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Geography and University

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Geography - A-Z Degrees - Getting Into University. Directory of University Geography Courses. About the directory The directory is the essential guide to geography in higher education in the UK, with information on: Individual geography related departments in the UK and the courses they offer, with contact information and web links to departments, staff and their interests The courses available and the options you would have The entry requirements for each course How courses are assessed; the nature of teaching – staff:student ratios, lectures and the size of tutorials Opportunities for fieldwork Other special features of the programme In previous years, the Society published the book "Directory of University Geography Courses" every two years.

Directory of University Geography Courses

Since 2005, this has now been moved online. Submission Information The information in the directory has been provided in most instances by the individual departments themselves. The directory is not intended to be a register of research and teaching interests. Any changes or suggestions for improvement for this resource would be welcomed. Writing your personal statement: what the experts say. That said, you’ll want to avoid overused opening sentences.

Writing your personal statement: what the experts say

Whatever you say, don’t write that you’ve wanted to study your subject since a young age: there’s only so often admissions tutors can read that sentence without risk of mental collapse. Finding a balance is key. Check obsessively Don’t assume Word will pick up on every error; if you’re running factory standard ‘American English’, the spellchecker will be letting through all sorts of Zs which should be Ss, for instance. “A spelling or grammar mistake is the kiss of death to an application,” says Ned Holt, former head of sixth form at Reading School. And mistakes are often hiding in plain sight as Ken Jenkinson, headmaster of Colchester Royal College, knows well: “This morning, we had a very bright student who spelt his name wrong.”

The advice from both men? Write like you Many personal statements end up looking less like a record of your brilliance and more like a written application to work as a human thesaurus. Helpful links. Personal Statements Tips & Advice. Personal Statements Tips & Advice. Start writing your personal statement – students’ top tips - Which. Many Ucas applicants would agree that the hardest part of writing your personal statement is knowing where to start.

Start writing your personal statement – students’ top tips - Which

Once you’ve cracked that opening paragraph, though, the rest is easy (well, easier, at least...). Our careers expert has some top tips on ways to get your personal statement started - and here’s some advice from both applicants and current university students on how they put pen to paper... 1. List what you want to include in your statement Example opening lines and more tips to help you start your personal statement in this video... 2. I received advice from college on how to structure the statement but other than that I just sat down and wrote very honestly about my reasons for wanting to study the subject. 3.

I took a piece of paper and listed my strengths in bullet points - you may not think you have strengths at first, but think on it for a bit. 4. It's difficult to boast about yourself because it makes you feel arrogant. 5. 6. The hardest part is starting it off. 7. Study Geography.