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Vintage Patterns

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Antique Pattern Library Catalog. Kelly's Kitchen Sync: Steampunk Sunday: Carlo Bugatti Furniture. When steampunk first came out, it was a simple excuse for me to indulge in my own version of what an alternate world without electricity might have been.

Kelly's Kitchen Sync: Steampunk Sunday: Carlo Bugatti Furniture

And in this world, I like to imagine that Art Nouveau is a bigger part than Victorian. Steampunk writers, if you want to immerse yourself in fantastical design in the art and furniture world, you could certainly draw some inspiration by studying the furniture of Carlo Bugatti. Desk, 1902. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. If the name sounds familiar, yes, it’s that Bugatti. Carlo Bugatti was an Italian furniture designer who was heavily influenced by Asian and North African design. Throne, 1900. Many of his pieces are in museums; the rest — if they are authentic, and were made in his studio in Milan--go for high 5-to-7 figures. Cobra Chair, 1902. While many of his pieces had curves particular to Art Nouveau period, some of his other pieces have a slight Eastlake feel to me. Walnut Writing Desk With Chair, 1900. Madame Weigel's Patterns. Vintage/Historical Sewing Patterns. A Collection of Free Historical Costume Patterns.

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A Collection of Free Historical Costume Patterns

Skip that trip to the store. There's a whole slew of patterns, designs, and tutorials made by the seamstresses of the past—and Artemisia Moltabocca has already done the heavy lifting of collecting them for you. The seamstress' blog,, has an extensive collection of medieval, Elizabethan, and Victorian patterns free to use—and likely to make any dressmaker salivate. While the blog post shares a wide variety of websites and tutorials, the real treasure is on Moltabocca's Pinterest page. You can also follow Moltabocca on Facebook or Twitter. Custom Corset Pattern Generator.

Vintage Patterns. Vintage Patterns by Reconstructing History aren't just copies of original patterns like all the others.

Vintage Patterns

We re-draft our originals in 11 modern sizes. We expand the instructions so the modern seamstress can easily work with them. We print them on sturdy 20# bond paper so they won't fade away like the old tissue paper patterns.We include historical notes about the fashions of the time so you know how the garment was originally worn. Click below for a video demonstrating why Reconstructing History Vintage patterns are better: And as always, we back up every purchase with our Help Line to answer any questions you may have. A list of free historical costume patterns including medieval, Elizabethan and Victorian patterns.

Free Patterns Menu: Period Clothing Patterns and Cutting DiagramsVictorian and Edwardian era jacket, suit, shirt, skirt, petticoat, and bodice patterns for women, men, and children. Adapting the Elizabethan Lady's wardrobe for lower class useGeneral instructions for an apron, neckcloth, partlet and flat cap with .pdf pattern downloads. Diderot’s Tailors and Seamstresses in his Ground Breaking EncyclopediaPeriod pattern for an 18th century French Robe Franciase.

1900s Edwardian Vintage Sewing Pattern Two-Piece Dress b38-40-42 (r774) > 1900s Edwardian Vintage Sewing Pattern TWO-PIECE DRESS B38-40-42 (R774) Click here to view our shop Be sure to add me to your favourites list!

1900s Edwardian Vintage Sewing Pattern Two-Piece Dress b38-40-42 (r774)

So Vintage Patterns - Vintage Sewing Patterns - SOLD McCall's Patterns. Vintage Sewing and Dress Patterns from Decades of Style. Bramcost Publications - Vintage Lifestyle and Handicraft Books. Information on Using Vintage Sewing Patterns. 1948 « Vintage Patterns Dazespast Blog. Enjoy these three lovely vintage 40′s Dress patterns This type of system is similar Lutterloh and other systems and one of the easiest for pattern making in my opinion.

1948 « Vintage Patterns Dazespast Blog

All you have to do is click on the link and print out the pieces and follow the directions–be sure that you are working with a metric tape measure and the correct rulers. Past Patterns. Dazespast Vintage Patterns. Mrs Depew Vintage Sewing Patterns. Vintage Pattern Marketplace. Welcome To The Catalog Of Patterns. SewTawdry: VIntage Patterns - Resizing using a sloper - Part 1. I have a lot of vintage patterns.

SewTawdry: VIntage Patterns - Resizing using a sloper - Part 1

Most of them are not in my size. One day I told myself, "no more buying vintage patterns if you aren't going to do something with them. " So I decided to try resizing one of them to fit me. I chose a 1940’s Vogue Couturier design pattern, number 380. It included a "fitted jacket with small inset godet at centre of dropped back-line. There are various methods to resize a pattern. 1. Like many patterns from the 1940’s, the pattern pieces have no printing on them. I find non printed patterns difficult to “read”. From these I learned the back is cut on fold with a faced slit opening at the top. 2.

I don't want to cut up the original pattern so I make a copy of it. Then I remove the pattern from underneath the tracing paper and mark all the seam allowances dart and tuck lines, hem lines and waist line with a marker and ruler so it looks just like a commercially printed pattern. Guest Post: The Best Vintage Sewing Patterns: Free PDF Downloads. Free Vintage Patterns! - Laura After Midnight. Free Vintage & Retro Printables. Past Patterns: 1900-1920's Patterns. Folkwear Sewing Patterns: Pattern Index. Vintage Sewing and Dress Patterns from Decades of Style. REPRODUCTION 20's Patterns-Page 1.