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Story Maps

Story Maps

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The ArcGIS Imagery Book: A Geographic Rosetta Stone Imagery is Visible Intelligence By: Dave Grenley The next generation of imagery intelligence comes alive in The ArcGIS Imagery Book: New View. New Vision., published by Esri Press. The Worst Thing That Can Happen to Your Character This week’s video examines the advice to “think of the worst thing that can happen to your character, then make it worse.” Writers are always being told to think of the worst thing that could happen to their characters—and then to make it worse. Being something of a literalist, the first time I heard that, my original thought was something like, The worst thing? You mean like kill him? About Bernajean Porter Bernajean's Bio Bernajean Porter provides a spectrum of practical tools and services to scale and sustain technology’s potential culled from 35 years of national and international experience. Her work reflects a belief that technology can accelerate all students in rediscovering their joy and personal success as learners. Bernajean’s philosophy of work uses cutting edge organizational processes for building local capacity to translate the power of technology’s potential into actual classroom practices for ALL students. Her enthusiasm and vivacious presentations create an energetic climate for all learners. When it comes to doing the hard or impossible things now necessary in schools to ensure students having out-of-this-world possibilities, Bernajean’s personal motto of “Da Um Jeitinho”- there is ALWAYS a way – sets the tone for her dedicated long, term work with national and international educators.

vep.cs.wisc The following links will allow users to play with live, running versions of three sample models that we have built and are hosting on our own server. These models are also included with the Serendip installation (which will likely yield better performance). Note: our server might have trouble with heavy traffic--best performance is achieved through downloading the tool and running it locally. Shakespeare_50 How to Download Sentinel Satellite Data for Free - GIS Geography Download Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Data If you want to download Sentinel satellite data, then you’ve come to the right place. One of the most exciting developments in remote sensing at this time is the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Programme.

Characters With Conflict & Backstory Seven Steps To Creating Characters That Write Themselves Creating characters that are believable takes time and discipline. Creating dynamically real individuals and not imposing your own thoughts and impressions upon them is not easy to do, and is often the difference between a novel or screenplay that sits in a closet and one that finds its way around town and into the hands of audiences. Reading War Did you know that the player who scored England’s first international goal after World War One was a survivor of the trenches? Did you know that footballers who didn’t join the army were called cowards and mocked and abused? Did you know that men fought and died side by side with their friends in the footballers’ battalion – and even that they played football behind the front lines? Watch our videos, read the first chapter or follow the links in the menu bar to find out more. The First World War used trench warfare.

Tutorial:Introduction to Cytoscape - OpenTutorials Slideshow Introduction to Cytoscape (about 30 minutes)Handout Introduction_to_Cytoscape.pdf (16 pages) Tutorial Sources Cytoscape Tutorial (Yeyejide Adeleye)Tutorial Curators Anna Kuchinsky, Scooter Morris, Alex Pico Cytoscape is an open source software tool for integrating, visualizing, and analyzing data in the context of networks. This tutorial will cover: Navigating Cytoscape Visualizing Data on Networks Part two of this tutorial can be found here Lizzie Miles A promotional portrait of jazz and blues vocalist, Lizzie Miles signed "To My darling mother, From Liz." Learn more » Lizzie Miles was the stage name of Elizabeth Mary Landreaux, a blues and jazz vocalist whose career spanned the advent of jazz in New Orleans to its post–World War II revival. Nicknamed the “Creole Songbird,” Miles said of her work, “To me I sing love songs—sad songs—torchy songs better. Guess it’s because I had such a hard, sad life from as far back as I can remember, is why.”

GIS and CAD exercises Home > Learning and teaching resources > GIS and CAD exercises <iframe src=" style="width: 0px; height: 0px; display: none; visibility: hidden;"><p>&#160;</p></iframe> Digimap Collections - work with map data in ArcGIS The exercises on this page require access to ArcGIS or QGIS software for geospatial data analysis. All resources can be downloaded and adapted for use in your own teaching and learning.

WRITING TOOLS Character Pyramid Tool (PDF) Visualize your character’s FLAWS & associated behaviors (for a deeper understanding of this tool, please reference The Negative Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Flaws) Character Target Tool (PDF)