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Tourism - Revision Cards in GCSE Geography. Home - IAATO. Cs inc ec galapagos en. Gcse-revision, geography, tourism, green-eco-tourism. Log in to Get Revising. Tourism - Revision Cards in GCSE Geography. Popplet. Tourism%20 %20revision%20booklet i0uf. What, where, why? - Discovering Antarctica. Wildebeest Eco Camp-Kenya-Sustainable Eco Directory. Environmentally Friendly Resorts, Eco Friendly Holidays. The Fijian people have flourished for over three thousand years by living off the natural bounty that surrounds them.

Environmentally Friendly Resorts, Eco Friendly Holidays

Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team of conservationists believe our modern society can learn a lot about achieving a sustainable environment from the Fijian’s agricultural and fishing practices. The resort is dedicated to the preservation of a pristine environment where physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation come naturally. Since its inception, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has dedicated itself to taking care of the environment. We are proud to demonstrate that we can use what Mother Nature has to offer in a sustainable way. Explorer.

Best Top 10 Eco-Resorts Worldwide in Area. Green Getaways Australia Ecotourism Accommodation Australia. The Best of Australia. Planning a tour itinerary » Tourism Boost. Download an editable version of this guide Careful planning is required when developing an itinerary for your tour.

Planning a tour itinerary » Tourism Boost

A helpful exercise is to take a tour which will be similar to the tour you wish to develop and obtain copies of other tour brochures for comparison. This will help you develop ideas for your tour, give you an idea of what is already in the marketplace, give you detailed information on terms and conditions and provide possible ideas for brochure design and content. Tourism and Events Queensland Corporate Information.

Planning a tour itinerary » Tourism Boost. Implementing teaching, learning and assessment [Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority] Top 10 National Parks. Top 10 National Parks. Top 10 National Parks. Sustainable tourism and visitation. Our national parks are important places for conservation and the community.

Sustainable tourism and visitation

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is committed to providing park experiences that support local communities, and conserve our cultural and natural heritage. Many of our tour providers are ECO-certified by Ecotourism Australia - look for the ECO certification logo on their website. Whether it’s a horse riding trek through the alps, a rainforest bus tour or a spot of bird watching, ECO-certification guarantees these products and experiences are: Australian National Parks – Tourism Australia. South Australia Flinders Ranges National Park is located around 470 kilometres from Adelaide.

Australian National Parks – Tourism Australia

This ancient landscape is like a walk back in time to the Earth’s history. Here you’ll find the remnants of early European settlement, Aboriginal culture, ancient rock art sites and some of the world’s oldest fossils. The Flinders Ranges is the traditional home of the Adnyamathanha Aboriginal people. Many unique Australian animals and plants have adapted to this arid landscape and can only be seen in the region. Globalisation, culture and tourism. Globalisation, culture and tourism Globalisation – This is when human activities take place on a worldwide scale, meaning we increasingly live in a ‘global village’ or a ‘shrinking world’.

Globalisation, culture and tourism

Globalisation has resulted due to a number of factors, they are: Improvements in technology and telecommunications – computers, internet access, email, mobile phones and video conferencing. Improvements in transport – people now holiday all over the world and businesses ship products and raw materials globally. The growth of transnational/multinational companies (TNC’s/MNC’s), such as HSBC, Nike and Nestle. - Humanities (11-16 yrs) - Is tourism a good or bad thing? Good Tourist Bad Tourist.