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Encounter-museum/ at master · EncounterMuseum/encounter-museum. Ancient myth/religion. Religion - current news. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Chuang Tzu: The Next Voice. Refinement of Energy and Perfection of Spirit.

Chuang Tzu: The Next Voice

Chuang Tzu (399 - 295 B.C.) has always been an influential Chinese philosopher. His writing is at once transcendental while at the same time being deeply immersed within everyday life. He is at peace while at the same time moving through the world. There is a deep vein of mysticism within him which is illuminated by his very rational nature.

Islamic Sects, Schools, Branches & Movements — Information is Beautiful. God, do humans have free will? Like a penis. Taoism (Daoism): History, Beliefs, Customs. Mayflower 400: how society feared and ridiculed puritans. England in the 17th century was what’s known as a “confessional state” – everyone was supposed to practice religion in the way the government decided.

Mayflower 400: how society feared and ridiculed puritans

But puritans didn’t much like the way religion was practised by the Church of England. Puritans thought there should be more stress on the bible and opposed any religious practice not clearly sanctioned by it. This included everything the Church of England retained from Catholicism: clerical dress, images, the Common Prayer Book and the church festivals associated with it. The Meaning Of Life. Buddhism Archive. Sex Abuse Crisis in Amish Country. Yazidism. Ancient monotheistic religion of the Yazidis Yazidism or Sharfadin[3] (Kurdish: شه‌رفه‌دین, Êzdiyatî, Êzdîtî, Şerfedîn,‎)[4][5][6] is a monotheistic ethnic religion that has roots in a western Iranic pre-Zoroastrian religion directly derived from the Indo-Iranian tradition, although other, less common and more outdated narratives link the religion to Zoroastrianism and even Ancient Mesopotamian religions.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13] Yezidism is followed by the mainly Kurmanji-speaking Yazidis and is based on belief in one God who created the world and entrusted it into the care of seven Holy Beings, known as Angels.[3][14][15] Preeminent among these Angels is Tawûsê Melek (also spelled as "Melek Taûs"), who is the leader of the Angels and who has authority over the world.[15][16][17][18] Principal beliefs[edit] Tawûsê Melek[edit]


Sámi Stories: Art & Identity of an Arctic People. I grew up in an off-the-grid Christian commune. Here's what I know about America's religious beliefs. The only time I saw Brother Sam in person, he was marching like a soldier as he preached, with sweat running like tears from his temples and the Bible a heavy brick in his right hand.

I grew up in an off-the-grid Christian commune. Here's what I know about America's religious beliefs

It was 1978, I was five, and my family had traveled to Lubbock, Texas, for a Body Convention, which was what we called the semi-annual gatherings of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of members of The Body, or Body of Christ, an expansive network of charismatic communities created almost singlehandedly by Brother Sam. My family lived on a Body Farm, a mostly off-grid outpost on the northern shore of Lake Superior, where I grew up singing, clapping, hollering and dancing in the Tabernacle aisles as shamelessly as King David. If this were a face-to-face conversation, you might stop me here, as many have.

Buddhist Texts and Teachings. Stephen Fry on Donald Trump, LGBT lessons, his weight loss and Greek mythology. Saudi Arabia, Exporter of Oil and Bigotry. Photo A college senior boarded a flight and excitedly called his family to recount a United Nations event he had attended, but, unfortunately, he was speaking Arabic.

Saudi Arabia, Exporter of Oil and Bigotry

Southwest Airlines kicked him off the plane, in the sixth case reported in the United States this year in which a Muslim was ejected from a flight. Such Islamophobia also finds expression in the political system, with Donald Trump calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country (“Welcome to the U.S.A.! Now, what’s your religion?”) And Ted Cruz suggesting special patrols of Muslim neighborhoods (in New York City, by the nearly 1,000 police officers who are Muslim?).

Theravada Buddhism. Buddhist Quote - Buddhism Quotes - Famous Buddhist Quotes - Buddhist Quotes and Saying. Here is a short write up on Buddhist/Buddhism quotes.

Buddhist Quote - Buddhism Quotes - Famous Buddhist Quotes - Buddhist Quotes and Saying

Explore more information on Buddhist quotes and sayings. In the following lines, we have mentioned some famous Buddhist quotes and sayings by Buddha … Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds. Buddhism: 11 Common Misunderstandings and Mistakes. People believe many things about Buddhism that simply are incorrect.

Buddhism: 11 Common Misunderstandings and Mistakes

They think Buddhists want to get enlightened so they can be blissed out all the time. If something bad happens to you, it's because of something you did in a past life. Everybody knows that Buddhists have to be vegetarians. Unfortunately, much of what "everybody knows" about Buddhism isn't true. Namo Avalokiteshvara. NEW PODCAST: The Shadow Network – The Dying God: Crash Course World Mythology #19. SullivanReligionsOfTheWorldChapter1. Religion and refugees are deeply entwined in the US. Robert Bowers lashed out at what he believed to be a Jewish plot to bring more refugees and asylum seekers to the U.S. before allegedly murdering 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Religion and refugees are deeply entwined in the US

Bowers’s claim that HIAS, a prominent Jewish humanitarian organization, was bringing migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala northward to commit violence was false. But it is true that many religious communities in the U.S., including American Jews, have long supported refugees and asylum-seeking migrants who arrive in the U.S. In my research on the nonprofits that resettle and assist these newcomers, I’ve found that while religious communities continue to do this work through faith-based nonprofits and individual congregations, there are signs that some white Christians no longer support this mission.

Religious advocacy on behalf of refugees. Freddie Mercury's family faith: The ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. In the Freddie Mercury biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” there’s a scene in which a family member scolds Mercury.

Freddie Mercury's family faith: The ancient religion of Zoroastrianism

“So now the family name is not good enough for you?” “I changed it legally,” Mercury responds. “No looking back.” How Cultural Anthropologists Redefined Humanity. Not that long ago, Margaret Mead was one of the most widely known intellectuals in America.

How Cultural Anthropologists Redefined Humanity

Her first book, “Coming of Age in Samoa,” published in 1928, when she was twenty-six, was a best-seller, and for the next fifty years she was a progressive voice in national debates about everything from sex and gender to nuclear policy, the environment, and the legalization of marijuana. (She was in favor—and this was in 1969.) She had a monthly column in Redbook that ran for sixteen years and was read by millions. Why the only future worth building includes everyone. Stephen Hawking Wrote There Is 'No Possibility' of God Creating the Universe for His New Book. Japanese Scroll printed thousands times 700 years before Gutenberg.

Empress Shōtoku occupied the Japanese throne twice. She ruled first from 749 to 758 C.E. as Empress Kōken, abdicating because she fell into a depression. JINJA HONCHO - Association of Shinto Shrines. This Land Is Mine. Exodus by artist Nina Paley. Shock: The First Crusade and the Conquest of Jerusalem. Whirling Dervishes. You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you. Comics Blog Books Shop Comics: Random Most Popular All Cats Grammar Food Animals Tech This is a comic about the backfire effect. Inspiration. Religious Right and the Trump problem. The Monday after America heard Mr. How a Runaway Nun Helped an Outlaw Monk Change the World. Salem Memorializes Those Killed During Witch Trials. Rabbi Sacks: facing the future without fear, together. Tricking and treating has a history. Over the past few decades, Halloween celebrations have gained in popularity, not only with children and families, but with all those fascinated with the spooky and scary.

As a scholar of myth and religion in popular culture, I look at Halloween with particular interest – especially the ways in which today’s Halloween tradition came to evolve. Kabbalah. The Fairy Faith: An Ancient Indigenous European Religion. The Mystic In The Machine – Sam Barlow – Medium. Claire Beckett photographs American converts to Islam in her series, “The Converts.” Vigilantes In India: Protecting Sacred Cows, Promoting A Hindu Way Of Life : Parallels. A buffalo market in central Rajasthan, India. How To Be a Systems Thinker. Philosophy. The Cognitive Origins of Religion. How do you sell God in the 21st century? More heaven, less hell. The pagan roots of Easter. The Pagan origins of Easter. Japan: The Most Religious Atheist Country. The Erasure of Islam from the Poetry of Rumi. Life after a sex cult: 'If I’m not a member of this religion any more, then who am I?'

A brief overview. HISTORY OF IDEAS - Rituals. Where Does Religion Come From? How life on Earth began. The FBI and Religion: Muslims, Mormons, Jews, and More - The Atlantic. MythBlast: Shiva and the Great Dance – JCF: Home. How Do People Become Indoctrinated Into Cults? Not the Time for Reconciliation. How We Can Begin to Rebuild the American Community. Panoramic view Valley of the Kings Egypt. THE BIG MYTH - an animated study of world creation myths. The Next Time Someone Uses The Bible To Say Homosexuality Is A Sin, Show Them This. Animated map shows how religion spread around the world. Eastern Religion and Philosophy. Misunderstandings of Religion. 3-Question Quiz Predicts Whether You Believe in God. 6 unexpected findings about Mormon doubters — and one that’s no surprise. Religion Is a Social Science, so Why Isn't It Studied Like One?

The Rise and Not-Quite-Fall of Religion in American Politics. Which Holy Book Is More Violent? Lack of belief in gods. 'Inventing American Religion': What Is Lost in Trying to Understand Religion Through Polling and Statistics? Sam Harris - Why a Loving God would Damn All Other Faiths To Hell 2 click. Who said it: Bernie Sanders or Pope Francis? First Muslim Gay ‘Imam’ Says ‘Quran Doesn’t Call for Punishment of Homosexuals’ How the uninformed help ISIS. She Discovered Jurassic Dinosaur Fossils that Challenged Bible-Based Creationism. THUNK - 86. Cognitive Biases & the Socratic Method. THE EYE-OPENER. Religious literacy. Saraswati’s life was one of a million mutinies – but she always had the last word. Understanding (and Refuting) the Arguments for God.