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Mind and Soft Heart

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Scientists say your “mind" isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body. You might wonder, at some point today, what’s going on in another person’s mind.

Scientists say your “mind" isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body

You may compliment someone’s great mind, or say they are out of their mind. You may even try to expand or free your own mind. But what is a mind? Defining the concept is a surprisingly slippery task. The mind is the seat of consciousness, the essence of your being. Traditionally, scientists have tried to define the mind as the product of brain activity: The brain is the physical substance, and the mind is the conscious product of those firing neurons, according to the classic argument.

No doubt, the brain plays an incredibly important role. All Your Memories Are Stored by One Weird Protein from an Ancient Virus. How does memory work?

All Your Memories Are Stored by One Weird Protein from an Ancient Virus

The further we seem to dive in, the more questions we stumble upon about how the function of memory first evolved. Scientists made a key breakthrough with the identification of the Arc protein in 1995, observing how its role in the plastic changes in neurons was critical to memory consolidation. This protein is already a big deal, but the Arc picture just got a lot more interesting. In a study published Thursday in the journal Cell, a team of researchers at the University of Utah, the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, argue that Arc took its place in the brain as a result of a random chance encounter millions of years ago.

Similar to how scientists say the mitochondria in our cells originated as bacteria that our ancient ancestors’ cells absorbed, the Arc protein seems to have started as a virus. Photos Reveal 19-Month-Old Boy's Point of View After Photographer Dad Gives Him His Old Camera. The world looks very different through the eyes of a 19-month-old, which we can now see thanks to the pictures taken by Stanley Jones, the son of British Army photographer Timothy Jones.

Photos Reveal 19-Month-Old Boy's Point of View After Photographer Dad Gives Him His Old Camera

One bright and summery day, Jones shared his old Canon G12 with Stanley and taught him how to press the shutter and shout out “say cheese.” Jones writes, “He wandered round the house and garden snapping away saying ‘cheese' at everything. Macro Photography Series Captures Tiny Harvest Mice Playing in Tulips. While you might associate macro photography with detailed images of creepy crawlies, there are other (much cuter) creatures that deserve up close attention.

Macro Photography Series Captures Tiny Harvest Mice Playing in Tulips

These adorable images of harvest mice exploring tulips were taken by Miles Herbert, a British photographer who runs Captivelight—a photography studio that holds workshops for aspiring photographers who are interested in capturing “birds of prey, reptiles, frogs and other beasties.” Rather than disturb wildlife, these particular harvest mice were captive bred and photographed in an indoor studio. Herbert explains, “We provide a service for photographers looking for high impact pictures of the animals, and using a purpose built studio means that we are not weather dependent.”

Don’t worry though, once these tiny mice are strong enough, they’re released into the wild at a local nature reserve. The Complexity of Love, in 13 Untranslatable Words.

My life

Sound Effecting My Mom!!□ (FULL COMPILATION) ANTIDOTE. Still, Life. ~ February ~ It is February, and I am humming with future tense.

Still, Life

I am 15 weeks pregnant today. Meaning of life. HOPE and DESPAIR for natural world short films. Missouri Inmates Sew Custom Quilts For Foster Children: ‘It Kind Of Breaks Your Heart’ Every so often, Jim Williams wakes up in the middle of the night and lies awake inside his prison cell, thinking about quilt designs.

Missouri Inmates Sew Custom Quilts For Foster Children: ‘It Kind Of Breaks Your Heart’

As his fellow inmates at South Central Correctional Center snore and shift in their sleep, Williams mulls over the layout of cloth shapes, rearranging them in his mind. Living Sculptures at the Lost Gardens of Heligan Change with the Seasons. Once forgotten, the Lost Gardens of Heligan has now become one of the UK's most popular gardens.

Living Sculptures at the Lost Gardens of Heligan Change with the Seasons

Given this popularity, it's hard to believe that the incredible property was left untouched for 75 years. Located in Cornwall, the garden was only rediscovered in the 1990s and underwent a complete transformation that makes it a beloved garden today. In fact, two of the most interesting features of the botanical gardens were installed during its restoration. Two sculptures made from rocks and plants were installed on the grounds while the property underwent work to return it back to its glory. Created by local artists Pete and Sue Hill, who are brother and sister, these mud sculptures have become emblems of the park. Photos from Helen Pitia's post in Art Deco, Art Nouveau & 20.(late 19.)Century Decoratif Art’s ’ Share Group.

NYC School Teacher Shares Epic Quotes From Little Kids And They're Wholesome And Hilarious (50 New Pics) Welcome to Live from Snack Time, a wholesomely hilarious corner of Instagram with a 575k-solid fanbase.

NYC School Teacher Shares Epic Quotes From Little Kids And They're Wholesome And Hilarious (50 New Pics)

Created by NYC school teacher Alyssa Cowit and Greg Dunbar, a digital marketing manager with Walt Disney Studios, the project is aimed at showing adults what’s going on inside kids’ puzzling minds. 30 Green Flags You Should Look For In New Relationships As Shared By People In This Online Group. Relationships are something people won’t ever get enough advice on.

30 Green Flags You Should Look For In New Relationships As Shared By People In This Online Group

Just like humans are complicated creatures that will never stop being the focus of numerous psychological, sociological, and other studies, such is and always will be the case for relationships as well. Not too long ago, Bored Panda has recently covered red flags in relationships—you know, indicators that he or she is not the one. Well, now it’s time to switch it up and consider green flags in relationships. Reddit user u/CircleBox2 went to r/AskReddit to ask the question what are some green flags early on in dating that the relationship should become serious? The post soon went viral, gaining nearly 70,000 upvotes with over 8,500 responses from people sharing advice and personal stories. During a tough year, viral video captures spontaneous moments of joy. Mister Rogers's Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Kids. Rogers brought this level of care and attention not just to granular details and phrasings, but the bigger messages his show would send.

Hedda Sharapan, one of the staff members at Fred Rogers’s production company, Family Communications, Inc., recalls Rogers once halted taping of a show when a cast member told the puppet Henrietta Pussycat not to cry; he interrupted shooting to make it clear that his show would never suggest to children that they not cry. In working on the show, Rogers interacted extensively with academic researchers. Daniel R.

Anderson, a psychologist formerly at the University of Massachusetts who worked as an advisor for the show, remembered a speaking trip to Germany at which some members of an academic audience raised questions about Rogers’s direct approach on television. The War and Treaty: Healing songs. Grief Films For Children click 2x. There’s no way to sugarcoat it: The pandemic has plunged the world into a crisis of grief.

Grief Films For Children click 2x

It has caused the deaths of more than 290,000 people in the United States, many of them grandparents and parents. In New York State alone, 4,200 children lost a parent or caregiver to Covid-19 between March and July, according to a study from the United Hospital Fund. (These were the most recent figures available on parental death from Covid.) For any family who lost a loved one this year, regardless of the cause of death, the pandemic has kept them from being able to properly mourn their loss. Nunavut dog reunites with family after epic journey across ice and tundra. Donna Adams wouldn't have guessed that her dog Pepper had it in her. But the 10-year-old German shepherd — typically found lolling about outside Adams's home in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut — floored everybody by making a 70-kilometre journey along the remote Hudson Bay coast on her own, to track down her family in a distant community she'd never been to.

"We were elated.

The Tiny Chef

The Tiny Chef receives a gift. Brain pickings on love and loss. Relax With 40 Perfectly Looped Ambient Gifs - GIFs. Last Wild Places: American Prairie Reserve. Encouraging pencils. No matter who or how old you are, every one of us has those days when life just seems to be tougher than usual. And in those difficult moments, an encouraging word from someone who cares about you could be all you need to realize that everything is going to be alright. Kids are no exception. Going to school, studying and trying to make friends can be much more challenging to deal with than it may sometimes seem to us, adults. The problem is when kids are at school, parents simply aren’t able to be there and support them. There's a Word for That: 25 Expressions You Should Have in Your Vocabulary. Recently I came across this amazing little Tumblr named ‘OtherWordly‘ – itself a play on words.

It consists of a collection of strange and lovely words from different languages through different times. What I like most about this selection of consonants and vowels – little meaning-carrying packages of vibration – is that they all try to point to the unspeakable, the transient or the neglected. That which we forget in the busyness of our daily grind. Words have the power to remind us – and therefore we should choose our words carefully so we are reminded of the things that nourish our souls. You can find my favourite words below – pick five that resonate most, write them down, yes seriously – go grab a pen -, make sure to learn them by heart, teach them to your inner voice and share them with others to guide our collective attention to what truly matters.

VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization. Hospice Nurse Shares A Story Of How A Dying Man Saw His Dogs And People Appear In The Room. The best lullaby for cat (Meowssage) The Secret Life of Trees: The Astonishing Science of What Trees Feel and How They Communicate.

A Fox allows itself to feed Koala Babies in Australia. Ephemeral Art Series Features Mandalas and Spirals Made of Nature. Children's joy at seeing dolls like them. Jane Goodall and team release a rehabilitated chimp back into the wild GIF by gangbangkang (@gangbangkang) Love did not fade click on video. Every day, man plants trees in same spot. 37 years later, his masterpiece takes our breath away. The young teenager Jadav “Molai” Payeng decided to help nature out a little bit and started planting trees over thirty years ago. [Image] Find a reason for being. I am sorry. I am sorry You died last night. Untitled. Watch Marvel Director Taika Waititi’s clever new anti-racism PSA. (1) Your Love Amazes Me - John Berry. BrightVibes. All photos come directly out of the lens. There is no Photoshop used to bring in new elements. Weggen built an outdoor studio near his kitchen window. Using a bit of food, usually edible seeds or nuts, to lure the squirrels, the studio allows him to capture these cute photos from the comfort of his own home.

(1) Tasha Tudor's Garden. She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog. After a late night at a stock-car race, Carole and Verne King returned to their dog-friendly hotel in Kalispell, Mont., and made a devastating discovery. Wonderfully sweet cat hug. (1) 70 minute~7 Chakra Continuous Meditation with 21 Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls. Gary Haugen: Violence is the hidden reason for poverty. Lion rescued as cub loves this person. Six Ways To Show Your Love. How To Practice Compassion In Relationships. A couple asked me recently what the Buddhist view is on marriage. (1) Quick 11 min. Chakra Tune-up with Himalayan Singing Bowls HD. Baby lamb cuddling his toy pig.

RAVI SHANKAR & GEORGE HARRISON. Cry, Heart, But Never Break: A Remarkable Illustrated Meditation on Loss and Life. “Each day, we wake slightly altered, and the person we were yesterday is dead,” John Updike wrote, “so why … be afraid of death, when death comes all the time?” Orangutan and human mom bond over baby. Frog Log- so froggies won’t get trapped in fountains : mildlyinteresting. 11 Fascinating Facts About ‘Goodnight Moon’ How to Love: Legendary Zen Buddhist Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh on Mastering the Art of “Interbeing” Song Around The World. World Best Motivational Videos for Students. 2nd Grade Students Cover Their Teacher’s Dress In Drawings, And Her Story Takes Over The Internet.

Cat Brings Her Kittens to Man Who Helped Her and Gave Her Food - She Won’t Let Him Go. 2-year-old and garbage man's special bond is priceless. Haircut Prank by Black and White Friends Proves Kids Don't See Color. When Donald Trump's words scared this Muslim girl, these Army vets responded perfectly. Sweet Photos of His Sons (2 x) Brooklyn Youth Chorus: Teens Speak Up By Singing Out. Allegro "ENGLISH" How to be more empathetic. 31 Quotes That Will Give You Chills. Artist Who Lost A Friend Creates A Comic Tribute That’ll Inspire You To Drop Everything And Start Living. Research Shows Plants Are Sentient. Will We Act Accordingly? Thiên Thủ Quan Âm (Thousand Hand Guan Yin) 7 Things We Can All Learn from the Music and Life of John Lennon. 7 essential books - when life gets hard.

My Father, the Philosopher. Kids explain mindfulness. Earth - Rats will save their friends from drowning. Snuggles. The Compassionate Instinct. Ancient Bones That Tell a Story of Compassion. Strange like me -zenpencil. School Choir Surprises Cancer-Stricken Teacher With Epic Rendition Of “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”

Once starving boy named Hope Starts School. Remembering 9/11: A warrior's unexpected gift to America. Lennon believes. What Kindness Does to Your Health. She lists 10 things every woman should know. Worth the time.