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Symphony of Science

Symphony of Science

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The Field Book Project What is a field book? Field books or field notes are primary source documents that describe the events leading up to and including the collection of specimens or observations during field research. Field notes can take many forms depending on the information needs of the collector.

RLS MSP Science OBJECTIVES:(1) For teachers’ to utilize standard-based curriculum, instruction and assessment in all classrooms, (2) To increase teacher and student proficiency in mathematics and science. RATIONALE: Professional development opportunities provide knowledge, skills and understanding to build professional capabilities and can provide the support, guidance and training to help teachers build a solid pedagogical foundation. To improve student achievement in mathematics and science through increased teacher professional development.To build consistency in mathematics and science assessment and instruction.To help teachers further develop successful instructional strategies as well as enhancing teachers math and/or science content knowledge. To provide college science faculty expertise to assist elementary and middle school teachers and also providing NASA educational resources to enhance curriculum materials.

Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science Robert L. Park, Ph.D The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is investing close to a million dollars in an obscure Russian scientist's antigravity machine, although it has failed every test and would violate the most fundamental laws of nature. Decorah Eagles, Ustream.TV: The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. The li Watch the Decorah Eagles! We have a stream here, but check out **our NEW ADS-FREE STREAM ** at our website: We will be chatting there as well, so be sure to follow the link to see an ads-free stream and to chat with us! This is the Decorah Eagles nest, which is located just south of the city of Decorah near the trout hatchery. For more information about the eagles and their nest, please follow this link: We hope you enjoy watching in 2017 and 2018!

Hubble: Where is the center of the Universe? When astronomers look at distant galaxies to determine how fast they're moving, it looks like they're all moving away from us. Does that mean we're at the center of the universe? Well, no. It turns out that every point in the universe sees itself as the center! 125 Great Science Videos: From Astronomy to Physics & Psychology Astronomy & Space Travel A Brief, Wondrous Tour of Earth (From Outer Space) - Video - Recorded from August to October, 2011 at the International Space Station, this HD footage offers a brilliant tour of our planet and stunning views of the aurora borealis.A Universe from Nothing - Video - In 53 minutes, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss answers some big enchilada questions, including how the universe came from nothing.A Year of the Moon in 2.5 Minutes - Video - The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been orbiting the moon for over a year. The footage gets compressed into 2 slick minutes.A Day on Earth (as Seen From Space) - Video - Astronaut Don Pettit trained his camera on planet Earth, took a photo once every 15 seconds, and then created a brilliant time-lapse film.Atlantis's Final Landing at Kennedy Space Center - Video - After more than 30 years, the space shuttle era comes to a close. Video runs 30 minutes. Physics

NeuroLogica Blog Jul 14 2015 Why Pluto is Important As I write this post we are just minutes away from the closest approach of the New Horizons probe to Pluto, the farthest world we have thus far explored (24 minutes and counting). It’s an exciting moment, not just for astronomy buffs or science enthusiasts, but for humanity. I’m glad to see an appropriate level of excitement among the media and the general public. Christian the Lion About Christian the Lion is a phenomenally popular video clip from the 1971 Australian documentary Christian, The Lion at World’s End featuring a domesticated lion recognizing his owners a year after being successfully integrated into the wild. The video is usually accompanied by a happy-sad song and is most notorious in chain-mails. Origin Christian was born in captivity in an Ilfracombe zoo, who gave the cub to a department store. Christian was soon purchased by John Rendall and Anthony Bourke, who took pity on the cub and raised it to the best of their abilities.

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