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Carol Ross

MA in Comparative Culture from Jochi Daigaku (Sophia) in Japan Future human popsicle (vitrified that is)

Technology /Future

Know about world. Maps. Outrageous. Feel Good. Genetics. The Tao. Thoughts on religion. Thoughts. Pandemic. What the Hell. Amusements. Wonders.

Websites useful or fun

Indigenous Peoples of the world. People Japan. We're all Just People. History. Another View. Economics and Inequality. Useful information. Neanderthals.

Developmental Differences

Architecture. Birds. Politics. SHAMEFUL. NEFARIOUS. CHINA aims to rule the world. Perspective perception. And Now for Something Completely Different-(No, M. Python at Amusements)


Visual fun. Mind and music. All Music World Music. Music other. Bob Dylan. Aging - Perhaps into wisdom and joy. Eat to Live. Mind and Soft Heart. How to be human- Examples. UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Photo World view.

AI & Future .......

Do It Yourself Home & Garden. Music Various. Teach/ Ideas. World View. Poets Poetry and Talking to myself. Health body. Why or Why Not. Cultures - other humans. Creative mind. Writing stuff. To Read. Concerning ANIMALS.



Film & Media related. Regarding Rights & Constitution. In Memoriam. All your base are - Various + Solutions or Need One. Philosophy & Stuff. Oh Dear, Things are not right. Trump and other Bad Apples.

You may be in Danger.

About Nuclear Weapons

HOPE. Interesting Facts. Anthropology - Looks beneath the surface. All Strangers Till We Meet. Mad World. At Risk. Uh Oh. Women at Work. Good People Doing Good Things. How it works.

Dangerous, Influential Manipulators.

The Atlantic - Animations & videos click 2x they are there

Explains a Lot. RIGHTS WRONGS. TED Talks. Hodgepodge. Global warming - can you feel it yet? URGENT and disastrous.