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10 Maps That Will Change How You View The World. Maps are one of those things you can lose yourself in for hours. Since their humble origins as scribbles in the sand thousands of millennia ago, maps have been useful companions during the development of human culture and society. Now, in an age of seemingly endless information, maps are more abundant, advanced and fascinating than ever before. Here are some of the most interesting maps we could find; hopefully, they will leave you looking at our little "pale blue dot" with a fresh perspective. Goode Homolosine Projection Image credit: Strebe/Wikimedia Commons The most common form of map, known as the Mercator map, is actually surprisingly inaccurate.

A New Perspective Of Africa Image credit: Kai Krause You’d be forgiven for thinking the continent of Africa is about the same size as North America. This Is Where 5 Percent Of The World Lives Image credit: Max Galka The red blob in South Asia shows where 5 percent of the world live. The World Map Scaled According To Population Size Photo Gallery. A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. Gray Matters: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain. Adam Dehart - Téléchargements mobiles. There's Now A Tube Map That Shows What London Actually Looks Like. Screentime Is Making Kids Moody, Crazy and Lazy. Macro photos of snowflakes show impossibly perfect designs. One of the true wonders of the world are snowflakes, tiny designs made of ice that are so individually unique, so detailed, and so spectacular it's hard to comprehend that they happen naturally and aren't pulled from the depths of our own imaginations.

Macro photos of snowflakes show impossibly perfect designs

Photographer Alexey Kljatov has a special talent for capturing the brief life of these beautiful ice creations. He features many of his snowflake photos on Flickr. Kljatov says, "I capture snowflakes at open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by LED flashlight from opposite side of glass, and sometimes in natural light, using dark woolen fabrics as background. " Here is some of his impressive work: Alexey Kljatov/CC BY-NC 3.0 Alexey Kljatov/CC BY-NC 3.0 Kljatov describes his technique for shooting snowflakes in a blog post, for those of you who want to try your own hand at this.

25 little places which are just too wonderful to be real. The following little places are undoubtedly some of the most magnificent and fantastical on the planet.

25 little places which are just too wonderful to be real

They look like illustrations from fairy tales, captivating you with their seemingly otherwordly perfection. You’re left with just one question in your head: which one should I head to first? Yangshuo County, China Burano, Italy Dazhai, China. Cloud in a Jar. Activity for ages 3 to 8.

Cloud in a Jar

On a recent foggy walk to school, my 3 year old, Q, asked what made fog. Making a cloud in a jar was the perfect opportunity to show him just how clouds and fog (which is just low lying clouds) are formed. With virtually no prep and no cost, this super cool demonstration will have you playing Zeus, the god of weather, all afternoon. Getting Ready For this demonstration I first grabbed a few things we already had in the house. Glass jar with lid or a glass cup with a small platematches or hairsprayhot waterice Making the Cloud This demo couldn’t be easier and really could be done by your kiddo from start to finish. Next, we took the lid to the jar, turned it upside down, and filled it with ice. The final step was to add condensation nuclei or a seed- some tiny particles of dust, salt, pollution, or smoke that the water vapor can condense on in the air.

We found it worked best to blow the match out inside the jar so most of the smoke would become trapped inside. Travel the World for FREE with Over 400 Virtual Field Trip & Virtual Tours ideas for Homeschoolers! Travel the World for FREE with this list of Over 400 Virtual Field Trip & Virtual Tour ideas for your Homeschooling that will engage, inspire, and teach!

Travel the World for FREE with Over 400 Virtual Field Trip & Virtual Tours ideas for Homeschoolers!

A perfect addition to Unit Studies! “A virtual field trip is a guided exploration through the world wide web that organizes a collection of pre-screened, thematically based web pages into a structured online learning experience. (Foley, 2003)” Geography: Label the World's Oceans. We have spent the last few months learning so much about some Ocean Animals, but what about the places these animals call home?

Geography: Label the World's Oceans

These geography: label the world’s oceans worksheets can be used while learning about the oceans. As we have learned about ocean animals, we have heard a few ocean names. These printables will help you teach your child to see the World of Water at a Glance and really understand the places the animals call home! Ocean Animals Unit Study: Reading Flash Cards I am sharing these free printables and other resources to help you plan your Ocean Animals Unit Study. More FREE Ocean Animals Unit Study Freebies and Resources: You can also access all of the ocean animals unit study resources here at 3 Boys and a Dog! Enhance Your Ocean Themed Learning: Looking for more fun items to help you in teaching your kids about Ocean Animals? Untry Profiles.