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The sealed bottle garden still thriving after 40 years without fresh air or water David Latimer first planted his bottle garden in 1960 and last watered it in 1972 before tightly sealing it shut 'as an experiment'The hardy spiderworts plant inside has grown to fill the 10-gallon container by surviving entirely on recycled air, nutrients and waterGardeners' Question Time expert says it is 'a great example just how pioneering plants can be' By David Wilkes for the Daily Mail Published: 10:45 BST, 24 January 2013 | Updated: 16:33 BST, 6 March 2016 To look at this flourishing mass of plant life you’d think David Latimer was a green-fingered genius. Truth be told, however, his bottle garden – now almost in its 53rd year – hasn’t taken up much of his time.

Guest Blogger Starling: Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced Phaedra Starling is the pen name of a romance novelist and licensed private investigator living in small New York City apartment with two large dogs. She practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and makes world-class apricot muffins. Gentlemen. Thank you for reading. Let me start out by assuring you that I understand you are a good sort of person. You are kind to children and animals. The Cat Power Ask Archive • RSS Theme (Source : E-JACULATION) Retrofuturs littlehorrorshop: Renée Adorée in The Show, 1927 (via labelleotero) gameraboy: Frank Oz operating Yoda for The Empire Strikes Back (via films-n-shit-buff) Speed Runs : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Speed Runs by Kevin 'Enhasa' Juang Speed run of Final Fantasy II in 38 segments completed on December 19 2005. Available in low quality only, video quality is poor when moving in the overworld.

Italian Man Missing Since Glastonbury 2011 Found Wandering The English Countryside - Wunderground An Italian man was last night reunited with his family after over two years wandering the English countryside. Fabio Ballcereti, 21, was reported missing in July 2011. He was last seen attending a Nick Warren set at Glastonbury‘s Glade stage. It is believed that Ballcerti, an English student, living in London, was separated from his friends after accidentally eating nearly fifty grams of Hawaiian mushrooms. “One minute he was there and the next he was gone,” explained Anna Gonzales, a close friend of Mr.

Vigilantes Are Tagging Egypt's Sexual Harassers with Spray Paint Despite worldwide publicity and campaigning, the approach to actually solving the sexual harassment epidemic in Egypt has sadly been a pretty apathetic one, with police giving less than a gram of shit about the situation, leaving street perverts to grope away until their hands are content. So it's perhaps no surprise that anti-harassment groups in Cairo have gone vigilante, taking what’s left of the law into their own hands and patroling the streets to fight the harassment epidemic themselves. We first heard about "Be A Man," one of the more radical anti-harassment campaigns, from a story on NPR. The members of the group patroled during the recent Eid al-Adha festival celebrations, armed with cans of black and white spray paint, attacking, pinning down, and scarlet-lettering the shit out of grabbers and gropers with the words "I Am a Harasser." Mostly men themselves, the activists wore matching fluoro jackets with "Harassment Prevention" scrawled across their backs in Arabic.

thomas prior i finally joined instagram…there’s a few things coming up this summer that it will work well for. i only have 10 photos on my phone so it might take a while.. thomas_prior outtake from last summer in greece FRANCKY STORY ! Archive RSS Feed Message Run run as fast as you can : Runaway ! (Source : icekev, via longlivethepharaoh) mensfashionnow: wearing Traditional nigerian top with stance socks and retro 8 air Jordan sneakers Atlanta Artist: Ro Akin Project: Mixed Feelings Twitter|IG: @Ro_Outsyders Tumblr: (Source : sloitdown, via longlivethepharaoh)

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook Facebook is the social network preferred by most businesses when planning and implementing their social media marketing strategy. Even though Twitter and YouTube are large social media networks, Facebook provides a marketing ecosystem that is multi-media rich and broad. There are literally tens of thousands of apps that can assist business with marketing on Facebook. 30 Creative Packaging Designs That Practically Sell Themselves We often consider the products we use and their packaging to be two separate things – the product is the thing we want, and its packaging is a piece of trash to be thrown away. These 30 ingenious packaging designs, however, prove that a well-designed package can complement or even enhance the product it was designed to carry. [Read more...]

Shroedinger’s Rapist And The Imagined Right To Intrude This may be Part I, because there’s more to this than I have time to flesh out right now. [Added: Part II is Boundaries.] First of all, this is full of win. Phaedra Starling guest-posted it over at Shapely Prose, and I just can’t say enough about it. For the cis- het- men out there, I want to talk about what she says about approaching strange women: You want to say Hi to the cute girl on the subway. COLLARBONES At midnight AEST our first new song since 2012 will be dropping somewhere on the internet. Set an alarm and Google it when the time comes. #BURNOUT

The Gifts Of Life iconographyblog: Andreea Diaconu | Photography by Lachlan Bailey | For Vogue Magazine France | May 2015

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