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БЕРЁЗКА- BERIOZKA- ENSEMBLE FOLKLORIQUE RUSSE. The /r/place Atlas. /r/counting The remnants of a second sign for /r/counting (the first being adjacent to the /r/livecounting sign), a subreddit dedicated to counting numbers.

The /r/place Atlas

The sign was overwritten along with the first. /r/counting Full Power Item In the Touhou games, Full Power Items are rare yellow squares with the letter "F" on them. Website/r/touhou. Atlas of Reddit's /r/place makes sense of beautiful chaos 2 clicks. Reddit’s massive /r/place art experiment remains one of the most remarkable collaborative endeavors I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Atlas of Reddit's /r/place makes sense of beautiful chaos 2 clicks

Screw you, museums: this is really modern art. It’s dizzying to look at it and try to make sense of the many, many, different references, pictures, flags, and symbols painted into /r/place. Reddit Place (/r/place) - FULL 72h (90fps) TIMELAPSE. Reddit Place TimeLapse All Frames @ 30FPS [4K] Sir Patrick Stewart dressed in drag as kellyanne... Pete gets some broccoli gif click 2 x. 375,000 Free Images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Spellbinding animated gifs by james r. eads click 2x. Sep 23, 2016 spellbinding series of animated gifs seemingly suck you into your screen.

spellbinding animated gifs by james r. eads click 2x

Contact Juggling - His Skills are Totally Hypnotizing. 3,200 Year Old Tree Never Been Captured In A Single Image... (Distractify) Cloaked in the snows of California’s Sierra Nevada, the 3,200-year-old giant sequoia called the President rises 247 feet.

3,200 Year Old Tree Never Been Captured In A Single Image...

Two other sequoias have wider trunks, but none has a larger crown, say the scientists who climbed it. The figure at top seems taller than the other climbers because he’s standing forward on one of the great limbs. The trunk is 27 feet wide and the his mighty branches hold 2 billion needles, the most of any tree on the planet. Peacock spiders having fun gif 2 clicks. 30 Incredible Views you’d see if you were a bird. Blind artist envisions world - hypnotizing gifs click 2x. Sep 09, 2015 blind artist envisions the world through hypnotizing animated gifs blind artist envisions the world through hypnotizing animated gifsall gifs courtesy of george redhawk artist george redhawk has turned a loss into a gift — after the artist became legally blind, he began to explore the realm of photo manipulation with a desire to show the world as he sees it from his damaged sight. through the use of computer softwares that aide the visually impaired, redhawk — who works under the name darkangeløne — has realized the ongoing series of animations titled, ‘the world through my eyes’. original digital art ‘the remains of a memory’ by adam martinakis / animation by george redhawk ‘to create most of my gifs, I am using a photo morphing software which I have been experimenting with, and perfecting over several years‘, redhawk tells graphic art news.

blind artist envisions world - hypnotizing gifs click 2x

French non -Farmers Pose for 2017 Calendar. Last year, the holiday season was set ablaze by France’s Pompiers Sans Frontières (Firefighters Without Borders) and their sizzling, stripped-down calendar.

French non -Farmers Pose for 2017 Calendar

Shot for a good cause by renowned Paris-based fashion photographer Fred Goudon, the risqué calendar proved to be a popular Christmas gift—both in France and abroad. In keeping with tradition, Goudon has photographed a new crop of au naturel pin-up models for his 2017 edition: French farmers. Showcasing alluring agriculturists from the countrysides of Champagne, Normandy, Picardie, and Provence, the calendar features shots of shirtless (and overall-less) farmers in their natural, hay-filled habitats. Some are photographed solo, while others pose with piglets, cows, and other barnyard friends.

Ukiyo-e woodblock prints animated gifs 2 clicks. Aug 18, 2015 japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated gifs japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated gifs(above) katsushika hokusai’s ‘yoshida at tokaido’ animated all gifs courtesy of segawa thirty-seven from the 17th through 19th centuries, ukiyo-e woodblock prints and paintings populated the japanese art and cultural movement. artist katsushika hokusai popularized the trend with his series of ’36 views of mount fuji’, depicting scenes of the renowned mountain captured in different seasons and weather conditions, from a variety of different places and perspectives. these compositions were created through a cooperative effort of craftsman, who each adopted traditional techniques to sketch, carve and colorize the works. a spaceship shocks figures in ‘azai hall – 500 rakan temples’

ukiyo-e woodblock prints animated gifs 2 clicks

Colorful Overhead Portraits of Street Vendors click 2 x. Keen photographers have the ability to elevate the ordinary into stunning imagery and photographer Loes Heerink has done just that with her series about the street vendors of Hanoi.

Colorful Overhead Portraits of Street Vendors click 2 x

Waking up at 4 am, the vendors—often female migrant workers—pack their bicycles to the brim with fresh flowers and fruit, walking miles throughout the course of the day to peddle their wares. Heerink lived in Vietnam for many years and became fascinated with these street vendors, so much so that she sought to capture their beauty in a unique way. British Library offers over 1 million free vintage images for download. Art for ants. Snowy Escape 2x. Điệu múa Phật ngàn tay - Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara. 12 Carved Hobo Nickels. Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights. About this project The interactive documentary Jheronimus Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights provides an in-depth tour though The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights

In a web interface the visitor will be taken on an audio-visual journey, including sound, music, video and images to enrich the storytelling. Synopsis The interactive documentary Jheronimus Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights provides an in-depth tour though The Garden of Earthly Delights. Accompanied by high resolution images of the painting, the exciting story of this masterpiece unfolds. Besides the exploration of the art historical story of the painting we will give insight to the creative process of Jheronimus Bosch. The Mathematical Art Of M.C. Escher. Breathtaking Timelapse Of Los Angeles Will Give You Chills. City Lights from Colin Rich.

Breathtaking Timelapse Of Los Angeles Will Give You Chills

LA's spectacular lights didn't just inspire a range of amazing glowing shoes in the 90s--they also acted as muse for local lensman Colin Rich, who has spent the last few years covering the city from every conceivable angle. Above, Rich unveils City Lights, the last in his Trilogy of Light series. "It was an nightly adventure that took me to almost every angle of Los Angeles," Rich explains. " Little People – A tiny Street Art Collection (1 of 4) Bears Dancing To 'Jungle Boogie' - Planet Earth II. (Thousand Hand Guan Yin) these dancers are deaf. Animated business cards on a record player. This Ballet Routine Set To Adele’s ‘All I Ask’ Is So Beautiful It Hurts. Art of Animals. Optical Illusions. 1. Vous voyez ces 3 jolies filles ? Et si on retournait l’image ? Notre cerveau est rarement confronté à des images renversées, c’est pourquoi il a des difficultés à bien les interpreter. 2. Du chocolat à l’infini.

— Uniquely Charming Cat Caves by FeltField Handmade... Charles Freger - Journal. The most fascinating images from the New York Public Library’s release of 180,000 copyright-free materials. Copyright law is a thorny thing, and it prevents a lot of people from making new works and having fun. But every once in a while, enough time passes, a lawsuit changes the game, or a big, old institution opens up and dusts off once-restricted or hidden material and lets it out into the public domain.

The New York Public Library joins the restriction-free party this week by making 180,000 non-copyright images from its collection available for high-res download. It’s also giving access to its collections’ metadata and making updates to its API to encourage playful games and visualizations. Its trove of old stereoscopic images make great gifs, which you can try for yourself: NYPL Labs, the library’s digitization and innovation arm, is the team behind these experiments.

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) The New Look of the 2016 Pirelli Calendar - On Monday, a new kind of Pirelli calendar was unveiled for 2016, Panique au village. 2 clicks for action. Click 2x (please) Andromeda. Synesthesia Music. EmailEmail Synesthesia actually lets you paint with the colors of the wind, if it’s loud enough. This rare neurological phenomenon also enables Melissa McCracken to paint music. Synesthesia means that some of your stimuli are joined in unusual combinations. Melissa actuals experiences music with colors and textures. This Is Not Yellow. Snake on fence (click on) Just watching True Detective wearing our socks. Jinns in Islamic Art – Islam and Science Fiction. Jinns are intelligent beings in Islamic belief system which have free will just like human beings. Unlike humans however they are made of smokeless fire. Jinns are also supposed to have different religions just like humans e.g., Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism etc and even Atheism.

The Lord of The Rings artworks. A Wall That Plays Music When It Rains. Nature Blows My Mind! The Flamboyant Sea Slug. Nicoboxethai/CC BY 2.0 Nudibranch, or what we usually call sea slugs, blow my mind. Ever since spotting one for myself during a tide pool trip about a year ago, I've been fascinated with these creatures. I think of them as the drag queens of the sea: flashy stand-outs that are always dressed to the nines.

The one I found is a Hermissenda crassicornis -- the flashy little thing pictured below with bright pinkish-orange cerata waving like a feather boa and neon blue outlines around its tentacles. © Jaymi Heimbuch. Nudibranch looks like a bunny of the sea. It’s round, and fluffy and has wiggly little ears! Sort of. These little sea creatures, affectionately dubbed “sea bunnies” have recently become social media celebrities. They’re actually sea slugs, and belong to the wild group of mollusks called nudibranchs. The bunny slug species is Jorunna parva, and was first described by the renowned Japanese marine biologist Kikutaro Baba.

The fluffy white sea bunnies are primarily found off the coast of Japan. How Long Does a Queen Last? Hokkaido: Animals. Fox Village In Japan Is Probably The Cutest Place On Earth. Apparently, Japan is covered in magical and irresistibly cute animal sanctuaries. We’ve heard about the bunny island and cat island, but there’s also a fox village, where six different species of fox romp and play together in a battle for your attention (and probably for your food, too). MapMaker Interactive. Zen pencil- a mutual wierdness. Halfdome.jpg from Amadeus 1980 Curry & McKellen Broadway. Quote Pictures » There are no ordinary moments. Globe Genie. Photos: Amazed southern Chinese experience first snowfall ever, make teeny-tiny snowmen. Just as the US’s eastern coast was hit by a historical blizzard over the weekend, China suffered its coldest weather in decades. On Sunday (Jan. 24) morning, 25 cities across the country registered record low temperatures.

The chill swept across the country last week, but is lifting today (Jan. 25), according to the National Meteorological Center (link in Chinese): The cold wave brought plenty of excitement for southern Chinese citizens, many of whom have never seen sleet—needless to say snow—in their lives. Southern Chinese cities including Chongqing, the “Flower City” of Guangzhou, and the so-called “Green City” of Nanning saw snow mixed with rain over the weekend for the first time in decades. Residents in downtown Guangzhou were particularly amazed, because the city’s sleet on Sunday was the first since 1949 (link in Chinese), when China started keeping meteorologic records. The Winding Path, a photo from Zuid Holland, South.