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How to be human- Examples

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How Frog and Toad Author Arnold Lobel Explored Gay Intimacy in His Work. Mister Rogers Neighborhood is streaming free on Twitch for all of May. The Fred Rogers Company.

Mister Rogers Neighborhood is streaming free on Twitch for all of May.

Iraqi Refugee Empowers Youth To Share Their Stories With 'Narratio' When Ahmed Badr was 8 years old, his family fled Baghdad in the midst of the Iraq War.

Iraqi Refugee Empowers Youth To Share Their Stories With 'Narratio'

Writing helped him process his experience, so he started the website Narratio to give other young people the same opportunity. Ariel Edelman hide caption toggle caption. Untitled. The young teenager Jadav “Molai” Payeng decided to help nature out a little bit and started planting trees over thirty years ago.


He planted the seeds next to a very and deserted sandbar closely to his birthplace in the Assam region, India. Jadav wanted to create a habitat for wildlife and oppose people who were cutting trees down. Jadav later decided that he would dedicate his life to building his own forest and planting trees. For almost every day for 37 years, the man planted seeds and has successfully built a whole new ecosystem. Bessie Stringfield, the Bad-Ass Black Motorcycle Queen of the 1930s - Atlas Obscura. In the 1930s, Bessie Stringfield practically disappeared in a cloud of smoke, bolting across the walls of a wooden, bowl-shaped arena: the Wall of Death.

Bessie Stringfield, the Bad-Ass Black Motorcycle Queen of the 1930s - Atlas Obscura

She was on her way across the country, traveling completely alone—again—on a Harley. Bessie Stringfield, an African-American Bostonian originally from Jamaica, had already earned a title that would be given to her years later: “The Motorcycle Queen.” From 1929 until her death in 1993, she rode her motorcycle around the Americas, defying several stereotypes about what black women could do. At first, riding a motorcycle across the country might seem on the low end of remarkable acts, but in the 1930s, especially for a black woman, that was not so. Stringfield rode across the country on a motorcycle only 10 years after women gained the right to vote. 6 Places Resisting Fear With Compassionate Defiance - BillMoyers. New Yorkers of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds gathered in New York's Times Square, and prominent religious leaders declare their solidarity with the American Muslims who recently impacted by a discriminatory rhetoric and travel ban by the Trump's administration.

6 Places Resisting Fear With Compassionate Defiance - BillMoyers

(Photo by Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images) This post originally appeared at Yes! Magazine. Kazuo Otani – historical snapshots – Medium. Kazuo Otani was born in Visalia, a small town of a few thousand in California, to parents who were immigrants from Japan.

Kazuo Otani – historical snapshots – Medium

He was living in the Gila River War Relocation Center in Arizona when he enlisted in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during WWII. Why the only future worth building includes everyone. John Leguizamo: Give Latino Kids Their Own Heroes. Leguizamo wears tweed, issues demerits and wields chalk like a magic wand in Latin History for Morons.

John Leguizamo: Give Latino Kids Their Own Heroes

Joan Marcus/Courtesy of The Public Theater hide caption. 11 Badass Women click 2 x. Susan B.

11 Badass Women click 2 x

Nancy Wake, Proud Spy and Nazi Foe, Dies at 98. Incredible photograph of a German soldier going against direct orders to help a young boy cross the newly formed Berlin Wall after being separated from his family, 1961. Clint Hill – historical photo as he tries to protect Kennedy. “Somebody had fired a shot at the President, and I had to get myself between the shooter and the President and Mrs.

Clint Hill – historical photo as he tries to protect Kennedy

Kennedy. Nothing else mattered.” Clint Hill was the first Secret Service Agent to get to President Kennedy after he was shot. He got to the limo carrying the President about two seconds after the fatal shot. History doesn’t talk much about Clint. Israeli Comedian Assaf Harel - Apartheid / Full Story. Jesse Owens & Luz Long. Hijab-Wearing Musician Mona Haydar Channels Beyoncé For Debut Of Her 'Resistance Music' And Video : Code Switch. Mona Haydar is a Syrian-American artist from Flint, Mich.

Hijab-Wearing Musician Mona Haydar Channels Beyoncé For Debut Of Her 'Resistance Music' And Video : Code Switch

Meet 12 Badass Scientists…Who Also Happen to be Women. 1. Renée Hlozek, cosmologist South African cosmologist Renée Hlozek studies the cosmic microwave background — radiation left over from the Big Bang — to better understand the initial conditions of the universe and how it grew into the structures, such as galaxies, we see today. “My field is about asking questions about the nature and evolution of the universe, fundamental to our understanding of ourselves,” Hlozek says. Cat plays with the window washer. Sir Nicholas Winton - BBC Programme "That's Life" aired in 1988. Writing and Being Albert Einstein. “”Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein What would happen if a professional athlete stopped training for an event because they were tired of their sport?

If he or she made a habit of not training, they’d lose their next event. What would happen if an engineer stopped working on a construction project because he didn’t feel excited about plans for the project? He’d lose his job. What happens to the writer who waits for inspiration to arrive? She doesn’t write at all. Look, you and I know writing is hard work. If you want to write professionally, treat it seriously, which is why I want you to learn 5 lessons from Albert Einstein.

(Backstory alert: Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientific writers of all time and a personal hero. Maria Helen Alvarez – historical snapshots. A Needed Change: How Sit Ins HelpedThe Civil Rights Movement. They looked so young, the four college students who sat down and ordered coffee at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, N.C., on Feb. 1, 1960. In February 1960, college students (from left) Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Billy Smith and Clarence Henderson began a sit in protest at the whites-only lunch counter at a Woolworth's in Greensboro, N.C. --- Image by Jack Moebes/CORBIS News of the Greensboro sit in spread.

Here, African-Americans in Atlantic City, N.J., protest against Woolworth's segregated lunch counters, March 19, 1960. Photo by AP Three African-American girls sit next to a white boy during a sit-in at a lunch counter in Portsmouth, Va., in February 1960. The demonstrators are largely students. Photo by AP Black college student Dorothy Bell, 19, of Birmingham, Ala., waits in a downtown Birmingham lunch counter for service that never came, April 4, 1963. Martin Luther King Jr.: Remembering a Committed Life. This Martin Luther King Jr. day, we remember the civil rights leader with this essay from Gary May, who wrote the book, Bending toward Justice: The Voting Rights Act and the Transformation of American Democracy. May appeared on Moyers & Company this past July to discuss his book and the agonizing but ultimately victorious struggle to pass the 1965 voting rights legislation — which he described to Bill as “a perfect example of the value of collective change to bring about progress in this country, people getting together and being committed and willing to risk their very lives to bring something when the country desperately needs it.”

One Woman’s Brilliant “Fuck You” to Wikipedia Trolls. A young Wikipedia editor withstood a decade of online abuse. Kalpana Chawla –astronaut click 2x please. Endearing Twin Photography. It's Fred Korematsu Day: Celebrating A Foe Of U.S. Internment Camps. Fred Korematsu, whose fight against internment led all the way to the Supreme Court — and who later warned of acting against groups due to their race or religion — is being honored by several states today. He died in 2005. Not forgetting Nagasaki: Obama’s gift of origami cranes:The Asahi Shimbun. Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue received a surprise gift from outgoing U.S. Patti Smith on Singing at Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Ceremony. A Singer’s Journey: From Solitary Confinement to the Met Opera. Mohammad Aljaleel 'cat man of Aleppo' rescues hundreds of Syrian cats.

Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes in Syria. 'Hidden Figures': How Black Women Did The Math That Put Men On The Moon. John Scopes. Rats can be heroes too. Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett’s Son Would Feed the World A Republican and a hero Imagine That. When his three children were young, Warren Buffett installed a dime slot machine on the third floor of the family’s house, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Joseph Schooling and Michael Phelps go way back. We can't trust state governments to protect voting rights - here's why. David Bald Eagle, Lakota Chief, Musician, Cowboy And Actor, Dies At 97. Her Code Got Humans on the Moon—And Invented Software Itself. Meet Margaret Hamilton, the badass '60s programmer who saved the moon landing. Woman who defied 300 neo-Nazis at Swedish rally speaks of anger. It Ain't Over: The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades. 10 iconic looks from Michelle Obama's days as first lady.

'If We Left, They Wouldn't Have Nobody' "Students wrote to their favorite authors. Kurt Vonnegut was the only one who responded, writing this beautiful & humorous letter." Before Rosa Parks, A Teenager Defied Segregation On An Alabama Bus : Code Switch. 164 years ago, a former slave rocked the world with these words. Remembering the African-American Suffragists Who Fought a Dual Oppression. eL Seed: Street art with a message of hope and peace. All-Female Team Keeps Hunting African Poachers as Cecil Outrage Fades. Exploring the Life of Nikola Tesla. The Cubs finally won the World Series, and it took one of the best baseball games ever to do it.

Boudica: The Warrior Queen Who Challenged Rome. First woman to run for president. It was always about Severus: click on. How a Musician Unraveled the Secrets of Whale Song. Episode 1. Ian McKellen on Edmund Hillary. Grace Hopper. Mary Shelley: The Teenage Girl Who Invented Science Fiction. Spent spring break teaching girls to code. Homeless boy studies by light of a McDonalds in Philippines. Misty Copeland makes history as first black female principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre - The Washington Post.

Women Scientists You may not have heard about. True Spies click 2x. What Were Albert Einstein's Political Opinions? The Top 25 John Lennon Quotes. HISTORY: Mary Bowser Worked as Servant in Confederate White House to Spy on Jefferson Davis for Union Army. Harriet Tubman - Black History. 8 great lessons from Mister Rogers that are still true when you're an adult. Gertrude Berg: The Original Media Titan.