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Thoughts - Politics, Policy, Effects. America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One. My dad always flew an American flag in our front yard.

America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One

The blue paint on our two-story house was perennially chipping; the fence, or the rail by the stairs, or the front door, existed in a perpetual state of disrepair, but that flag always flew pristine. Our corner lot, which had been redlined by the federal government, was along the river that divided the black side from the white side of our Iowa town.

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Media and Manipulation. Life in Modern Times. (1) IF THE WORLD WERE 100 PEOPLE UPDATED. OB/GYN Shares Reasons Her Patients Had For Abortions click 2x. Alabama has made a home in the headlines after Governor Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act – the countries most restrictive abortion law to date.

OB/GYN Shares Reasons Her Patients Had For Abortions click 2x

In response women everywhere have used whatever platform they have to share their opinions and experiences, the most popular one being social media. Several hashtags have popped up to encourage and destigmatize the dialogue surrounding abortions such as #ShoutYourAbortion and #YouKnowMe, and while many agree that sharing these stories are important, others – like this OB/GYN – also think that a woman shouldn’t have to share or have a traumatic story for her right to choose to be respected. Muslims lived in America before Protestantism even existed. The first words to pass between Europeans and Americans (one-sided and confusing as they must have been) were in the sacred language of Islam.

Muslims lived in America before Protestantism even existed

Christopher Columbus had hoped to sail to Asia and had prepared to communicate at its great courts in one of the major languages of Eurasian commerce. What If Consciousness Comes First? Source: ColiN00B/Pixabay Despite the success of neuroscience in establishing a wide range of correlations between brain processes and conscious experience, there is at least one question about the relationship between the brain and consciousness that continues to appear unanswerable, even in principle.

What If Consciousness Comes First?

This is the question of why we have conscious experience at all. article continues after advertisement The problem is that there could conceivably be brains that perform all the same sensory and decision-making functions as ours but in which there is no conscious experience. That is, there could be brains that react as though sad but that don’t feel sadness, brains that can discriminate between wavelengths of light but that don’t see red or yellow or blue or any other color, brains that direct their bodies to eat certain foods but that don’t taste them. Trump and Republicans Appeal to Men with Fragile Masculinity, Researchers Find. President Donald Trump appeals to men with fragile masculinity, two researchers from New York University wrote in analysis published in The Washington Post.

Trump and Republicans Appeal to Men with Fragile Masculinity, Researchers Find

They also said Republican candidates facing a Democrat drew more support in areas with higher levels of fragile masculinity in 2018 House races. The president has touted his masculinity since declaring he would run for office. After Marco Rubio insinuated the president had a small penis in 2016, Trump raised his hands and said "he referred to my hands -- 'if they're small, something else must be small.' I guarantee you there's no problem. Amid Climate Change, FEMA And Government Aid Widen Wealth Inequality : NPR. Don't follow, lead : pics. “Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel” ‘Highly Speculative Reasoning on the Concept of Democracy’ by Alain Badiou – TheoryLeaks.

The word “democracy” is today the main organizer of consensus.

‘Highly Speculative Reasoning on the Concept of Democracy’ by Alain Badiou – TheoryLeaks

What the word is assumed to embrace is the downfall of Eastern Socialists States, the supposed well being of our countries as well as Western humanitarian crusades. Actually the word “democracy” is inferred from what I term “authoritarian opinion.” It is somehow prohibited not to be a democrat. Accordingly, it furthers that the human kind longs for democracy, and all subjectivity suspected of not being democratic is deemed pathological.

At its best it infers a forbearing reeducation, at its worst the right of meddling democratic marines and paratroopers. Think about it. A Book Is a Heart That Only Beats in the Chest of Another: Rebecca Solnit on the Solitary Intimacy of Reading and Writing. “Learning how to be a good reader is what makes you a writer,” the magnificent Zadie Smith told the audience at the 15th annual New Yorker Festival on a late Friday night, echoing Susan Sontag’s assertion that fruitful writing is born out of fruitful reading, out of a “book-drunken life.” This osmotic relationship between reading and writing has been extolled in forms as piercingly poetic as Kafka’s letter on the purpose of books and as scientifically grounded as the work of Harvard psycholinguist Steven Pinker, but hardly anyone has expressed it more lyrically and with more shimmering aliveness than another of our era’s greatest essayists, Rebecca Solnit, in The Faraway Nearby (public library) — the equally, if differently, rewarding follow-up to her spectacular essay collection A Field Guide to Getting Lost.

America colonisation ‘cooled Earth's climate’ Media playback is unsupported on your device Colonisation of the Americas at the end of the 15th Century killed so many people, it disturbed Earth's climate.

America colonisation ‘cooled Earth's climate’

Antipoverty Impact Of Medicaid Growing With State Expansions Over Time. TED-Ed - Why should you read Kurt Vonnegut? Life Of Brian- 1979 Debate (1/4) Kurt Vonnegut’s Graduation Speech: “Ghost Dance” & more click2x. How Beauty Is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution. John Oliver on Monty Python: 'inspirational idiots who changed comedy' Writing about the importance of Monty Python is basically pointless.

John Oliver on Monty Python: 'inspirational idiots who changed comedy'

Citing them as an influence is almost redundant. It’s assumed. In fact, from now on it’s probably more efficient to say that comedy writers should have to explicitly state that they don’t owe a significant debt to Monty Python. And if someone does that, they’ll be emphatically wrong. This strange group of wildly talented, appropriately disrespectful, hugely imaginative and massively inspirational idiots changed what comedy could be for their generation and for those that followed.

I first discovered Monty Python when I was probably 10 years old, and back then it felt like something I shouldn’t be watching. The Root of All Cruelty? A recent episode of the dystopian television series “Black Mirror” begins with a soldier hunting down and killing hideous humanoids called roaches. It’s a standard science-fiction scenario, man against monster, but there’s a twist: it turns out that the soldier and his cohort have brain implants that make them see the faces and bodies of their targets as monstrous, to hear their pleas for mercy as noxious squeaks. When our hero’s implant fails, he discovers that he isn’t a brave defender of the human race—he’s a murderer of innocent people, part of a campaign to exterminate members of a despised group akin to the Jews of Europe in the nineteen-forties. The philosopher David Livingstone Smith, commenting on this episode on social media, wondered whether its writer had read his book “Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others” (St.

China is Surveilling and Threatening Uighurs in the U.S. 'A torrent of ghastly revelations': what military service taught me about America. My first and only war tour took place in Afghanistan in 2010.

'A torrent of ghastly revelations': what military service taught me about America

I was a US Marine lieutenant then, a signals intelligence officer tasked with leading a platoon-size element of 80 to 90 men, spread across an area of operations the size of my home state of Connecticut, in the interception and exploitation of enemy communications. That was the official job description, anyway. The year-long reality consisted of a tangle of rearguard management and frontline supervision. Years before Helmand province, Afghanistan, however, there was Twentynine Palms, California. Macron condemned the rise of nationalism in front of Trump and Putin, warning that 'old demons are reawakening'. PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron used an address to world leaders gathered in Paris for Armistice commemorations on Sunday to send a stern message about the dangers of nationalism, calling it a betrayal of moral values.

Macron condemned the rise of nationalism in front of Trump and Putin, warning that 'old demons are reawakening'

With US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sitting just a few feet away listening to the speech via translation earpieces, Macron denounced those who evoke nationalist sentiment to disadvantage others. Could consciousness all come down to the way things vibrate? Why is my awareness here, while yours is over there? Why is the universe split in two for each of us, into a subject and an infinity of objects?

How is each of us our own center of experience, receiving information about the rest of the world out there? Why are some things conscious and others apparently not? The Confederate Cause in the Words of Its Leaders - The Atlantic. This afternoon, in announcing her support for removing the Confederate flag from the capitol grounds, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley asserted that killer Dylann Roof had “a sick and twisted view of the flag” which did not reflect “the people in our state who respect and in many ways revere it.” If the governor meant that very few of the flag’s supporters believe in mass murder, she is surely right. But on the question of whose view of the Confederate flag is more twisted, she is almost certainly wrong.

Roof’s belief that black life had no purpose beyond subjugation is “sick and twisted” in the exact same manner as the beliefs of those who created the Confederate flag were “sick and twisted.” Think Confederate monuments are racist? Consider pioneer monuments. In San Francisco, there is an an 800-ton monument that retells California history, from the Spanish missions to American settlement.

Several bronze sculptures and relief plaques depict American Indians, white miners, missionaries and settlers. A female figure symbolizing white culture stands atop a massive stone pillar. The design of the “pioneer monument” was celebrated in newspapers across the country when it was erected in 1894. Today, however, activists argue that the monument – particularly its depiction of a Spanish missionary and Mexican “vaquero,” or cowboy, towering over an American Indian – is demeaning to American Indians.

Emergence – How Stupid Things Become Smart Together. The Future of Work: How automation will reinvent the meaning of work click 2x. The Psychopharmacology of Everyday Life. Growing Up Surrounded by Books Has a Lasting Positive Effect on the Brain, Says a New Scientific Study. Image by George Redgrave, via Flickr Commons Somewhere in the annals of the internet--if this sprawling, near-sentient thing we call the internet actually has annals--there is a fine, fine quote by filmmaker John Waters: We need to make books cool again.

Suicide more prevalent than homicide in US, but most Americans don't know it. Get Your Grok On. Column: This is what happens when you take Ayn Rand seriously. Has American Politics Hit Rock Bottom? YouTube, Reddit, - the Ever-Tightening Orthodoxy of the Rabbit Hole click2x.

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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Man Perfectly Explains Women’s Rage Today Using Brutal Analogy So That All Men Can Finally Understand It. From the classroom to the frontline – schools must be careful what they teach kids about the army. People who think their opinions are superior to others are most prone to overestimating their relevant knowledge and ignoring chances to learn more. The backwards history of attitudes toward public breastfeeding. New Study Says Watching the Kardashians Actually Makes You a Worse Person - Maxim. 100 Diagrams That Changed the World. The world's movement of people - in one map. For Years, Anita Hill Was A 'Canary In The Coal Mine' For Women Speaking Out.

'BlacKkKlansman' Shows How White Supremacists Make Language Into a Weapon. I've seen this racial denialism before – in post-apartheid South Africa. The book that fights sexism with science. Solnit on Hope in Dark Times, Resisting Defeatism. Climate change: Our plans are in pieces as killer heat shreds records. Amazon could never replace libraries. Here’s everything we offer that Amazon doesn’t. This changes everything. Chart: Are We Living Under Fascism? - by Scott Bateman. The Heroes of America's Startup Economy Weren't Born in America. Harsh realities of pioneer diet click 2x. 100 Diagrams That Changed the World – Brain Pickings. The Science Is In. Spanking Children Does Serious, Long-Term Damage click 2x.

What Makes You You? - Wait But Why. From Circe to Clinton: why powerful women are cast as witches. The Science of Why Swearing Physically Reduces Pain. There's Now an Actual Term for Ignoring People While You Play With Your Phone. Are You a Curator or a Dumper? Dying is not as bad as you think. Portugal’s Example: What Happened After It Decriminalized All Drugs, From Weed to Heroin. Principles of Social Psychology. 87 Deeply Subversive Documentaries That Challenge the Status Quo x2x.

Philomena Cunk's Moments of Wonder Ep 1: Time. Philomena Cunk and Barry Shitpeas on Donald Trump. Calgary veteran who survived Dunkirk causes a stir at movie premiere. Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton thinks we're asking all the wrong questions about inequality. NYC subway exposes commuters to noise as loud as a jet engine. Placebo and Nocebo - HEAL Documentary Sneak Peek - HEAL is Available Now on Digital/DVD. Aristotle on the Soul. We Need to Change How We Bury Our Dead. Pattern Recognition - Geoff Lawton (2017)

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Prophets Of Rage Gives NFL's #TakeAKnee Protest Historical Context. Genes for Skin Color Rebut Dated Notions of Race, Researchers Say - The New York Times. Anthony Bourdain Wants You To Stop Wasting So Much Food. Understanding The Roots Of Human Altruism. Agnotology. After Orlando, Examining the Gun Business. Donald Trump Is the First White President - The Atlantic. Hedonometer. The Six Main Stories, As Identified by a Computer - The Atlantic.

Life without language. Henri 2, Paw de Deux. Call climate change what it is: violence. The Fate of Online Trust in the Next Decade. Longevity Expert Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara Offers Tips for a Long Life. Neil Gaiman: ‘ no point dressing as a cowboy if it’s just you’ click 2x.