expansion spread a common tongue and culture, a vast transport and trade network, technological innovation and Roman law. #Map shows every country #England ever invaded. Only 22 were spared.

*European colonisation of Africa Map: Ruthless chapter of #history. HT. The story of Seretse Khama, the first President of Botswana, whose life is featured in the new film 'A United Kingdom' The US's century-long destruction of Native American land, in one animated map. "Colonialism is doomed everywhere!" (India/Goa/Diu/Daman) Soviet poster. Rise & Fall of the Portuguese Empire: Every year. What if the Mongol Empire Reunited Today?

Rise & Fall of the Belgian Empire: Every year. Rise & fall of the Japanese Empire: Every year. Brothels, bars and betting shops - last surviving remnant of ancient Rome's Circus Maximus opened to the public after seven year restoration. Colonial France: Republic On Which The Sun Never Sets. Current map of France, including all Overseas departments and territories.

Colonial France: Republic On Which The Sun Never Sets

Created by Hoshie via Wikimedia. As France and the world continue to come to terms with the aftermath of France’s darkest night since World War 2, it’s perhaps worth remembering that France is the only Republic on which the sun never sets. The true map of France above shows that France is more than just a European country, but one that stretches around the globe. And as the world stands with France in this dark time, it’s important to know that the light of the sun has not abandoned it.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. If you would like to support victims of the Paris attacks consider donating to the Red Cross and/or to Doctors Without Borders When most people talk about France, what they’re actually talking about is Metropolitan France or the part of France located in Europe. The areas can be seen above. French Overseas departments French overseas collectivities. Lusophone map - Legend Of Polyglot: The History of the Portuguese-speaking World.

The Portuguese-speaking world consists of nine independent countries around the world.

Lusophone map - Legend Of Polyglot: The History of the Portuguese-speaking World

These eight other countries have been former colonies of Portugal. There are also places where the Portuguese language has a significant role like in Macau, China or Goa in India. There are all the posts that I have written about all the Portuguese speaking countries underneath the map. Total: 9 Africa (6) Asia (1) Europe (1) South America (1) Brazil. Why is Canada not part of the United States? The original #Marmitegate. Columbus insisted until he died that he had arrived in Asia or 'the Indies'. Hence he insisted that the inhabitants were 'Indians'. Polynesia= the "many" islands Micronesia= the "small" islands Melanesia= the "black" islands Colonizer who named us= Jules Dumont d'Urville. Millions of 18th and 19th century ship logged journeys plotted on a map to reveal the story of our ocean travel! Map of Europe in 1000AD - The world of our ancestors, a version of a map drawn in 220 BC. An amazing walkable globe portraying the world of 1935 at the Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston.