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Le sexisme expliqué à ceux qui n'y croient pas

Le sexisme expliqué à ceux qui n'y croient pas

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20 #EdgyHeadlines Expose "Shocking" Misogyny in the Media Mitt Romney launched a thousand binders full of women responses after his “celebrated” comment. But Republican politicians of a certain ilk don’t have a monopoly on sexist language. Mulling over the constant presence of misogyny in media headlines, @KateHarding and @Sweet Machine concluded “we need a hashtag” and before you know it, and right on the heels of #safetytipsforladies, another trending Twitter topic to “invent more provocative questions about an entire gender” was born. Some of the best of #edgyheadlines: (1) @KateHarding: ICYMI Are men fit to lead? Can men have it all?

40% of Web users have been harassed, says survey A new survey says 73% of people have seen harassment take place onlineFour out of 10 respondents said they have been harassed themselvesWomen, particularly young women, reported severe abuse more frequentlySocial media was the most common site of harassment, survey says (CNN) -- For the past 25 years, the Web has opened up unprecedented possibilities for human communication. But it has a dark side too -- sometimes, a very dark one. Four out of 10 of Web users have been harassed online, according to a survey released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center. And about 73% of the Web users surveyed said they've witnessed someone being harassed online. The harshest forms of abuse -- physical threats, stalking and sexual harassment -- are often reserved for women.

Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds I was going to write about The Big Bang Theory—why, as a nerdy viewer, I sometimes like it and sometimes have a problem with it, why I think there’s a backlash against it. Then some maniac shot up a sorority house in Santa Barbara and posted a manifesto proclaiming he did it for revenge against women for denying him sex. And the weekend just generally went to hell. So now my plans have changed. With apologies to Big Bang Theory fans, this is all I want to say about The Big Bang Theory: When the pilot aired, it was 2007 and “nerd culture” and “geek chic” were on everyone’s lips, and yet still the basic premise of “the sitcom for nerds” was, once again, awkward but lovable nerd has huge unreciprocated crush on hot non-nerdy popular girl (and also has an annoying roommate). This annoys me.

Judge To Woman Sexually Assaulted By Cop: 'When You Blame Others, You Give Up Your Power To Change' Last summer, a drunk Arizona police officer named Robb Gary Evans drove himself to a bar, flashed his badge to avoid paying cover at the door, and then walked up behind a woman, put his hand up her skirt, and ran his fingers over her genitals. A jury convicted him of sexual abuse, a felony with a maximum sentence of 2 and a half years in prison, and Evans was fired from the police force after an internal investigation. Nevertheless, Arizona trial Judge Jacqueline Hatch, who was appointed to the bench by Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ), decided that Evans’ actions did not warrant jail time — sentencing him probation and 100 hours of community service. Evans also will not have to register as a sex offender. Yet, while Judge Hatch apparently did not view the disgraced former cop’s actions as particularly serious, she had some very harsh words for the woman he assaulted:

Stop calling it “Girlfriend Mode” A clubhouse with 2 boys and a sign out front reading "No Girls". Dear video games industry, please stop calling easy modes in games “Girlfriend mode”, even in jest. It is sexist, dismissive, and uncreative. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, it was revealed that Borderlands 2 will have a DLC class tree created for inexperienced players. Let's Be Honest: These are the 15 Best Safety Tips for Ladies I attended my first Take Back the Night March in 1989, in my junior year at a private (formerly all-male) university with ivy climbing up the walls of its Gothic buildings. The stories I heard from sophomores and seniors and graduate students were a sobering reminder of why, whenever I walked back at night from the library or the office of the campus news magazine I helped to edit, a male student always accompanied me. I appreciated the companionship but I also felt, if a woman can’t walk across the grounds of this campus and be safe, what kind of school is this? University administrators knew they had to do something. In my senior year, they hired a counselor for victims of sexual assault at the counseling center and poured all kinds of funds into awareness and prevention efforts. That was more than two decades ago.

Women In Tech Have Much Better Advice For "Male Allies" If you ask a woman what it's like working in tech, she'll likely tell you a story about a time she felt harassed, frustrated, or simply on the verge of quitting the industry. At a panel discussion at Twitter on Tuesday night, these stories were told by successful women from a range of backgrounds—from a teenager who frequents hackathons and founded a startup, to industry veterans with decades of experience fighting for leadership roles in technology companies. On Wednesday, Twitter will host its first-ever Flight mobile developer conference, and to kick off the event, Twitter hosted #WomenInFlight. What is male privilege? Before discussing “male privilege” it is first important to define what privilege means in an anti-oppression setting. Privilege, at its core, is the advantages that people benefit from based solely on their social status. It is a status that is conferred by society to certain groups, not seized by individuals, which is why it can be difficult sometimes to see one’s own privilege. In a nutshell:

Sexist Humor No Laughing Matter, Psychologist Says A research project led by a Western Carolina University psychology professor indicates that jokes about blondes and women drivers are not just harmless fun and games; instead, exposure to sexist humor can lead to toleration of hostile feelings and discrimination against women. “Sexist humor is not simply benign amusement. It can affect men’s perceptions of their immediate social surroundings and allow them to feel comfortable with behavioral expressions of sexism without the fear of disapproval of their peers,” said Thomas E. Flip All The Pronouns – blarg? Maya and I have been playing through Windwaker together; she likes sailing, scary birds and remembering to be brave, rescuing her little brother and finding out what’s happening to Medli and her dragon boat. She’s the hero of the story, of course. It’s annoying and awkward, to put it mildly, having to do gender-translation on the fly when Maya asks me to read what it says on the screen. You can pick your character’s name, of course – I always stick with Link, being a traditionalist – but all of the dialog insists that Link is a boy, and there’s apparently nothing to be done about it. Well, there wasn’t anything to be done about it, certainly not anything easy, but as you might imagine I’m not having my daughter growing up thinking girls don’t get to be the hero and rescue their little brothers. This isn’t particularly user-friendly; you’ll need to download the Dolphin emulator and find a Windwaker .GCM, the Gamecube disk image with this SHA-1 hash:

But Why Do Some Women Go for A**holes? It happens invariably – and innocently enough – the question that makes all feminists cringe because we know that what will follow is a Nice-Guy-Syndrome-Friend-Zone-Arrgh-Wtf rant. But why do some women go for a**holes? I see you. I see you cringing. Hate Speech Is Drowning Reddit and No One Can Stop It Editors' Note: This story includes references to hate speech and other language that readers may find offensive. In September, a group of black women penned an impassioned letter to the people who run Reddit entitled: "We have a racist user problem and reddit won't take action." Posted by the username of pro_creator, who serves as a moderator on the subreddit /r/blackladies, it was cosigned by the moderators of more than 60 other subreddits. "Since this community was created, individuals have been invading this space to post hateful, racist messages and links to racist content, which are visible until a moderator individually removes the content and manually bans the user account," the message said. "reddit admins have explained to us that as long as users are not breaking sitewide rules, they will take no action," the letter added.