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Year 9 geography

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Unit #1 - Natural Systems of Canada - PHS GEOGRAPHY. Grade 9 Geography - Ms. Westgate's CAWS website. Grade 9 Canadian Geography Welcome to your geography page. The coures will cover both human and physical geography. It has a Canadian focus with consideration of our impact on and the influence of the global community. We have began seeing what we remember from public school and with begin a text assignment on Monday. Daily Learning Below will be the lessons, including any videos, images, worksheets, and organizers. January 2011 Our final exam will be held in room 142 Friday 28 January 2011 at 9 a.m. Canada's Industries Download File Tuesday 11 January 2011 You had a supply today because I was attending an PLC on cooperative learning. Download File Download File Monday 10 January 2011 Happy New Year!! Download File Download File Thursday 23 December 2010 Today was our Multicultural Fair and it was FANTASTIC!! Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 December 2010 Students were given a work period to work on their Multicultural Fair task in their groups today.

Monday 20 December 2010 Download File Download File. What Did You Think of 'What's Going On in This Picture'? Photo Last October we introduced a new feature in which, each Monday morning this school year, we posted a New York Times photograph without a caption, then invited students to answer three deceptively simple questions about it: What’s going on in this picture? What do you see that makes you say that? What more can you find? As student answers poured in to the blog each week — this shows someone learning a back-flip; I think he’s in the military because of his camouflage shirt; The background makes it look like a movie set — our collaborators for the feature, Visual Thinking Strategies, acted as live moderators, linking thoughts and posting further questions intended to help them go deeper and see more. Most weeks that created a lively debate in our comments section, as students of all ages, backgrounds and places pushed each other to find detail and defend interpretations.

Then, 24 hours later, we published the back story for each week’s photo at the bottom of the post. Geography in Songs. Practice_DBQ_Packet. 24 Unusual Beaches You've Never Heard Of Before. Do you think that beaches are blasé tourist destinations with nothing unique or interesting to offer? Well, you’re only partly correct. Many of them are over crowded and boring, but none of the beaches we feature here will disappoint. A singing beach, a glowing beach, a beach with rainbow-colored sand — here are the most offbeat seaside destinations you’ll find on Earth. 1. Glass Beach Location: Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii 2. Location: Papakolea Beach/Mahana Beach, South Point, Ka’u, Hawaii What’s so special about it: Thanks to the mineral olivine, which comes from the nearby cinder cone, this peculiar beach sparkles a brilliant green. 3. Location: East coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand What’s so special about it: Drive down to this beach armed with a shovel, because the best thing to do here is to dig your very own DIY spa. 4.

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand 5. Location: Irimote Island, Japan 6. Location: Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, USA 7. 8. 9. 10. Location: Maldives 11. Creating web pages and inforgraphics. What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Voxy Blog - Sanitaryum | CLEAN HUMOR | Clean Funny Pictures, Videos & GIFS. Educational assessment tools. City of Tomorrow. About this project The city of tomorrow might already be here. Right now, 21st century challenges like greenhouse gases, crime and high energy costs — are being met worldwide with real innovation. In the coming years communities will grow at an amazing pace. The United Nations predicts by 2030, 60% of the world will live in cities.

Demand for clean air, water, energy — and convenience — will skyrocket. Along with emerging innovations, increased connectivity via the Internet and smart devices promises to help solve many of these threats. Imagine turning the ocean into drinking water, ending traffic jams, making policing smarter and creating buildings with zero carbon footprints. The conversation is happening now at #CityofTomorrow on @CNN and Futuristic buildings Some buildings — even though they may be old — have very futuristic-looking designs. See the amazing photographs »