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Amy Coney Barrett Doesn't Understand the Trauma of Adoption. Scientists say your “mind" isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body. You might wonder, at some point today, what’s going on in another person’s mind.

Scientists say your “mind" isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body

You may compliment someone’s great mind, or say they are out of their mind. You may even try to expand or free your own mind. Biden should do more to prevent the accidental launch of nuclear weapons. Here’s how. The dangerous downsides of perfectionism - BBC Future. Madison Saw Something in the Constitution We Should Open Our Eyes To. As James Madison explains it in Federalist No. 43, it means that “In a confederacy founded on republican principles, and composed of republican members, the superintending government ought clearly to possess authority to defend the system against aristocratic or monarchial innovations.”

Madison Saw Something in the Constitution We Should Open Our Eyes To

He goes on: “The more intimate the nature of such a Union may be, the greater interest have the members in the political institutions of each other; and the greater right to insist that the forms of government under which the compact was entered into, should be substantially maintained.” Of course, there’s no real chance in the modern era that any state will become a “monarchy” or “aristocracy” in the 18th-century sense. So why does the Guarantee Clause matter, and what does it mean? How does one determine whether a state has maintained a “republican form of government”? Ordinarily we would turn to the Supreme Court for an answer to a question of this sort. The Bomb Didn’t Beat Japan … Stalin Did. The U.S. use of nuclear weapons against Japan during World War II has long been a subject of emotional debate.

The Bomb Didn’t Beat Japan … Stalin Did

Initially, few questioned President Truman’s decision to drop two atomic bombs, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But, in 1965, historian Gar Alperovitz argued that, although the bombs did force an immediate end to the war, Japan’s leaders had wanted to surrender anyway and likely would have done so before the American invasion planned for November 1. Their use was, therefore, unnecessary. Obviously, if the bombings weren’t necessary to win the war, then bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki was wrong. ‘Yeah, we’re spooked’: AI starting to have big real-world impact, says expert. A scientist who wrote a leading textbook on artificial intelligence has said experts are “spooked” by their own success in the field, comparing the advance of AI to the development of the atom bomb.

‘Yeah, we’re spooked’: AI starting to have big real-world impact, says expert

Prof Stuart Russell, the founder of the Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley, said most experts believed that machines more intelligent than humans would be developed this century, and he called for international treaties to regulate the development of the technology. How Do Bad Cops Stay in Power? Just Look at Miami. In 2009, the year that Ortiz arrested Vilma, Ortiz started to gain real political power when Miami FOP President Armando Aguilar tapped Ortiz to be the union’s vice president.

How Do Bad Cops Stay in Power? Just Look at Miami.

At the time, the Great Recession was deepening. Tax collections plummeted. Don't Choose Extinction - UNDP. Facebook Is Bad. Fixing It Rashly Could Make It Much Worse. The nicest thing you can say about the Health Misinformation Act, proposed in July by the Democratic senators Amy Klobuchar and Ben Ray Luján, is that it means well.

Facebook Is Bad. Fixing It Rashly Could Make It Much Worse.

The internet has been a key accelerant of widespread myths, misunderstandings and lies related to Covid-19; Klobuchar and Luján’s bill would force online companies like Facebook to crack down on false information during public health emergencies, or lose immunity from lawsuits if they don’t. There’s only one problem: What is health misinformation? I know of no oracular source of truth about Covid-19. Scientific consensus has shifted dramatically during the pandemic, and even now experts are divided over important issues, such as whether everyone should get a vaccine booster shot. Overlooked No More: Kim Hak-soon, Who Broke the Silence for ‘Comfort Women’

Life Is Like Blue Jelly: Margaret Mead Discovers the Meaning of Existence in a Dream. By Maria Popova The meaning of life has been contemplated by just about every thinking, feeling, breathing human being, and memorably so by a number of cultural icons, including Carl Sagan, Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, David Foster Wallace, Richard Feynman, and other luminaries.

Life Is Like Blue Jelly: Margaret Mead Discovers the Meaning of Existence in a Dream

Why America Imploded. What Americans Still Don’t Understand… The Legacy of Colin Kaepernick: On the First High School Team to Take a Knee ‹ Literary Hub. James A.

The Legacy of Colin Kaepernick: On the First High School Team to Take a Knee ‹ Literary Hub

Garfield High School in Seattle is a place where you can feel the history thrum throughout the hallways. Quincy Jones and Jimi Hendrix were students here. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on the grounds. (5) Heineken Worlds Apart OpenYourWorld 1. What Got Left Out of LuLaRich - by Anne Helen Petersen - Culture Study. This is the midweek edition of Culture Study — the newsletter from Anne Helen Petersen, which you can read about here.

What Got Left Out of LuLaRich - by Anne Helen Petersen - Culture Study

If you like it and want more like it in your inbox, consider subscribing. When I first learned of the four-part LuLaRoe documentary coming to Amazon, I knew exactly who I wanted to talk to about it. For the uninitiated: LuLaRoe is an MLM, or multi-level-marketing scheme, that exploded over the course of the 2010s. It sold, and continues to sell, leggings. Things went wrong. Our Foster Care System Is Fundamentally Broken. Abortion Has Never Been Just About Abortion.

The Weekender: Michael K. Williams, Utah, Vermeer. Carry Nation: Reconsidering one of history’s most ridiculed women. Adapted from Smashing the Liquor Machine: A Global History of Prohibition by Mark Lawrence Schrad. © Oxford University Press 2021 and published by Oxford University Press.

Carry Nation: Reconsidering one of history’s most ridiculed women.

All rights reserved. Kiowa, Kansas, Thursday, June 7, 1900, 8:30 a.m. How 9/11 led the US to forever wars, eroded rights – and insurrection. Over the past few weeks, the Biden administration has launched drone strikes against suspected terrorist targets in Somalia and Afghanistan, based on congressional authority dating to September 2001. This week, five terror suspects have been in court for pre-trial hearings now entering their ninth year in Guantánamo Bay, which opened its prison gates in January 2002. The aftershocks of 9/11 are everywhere. The families of the nearly 3,000 victims are still struggling with the justice department to lift the secrecy over the FBI investigation into the attacks and the possible complicity of Saudi officials.

Last week they asked the department’s inspector general to look into FBI claims to have lost critical evidence, including pictures and video footage. As the US approaches the 20th anniversary of 9/11, it is clearly not just about history. The AUMF was passed by Congress on 14 September 2001, three days after the attacks. Some of the excesses of the 9/11 era have been pruned.

How Students in 12 Countries Are Taught About 9/11. > Venezuela > Iraq > United Kingdom > South Korea > France > Brazil > Germany. The ‘melancholic joy’ of living in our brutal, beautiful world. It’s a challenging time to be an optimist. Climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying. The threat of nuclear war is more complex and unpredictable than ever. Corn Tastes Better on the Honor System – Robin Wall Kimmerer. Corn production today uses more natural resources than any other crop. Around 90 million acres are planted in corn, and the last remaining remnants of native prairie and grassland are being plowed under for corn every year. Corn is a hungry crop and a thirsty one. Vast amounts of water are consumed, and a staggering amount of fertilizer. (1) STEPHEN FRY: Is XR doing the right thing? When Did Time Really Begin? The Little Loophole in the Big Bang. The Meaning Of Life. Fewer Foreign Students To The U.S. Cost Billions In Revenue Loss : NPR.

Charles Loeb: The Black Reporter Who Exposed an Atomic Bomb Lie. Photos Reveal 19-Month-Old Boy's Point of View After Photographer Dad Gives Him His Old Camera. Simone Biles and the Weight of Perfection. US Olympian Simone Biles' withdrawal from the team final reminds us that she's human. On Tuesday, though, Biles "looked like she got lost" somewhere in the air, CNN sports analyst Christine Brennan said. She nearly landed on her knees and left the field of play close to tears. Minutes later, word came that Biles would not compete with the team. Woman Gets Shamed For Breastfeeding Son In Public, Thousands Of People Stand Up For Her. It is not uncommon for a natural activity to be turned into a social taboo.

In many ways, the female body is particularly laden with rules and regulations attempting to control our life experiences. Can Religion Guide the Ethics of A.I.? “Alexa, are we humans special among other living things?” One sunny day last June, I sat before my computer screen and posed this question to an Amazon device 800 miles away, in the Seattle home of an artificial intelligence researcher named Shanen Boettcher. Pocket - Poor teeth click 2x. I am bone of the bone of them that live in trailer homes. I grew up in an off-the-grid Christian commune. Here's what I know about America's religious beliefs. David Attenborough Netflix documentary: Australian scientists break down in tears over climate crisis. America’s gun obsession is rooted in slavery.

Exploit power and fear- Cohn & Trump

The backwards history of attitudes toward public breastfeeding. Health related. California Water Documentary. Watching Earth Burn. Militant/hate groups and political or Media Bias. Last Wild Places: American Prairie Reserve. Sometimes there are facts. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Kailash Satyarthi: The Nobel Peace Prize Winner The Mafia Wants Dead.

Hawaii &US Colonial Empire

Unhinged Politics. We’re Not Ready for the Next Big Climate Disasters. Inequities historic to current systemic/economic/political. Among the Insurrectionists. Climate emissions shrinking the stratosphere, scientists reveal. Activate Action 1968-2021. ‘It’s an utter myth’: how Nomadland exposes the cult of the western.

America's Population Advantage Has Evaporated. One Man’s Mission to Revive the Last Redwood Forests. Texas distorts its past – and Sam Houston's legacy – to defend Confederate monuments. Why Earth's History Appears So Miraculous click 2x. 7 myths about immigration and open US borders, debunked. Why a Climate-Denial Coalition May Be Cracking Apart. ANYWHERE CAN HAPPEN.

Stephen Fry - Jordan B Peterson Podcast - S4 E22. What I’ve learned from having balls. How Cultural Anthropologists Redefined Humanity. Stacey Abrams and Lauren Groh-Wargo: How to Turn Your Red State Blue. Obama wanted to close Gitmo. Will Biden be able to finally do it? Trump's Georgia Call Was Brought to You by Q. View from the EU: Britain 'taken over by gamblers, liars, clowns and their cheerleaders' Stateless, She Became the Face of a Largely Invisible Plight. The threat of a no-deal Brexit was nothing more than a hoax. We’re Never Going Back to the 1950s. How Cities Lost Control of Police Discipline. The Earth - A Living Creature (The Amazing NASA Video) 1080p. The Social Life of Forests. Biden Delivers a Reality Check –

Addams' Family Thanksgiving. Life Is Worth Losing - Dumb Americans - George Carlin. 'The Office' Warned Us About Dwight Schrute. Hazards of constitutional hardball click 2x. Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why. In India, there's water everywhere, and nowhere.

Jim Steyer: the man who took on Mark Zuckerberg. How American CEOs got so rich. The Truth Behind "Witch Hunts". Rebecca Solnit: How Change Happens. 'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism. The Great Battle of Fire and Light — Wait But Why. THE THOMAS NOMINATION: The Senate and Sexism; Panel's Handling of Harassment Allegation Renews Questions About an All-Male Club. Capitalism in crisis: U.S. billionaires worry about the survival of the system that made them rich.

Official Trailer HD. Republican lawmakers who backed Trump’s tax cuts now freak out over bipartisan spending deal. (2) Sesame Street: Respect is Coming. Fire Bombing of Tokyo. You Gotta Believe - Nina Paley. The Eugenics Crusade. We Believe: The Best Men Can Be. Vietnam: American Holocaust. Why Sexy Robots Are Taking Over The Internet - Video -