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Hole n" the Rock – Monticello, Utah - Atlas Obscura. Travelers along U.S.

Hole n" the Rock – Monticello, Utah - Atlas Obscura

In 2020, We Were There: The Year’s 13 Most Popular Dispatches. As in more typical years, our correspondents in 2020 sent dispatches from some of the world’s most far-flung, hard-to-access and downright dangerous places — from the deep chill of Siberia to the blazing heat of the Australian Outback; from the wilds of a jaguar preserve in Argentina to the inside of an armored personnel carrier crowded with French Foreign Legion troops in Mali.

In 2020, We Were There: The Year’s 13 Most Popular Dispatches

But 2020 was no ordinary year. With travel restrictions to fight the pandemic imposed almost everywhere, our correspondents had to be more inventive. Instead of getting on a plane — or a boat to a drowning island — they often set off on more local journeys to convey in intensely personal writing how the countries, cities and neighborhoods they called home were experiencing a devastating health crisis. In Sydney, Damien Cave dove underwater to report on spearfishing’s appeal in Australia during a pandemic. Revisiting the Unseen Corners of the World. They’re Among the World’s Oldest Living Things. The Climate Crisis Is Killing Them. Sequoia Crest, Calif. — Until a few years ago, about the only thing that killed an old-growth giant sequoia was old age.

They’re Among the World’s Oldest Living Things. The Climate Crisis Is Killing Them.

Not only are they the biggest of the world’s trees, by volume — the General Sherman Tree, considered the largest, is 36 feet in diameter at its base and 275 feet tall — they are among the oldest. At least one fallen giant sequoia was estimated to have been more than 3,200 years old. They last so long that, historically, only one or two of every thousand old-growth trees dies annually, according to Nate Stephenson, a research ecologist for the United States Geological Survey. Fire always was a frequent visitor to sequoia groves, but rarely a threat. Mature sequoias are virtually fireproof because the bark can be several feet thick. – Tune Into Forests From Around The World. A map and almost 100 photos of Tucson's beautiful murals. Alaska Travel Guide. Excerpt from Bob H. Reinhardt’s Struggle on the North Santiam.

Photos: Scenes From New Zealand. 14 Bizarre And Fascinating Facts About Life In Norway You Probably Didn't Know. A 30-Mile Rafting Trip Through Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Photographer Explores Turkey's Colorful Architecture. Photographer Yener Torun has an eye for color.

Photographer Explores Turkey's Colorful Architecture

While many consider the urban landscape a drab environment, Torun thinks differently. The Turkish photographer, who studied architecture, spends his time wandering the streets of Istanbul to find unique examples of rainbow-hued buildings and prove that urban living can be colorful. Torun creates his compositions with surgical precision. Fairytale Fantasy Photography Highlighting Untouched Beauty the World. For the past several years, TJ Drysdale and Victoria Yore have explored the world and depicted gorgeous locales in fairytale-like scenes.

Fairytale Fantasy Photography Highlighting Untouched Beauty the World

Through their ongoing Follow Me Away travel project, the couple has chronicled their adventures in Peru, Iceland, Oregon, and throughout Europe. The impressive photos feature Yore as the model as she dons a flowing dress and fanciful cape. They also showcase her sense of adventure as she traverses the bases of epic waterfalls, sites of abandoned buildings, and green cliffs overlooking the ocean. Drysdale and Yore are typically on the go, but they've pumped the brakes on constant Follow Me Away travel to create quality photographs rather than quantity. So far, they've taken two of four trips this year with plans to go to Italy and Paris. The couple is always looking to expand on their previous work and to keep their images feeling fresh.

To enhance their work, they added colorful flowing capes to Yore’s wardrobe. Next: More stunning travel photography. Sheep shearing on island - Maine click 2x. With travel restrictions in place worldwide, we’ve launched a new series, The World Through a Lens, in which photojournalists help transport you, virtually, to some of our planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places.

Sheep shearing on island - Maine click 2x

This week, Greta Rybus shares a collection of photographs from a set of islands in Maine. Three miles off the coast of Maine, in a remote area northeast of Acadia National Park, lies a cluster of islands — including Little Nash Island, Big Nash Island and Flat Island — populated only by sheep. The Wakeman family, who live on the nearby mainland, are the year-round caretakers. Alfie Wakeman works full-time as a pediatric provider in the local clinic. His wife, Eleni, works full-time as a speech-language pathologist and the assistant fire chief for the local volunteer fire department. Each spring, Alfie leaves his medical practice for three weeks to live on Big Nash Island for the lambing season.

Hike in the Dolomites click 2x. With travel restrictions in place worldwide, we’ve launched a new series, The World Through a Lens, in which photojournalists help transport you, virtually, to some of our planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places.

hike in the Dolomites click 2x

This week, Mónica R. A walk through time at Silver Falls - , OR. On a single hike through Silver Falls State Park’s forested canyon you can visit 10 spectacular waterfalls, five of them more than 100 feet tall.

A walk through time at Silver Falls - , OR

The path even leads through mossy caverns behind the falls’ shimmering silver curtains. The huge park east of Salem is now open to hikers and picnickers, although the campground and visitor center remain closed. Top 10 Sculpture Parks Around the World to View Public Sculpture. We often think of art viewing as an indoor experience, moving through museums and galleries to experience painting and sculpture.

Top 10 Sculpture Parks Around the World to View Public Sculpture

But some of the best art can be seen blended with nature. Sculpture gardens, or sculpture parks, have a long history. For centuries collectors and artists have brought together monumental sculpture and placed it against nature, with institutions finding the allure of art and environment and attractive calling card for visitors. Across the world, the best sculpture parks encourage viewers to fan out, mill the grounds and stumble upon incredible works of art. Typically focused on modernist and contemporary artists, most have both permanent collections and a set of rotating exhibitions for a different experience year round. 5 reasons you need to visit Islay. Stunning China (UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Guilin and Yangshuo in China) 10 Amazing Natural World Heritage Sites - Must See. UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

This Man is an Island. Two things followed Wolkowsky to the end of the road in 1962: his sense of preservation and the inextricable ingredient that has lent Key West its ineffable charm — camp.

This Man is an Island

Derinkuyu: The Tumultuous History of Turkey's Underground City. Derinkuyu is the deepest excavated underground city in Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. A beautiful natural wonder with impressive fairy chimneys and eroded caverns, Cappadocia is an amazing geological spectacle. It is also riddled with extensive subterranean dwellings and secret tunnel passages that various people utilized for shelter across the centuries. There are hundreds of these homes in the region, and Derinkuyu is the most famous. At a depth of more than 250 feet with a capacity of up to 20,000 people, this multi-leveled city contained everything an entire population would need to survive a history riddled with invasions. This Derinkuyu map shows only a few levels of the 18 level complex.

(1) Tasha Tudor's Garden. Notre Dame Cathedral before, after, and during blaze. Vietnam’s Newly Opened Pedestrian Bridge Lifts Visitors with a Pair of Giant Weathered Hands. Against All Odds, England's Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Years. If you stand in the valley near the village of Uffington in Oxfordshire, England, and look up at the high curve of chalk grassland above you, one thing dominates the view. Across the flank of the hill runs an enormous white, abstract stick figure horse cut from the chalk itself. It has a thin, sweeping body, stubby legs, a curiously long tail and a round eye set in a square head. On location: six walking trails made famous in TV and film. Aerial Photographs Explore the Unique Geometric Patterns of Coastal Barcelona.

Secrets of NYC’s Five Boroughs click 2x. 13 Beautiful Botanical Gardens Where It's Easy to Lose Yourself. Archaeologists in Pompeii Have Discovered an 'Enchanted' Shrine Covered in Gorgeously Preserved Frescoes. Pompeii is the city that keeps on giving. The Great Wall of India. MOUNT RUSHMORE.

A nice day on the boat in Norway : pics. 25 Captivating Pictures of Street Scenes Around the World. Taking Cactus Portraits In the Summer In Arizona – A. D. McCormick. Just about nobody goes to Phoenix in August if they can help it. Ocean Calling—Documenting the Laid-Back Beauty of Half Moon Bay, in Photos. Most Unique Place to Spend the Night in Every State (PHOTOS) Whether you are looking to go camping in a beautiful National Park, sleep in a treehouse, or scuba dive to your bed underwater, America is full of unique hotels and resorts, all offering some fun and exciting ways to spend the night. Jerusalem syndrome. Aerial Photos Show Kotisaari Island Across Four Seasons. The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre. Norway. Remote cabin. Nine mile canyon petrographs click 2x. How The Fukushima Exclusion Zone Was Swallowed By Nature.

Deception Island Volcano in Antarctica Is Full of Wildlife. The World's Most Spectacular Bridges. Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Captured Through Infrared Photography. Ancient pilgrimage route Japan 2 clicks. Popular destinations to avoid click 2x on pic. (CNN) — Tourism backlash has been in full effect over the last 12 months, with several destinations announcing they'd had enough of foreign visitors flooding their streets or disrupting their fragile ecosystems. Arctic Digital Detox. Landscape architecture & urban design in Osaka, Japan. LONDON VS. NEW YORK CITY: Which is REALLY the best city in the world? The Great Wall China panoramic. 15 Colossal Facts About the Great Wall of China. Kyoto Botanical Garden. Fascinating places recently accessible. A temple in snowy Japan. Irma brought out the truth about the Florida Keys - CNN.

Trans-Siberian Railway May Get Even Longer. Lacoste Photos of Provence. Life Aboard the Longest Train Ride Through India. Glen Campbell's Galveston: politics of nostalgia echo amid faded grandeur. Avoncroft Museum Historic Bldgs click 2x. Shetland Mousa Broch click 2 x. First Honey Bees in California – San Jose click 2x. Kyoto at night. Photos of Kyoto 2 clicks please. Initiation Well. Sintra. Portugal. Avebury – Wiltshire, England. Uffington White Horse click 2x. Peles Castle – Sinaia, Romania click 2x.

Explorers See Greenland's Glaciers Like Never Before. The World's Most Polluted River Revealed in Photos. The Shanghai You Don't See. 16 Unbelievably Beautiful Abandoned Places. Elevated Sky Park Lets You Walk and Bounce Among Tree Tops. The Country That Doesn't Exist. 50 Surreal Landscapes on Earth. See Vintage Pictures of Syria's Ancient History. The Bering Sea, Where Humans and Nature Collide.