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How a Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life.

House and Garden

Five-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Kids about Global Poverty. After the Thanksgiving week, which for many in America is symbolized by bounty, excess, and consumption of all stripes, I was struck by the value of seeing how people live in less wealthy parts of the world.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Kids about Global Poverty

Living on One Dollar is a full-length documentary made by four college students who traveled to rural Guatemala to live on just a dollar a day. Upon their return, they created Living On One, a nonprofit to raise awareness and inspire action around global issues like hunger and poverty -- and started by publishing the Change Series of video shorts. I found it so compelling I've dedicated this whole film fest to it. Each episode not only succinctly frames an issue faced by people in the developing world and makes it personal, but also offers resource links to learn more -- and even better -- to do something about it.

Five Offbeat and Oddball Websites to Make You Smile. Not everything in life has to be useful.

Five Offbeat and Oddball Websites to Make You Smile

Sometimes just a little fun is called for. Here is a selection of websites to amuse (or bemuse) you when you want a break. Progress Lighting P3004-46 5-Light Arts and Craft Wall Sconce, Weathered Bronze - I Didn't F*ck It Up - Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy. GOPTranslator-full.


List of common misconceptions. This incomplete list is not intended to be exhaustive.

List of common misconceptions

This list corrects erroneous beliefs that are currently widely held about notable topics. Each misconception and the corresponding facts have been discussed in published literature. Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century by Rank. iTools - use the best tools. The Essence of Buddhas Teaching. The Four Noble Truths: 1.

The Essence of Buddhas Teaching

All things and experiences are marked by suffering/ disharmony/ frustration (dukkha). 2. The arising of suffering/ disharmony/ frustration comes from desire/ craving/ clinging. Creative Street Art - StumbleUpon. Creative Street Art September 20th, 2011 | Inspiration | Incredible street art created by talented French artist OaKoAk shows popular fictional characters integrated into the urban environment.

Creative Street Art - StumbleUpon

Bart Simpson, Pinocchio, Spider-Man, and other characters all interact with traffic lights, cracks in the walls, and random objects on the street. The most important 6 seconds in musical history. & Here's Some Awesome. GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them. Interactive. The World of Seven Billion The map shows population density; the brightest points are the highest densities.


Each country is colored according to its average annual gross national income per capita, using categories established by the World Bank (see key below). Some nations— like economic powerhouses China and India—have an especially wide range of incomes. But as the two most populous countries, both are lower middle class when income is averaged per capita. Quality Ethnographic, Documentary, and... 49 Uses for Tea. By Steve Graham, Hometalk I get through the sleepless days of being a stay-at-home dad, freelance writer and DIY remodeler with copious quantities of tea.

49 Uses for Tea

I drink Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder tea in a big beer stein, which I believe to be quite manly. I also hate to throw out anything I could reuse or recycle. So I scoured the Internet to find 50 uses for used tea bags and tea, other than the primary functions of keeping me hydrated and awake. Alltop - Top Anthropology News. 50 Most Influential Books of the Last 50 (or so) Years. In compiling the books on this list, the editors at SuperScholar have tried to provide a window into the culture of the last 50 years.

50 Most Influential Books of the Last 50 (or so) Years

Ideally, if you read every book on this list, you will know how we got to where we are today. Not all the books on this list are “great.” The criterion for inclusion was not greatness but INFLUENCE. All the books on this list have been enormously influential.

Visual fun

Music leads. Famous World Ideologies, as explained by references to Cows. Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Pearltrees videos.