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Sport geography (incl Major Sporting Events)

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Tour de France

Sport maps. Economic impact of sport. Golf Geography. Rugby World Cup 2019. Geography of Football in general. Olympic pictograms. Cricket World Cup. Special Olympics. Footballers from Africa. Premier League impacts. Sport compared to other commerce. FIFA World Cup. Euro (European Football Championships) Olympic deal is done. Here's how winter / summer Games now line up: 2018 PyeongChang 2020 Tokyo 2022 Beijing 2024 Paris 2026 TBC 2028 L.A. MSEs - Are they worth it?

MSE stadia

Medal comparisons - Olympic / Paralympic. Summer Olympics. Summer Olympics past. Winter Olympics. Winter Olympics past. Commonwealth Games. Lusofonia Games. Tennis MSEs. Comparing athletic performances. Geographical allegiance. Olympic films. Football in Turkey? Just like ours, apart from the corners (via @TSF) Scenes from football history, 301 ~ Lone Ranger. Advice on dealing with pressure from a sports psychologist who trains Olympians. How many England internationals have been born in your area?