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Japan's Emperor Will Be Permitted To Abdicate. Japan's parliament has approved a law permitting Emperor Akihito (left) to abdicate the throne as he requested.

Japan's Emperor Will Be Permitted To Abdicate

Members of the deliberately small royal family, including Empress Michiko (second from left), attend a spring garden party at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo. Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images Japan's parliament has approved a law permitting Emperor Akihito (left) to abdicate the throne as he requested. According to legend, Japan's monarchy originated 2,700 years ago with the goddess Amaterasu, a female deity said to be the nation's first emperor.

The current emperor, Akihito, is mortal. On Friday, Japan's upper house of parliament approved a bill allowing Akihito to leave the Chrysanthemum Throne. It applies only to Akihito and only for three years. The Japanese monarchy is the world's oldest. The New York Times reports: Japan Imperial Household Agency/AFP/Getty Images The Associated Press reports: Kyoto at night. Most Beautiful Places to Visit & Things to Do in Japan - Thrillist. Clover House by MAD Architects is a whimsical Japanese kindergarten built on the bones of an old house. Fuji Koji A whimsical new Japanese kindergarten built on the bones of a former two-story home in Okazaki, Japan, the Clover House by Chinese firm MAD Architects has views of paddy fields and mountains—and an exterior slide that lets kids escape through a second-floor window to a playground below.

Clover House by MAD Architects is a whimsical Japanese kindergarten built on the bones of an old house.

The modern structure was designed to help siblings Kentaro and Tamaki Nara, who formerly ran the kindergarten out of an old family home, expand the school while maintaining a homey (in the streamlined Japanese sense of the word) feel. MAD Architects “It was important to create a kindergarten that felt like a home, and give the kids the best possible house to grow up in, one that promotes their learning and creativity,” MAD Architects founder and principal partner Ma Yansong said in a project description.

Dan Honda.

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The Unbelievable Story of the Japanese Man Who Survived BOTH Atomic Bombs. Tsutomu Yamaguchi may very well have been both the luckiest and most unlucky man ever.

The Unbelievable Story of the Japanese Man Who Survived BOTH Atomic Bombs

On August 6, 1945, he was riding a small trolley across the city of Hiroshima. Yamaguchi recalls hearing the roar of an aircraft engine in the skies above during the ride, but thought nothing of it, since warplanes were constantly flying overhead during that time. What Yamaguchi didn’t know was that this was no Japanese plane- it was the U.S. Bomber the Enola Gay, preparing to drop a 13 kiloton uranium atom bomb on the city.

Yamaguchi stepped off the tram at approximately 8:15 a.m. Cat Provides Pet Therapy for Grandfather with Alzheimer's 2 clicks. It can be painful to watch the change in Alzheimer's sufferers, so when Tokyo-based photographer Akiko DuPont‘s 94-year-old grandfather Jiji was diagnosed several years ago, she was naturally concerned.

Cat Provides Pet Therapy for Grandfather with Alzheimer's 2 clicks

“I think when you learn that you have Alzheimer's, it is easy to start feeling scared, lonely, sad and lost,” DuPont shared. “I saw that in him. He tried to hide it, but I could see it. He was still Jiji, a loving man. But he gradually began to make a wall between himself and other people.” Luckily, an unexpected bond has helped Jiji bring down that wall. “I actually didn't get any permission and first hid him in my room,” DuPont said. Japan Airlines Flight 123 - Wikipedia. Japan Airlines Flight 123 (日本航空123便, Nihonkōkū 123 Bin?)

Japan Airlines Flight 123 - Wikipedia

Was a scheduled domestic Japan Airlines passenger flight from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Osaka International Airport, Japan. On Monday, August 12, 1985, a Boeing 747SR operating this route suffered an explosive decompression 12 minutes into the flight and, 32 minutes later, crashed into two ridges of Mount Takamagahara in Ueno, Gunma Prefecture, 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Tokyo. Anne of Green Gables: The most popular redhead in Japan. Image copyright Terry Dawes With two red braids hanging from her straw hat, Anne of Green Gables may just be the most recognisable ginger-haired girl in the world.

Anne of Green Gables: The most popular redhead in Japan

But in Japan, the orphan from Prince Edward Island is more than just a quaint Canadian import - she's a national heroine. As he approached the farmhouse with the forest green shutters and opened the old-fashioned wooden door, Terry Dawes readied himself for what he was about to see inside. Born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province, Mr Dawes had visited the famous "Green Gables" historic site many times throughout his life.

How a melancholy egg yolk conquered Japan. A 750-Year-Old Secret: See How Soy Sauce Is Still Made Today. Photos of Kyoto 2 clicks. Renowned for its blossoming cherry trees, countless shrines and temples, and traditional architecture, Kyoto is one of Japan’s top travel destinations.

Photos of Kyoto 2 clicks

Its bountiful beauty has been captured in a seemingly infinite amount of photos, but one picture-perfect snapshot has left the Internet in awe. Captured by photographer Leslie Taylor, the stunning photo of Kyoto presents the city’s undeniable beauty. Recently posted on Reddit, the now-viral photograph depicts a calm, cobblestoned street leading to the famous 5-story Yasaka Pagoda. Silhouetted against the soft pinks, blues, and oranges of the sunset, the landmark looms above the shops and stalls of the historic Higashiyama District—which, as any Kyoto resident can confirm, is normally bustling with tourists and shoppers. Long- Married Couple Coordinate Outfits. They may be in their 60s, but this well-dressed duo proves that fashion is fun at any age.

Long- Married Couple Coordinate Outfits

Whether it’s through identical patterns, impeccable color coordination, or, most impressively, a combination of both, the matching married couple from Japan always makes sure that their meticulously-planned outfits go together. Endearingly known on Instagram as bonpon511—an adorable amalgamation of their names followed by a reference to their anniversary, May 11, 1980—the color-coordinated couple shares snaps of their stylish ensembles. They’re often captured posing in front of various backdrops, which span seemingly trendy restaurants, ambiguous walkways, and even their own front door. In every picture, they stand side-by-side so that they can seamlessly show off their corresponding clothing. Houshi (english) 11 Beautiful Japanese Words That Don't Exist In English. Once, when I asked my friend from a small tribe in Burma how they would say “breakfast” there, she told me that they didn’t have a word for it because they only ate twice a day--lunch and dinner.

11 Beautiful Japanese Words That Don't Exist In English

I happen to have a lot of friends who speak English as their second language and that made me realize that a language has a lot to do with its culture’s uniqueness. Because of that there are some untranslatable words. In Japanese culture, people have a lot of appreciation towards nature and it is very important to be polite towards others. That politeness and the nature appreciation reflected on to its language and created some beautiful words that are not translatable to English.

Japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated gifs. Aug 18, 2015 japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated gifs.

japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated gifs

Lone hero cares for abandoned animals of Fukushima. The untold human suffering and property damage left in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan has been well-documented, but there’s another population that suffered greatly that few have discussed – the animals left behind in the radioactive exclusion zone. One man, however, hasn’t forgotten – 55-year-old Naoto Matsumura, a former construction worker who lives in the zone to care for its four-legged survivors. He is known as the ‘guardian of Fukushima’s animals’ because of the work he does to feed the animals left behind by people in their rush to evacuate the government’s 12.5-mile exclusion zone. He is aware of the radiation he is subject to on a daily basis, but says that he “refuses to worry about it.”

He does take steps, however, by only eating food imported into the zone. Ninja boom: how Japan's secret warriors swapped the shadows for the spotlight. Beware the moment when Masaaki Hatsumi offers his hand. The gesture could end in a conventional greeting or, as it transpired during a recent demonstration, with his victim sent tumbling to the floor with a mere turn of the wrist.


Otagi-Nenbutsu-ji temple in Sagano, Kyoto. This small temple is at the north-west corner of Sagano district. The attraction of the Tendai-shu sect Buddhist temple is a pack of many stone figures. The 1200 Rakan figures were carved by worshipers of this temple from 1981 to 1991 to pray for the prosperity of the temple. Different from usual Buddhist figures, these Rakans seem like having been sculpted with humor and fun. History. Japan & earthquakes.


100-Year-Old Photos Capture Authentic Daily Life in Japan. These rare shots of vintage Japan during 1908 are thanks to the acute artistic eye of Arnold Genthe. The German-born American scholar honed his photographic talent on the streets, spending his off-time roaming through his city with a partially hidden camera in attempts of recording memorable moments. This intriguing series was collected during a 6-month visit to Japan, during which Genthe managed to share his perspective of the vivid daily experiences of its local citizens. Born in Germany, Genthe pursued formal education in the field of philology before immigrating to San Francisco to work as a tutor. Heavy Snowfall Turns Kyoto Into a Beautiful Winter Wonderland. With temperatures dipping to below zero degrees Celsius, Kyoto experienced its coldest days yet this past weekend. And while it snows occasionally in Japan’s most beautiful of cities, rarely does it stick. Locals and visitors were in for a spectacular treat this weekend, as the low temperatures allowed for a heavier snowfall that blanketed the city’s world famous monuments.

With one of the largest collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, Kyoto’s magical intrigue was only further enhanced by the white powder. Visitors filled the streets of Gion, Kyoto’s historic geisha quarter, basking in the flakes as they trickled down. The Golden Pavilion, one of the country’s most iconic buildings, shimmers in the snow, its golden exterior popping against the powdery ice crystals blanketing its surroundings.

The elephant in the bloom: Japan’s cherry blossoms are emerging increasingly early.

Kawaii - animal version

In The Art Of Netsuke, Tiny Toggles Tell Delightful Stories Of Japan. Holographic 'wife' ministers to Japan's single men  Six years on, Fukushima child evacuees face menace of school bullies. TOKYO (Reuters) - "Radiation! When you don't know Japanese..... Tokyo 2020: The Olympics of the Future (INFOGRAPHIC) 2 clicks. A Big Fish Sells For Over Half A Million — But Other Big Questions Persist. Kiyoshi Kimura (center) poses with the Pacific bluefin tuna he won for about $632,000 at the Tsukiji fish market's annual New Year auction. The fish weighs about 466 pounds. Eugene Hoshiko/AP hide caption. Akihito grateful to public for ‘lending an ear’ to his words:The Asahi Shimbun.

Emperor Akihito expressed gratitude to the public for giving “sincere thought” toward a televised video message that indicated his desire to one day abdicate in favor of his elder son. The emperor’s words came at a news conference on Dec. 20 for release on Dec. 23, his 83rd birthday and a national holiday. The news conference marked his first official comments since his message was broadcast to the nation in August. Women in Ancient Japan: From Matriarchal Antiquity to Acquiescent Confinement. Timeline Of Ancient Japan. Japan, 1000–1400 A.D. JINJA HONCHO - Association of Shinto Shrines. 9 Principles of Japanese Art and Culture.

There are 9 basic principles that underlie Japanese art and culture. They're called aesthetics — concepts that answer the question: what is art? There are 9 Japanese aesthetics. They are the basis for Japanese art, fashion, pop culture, music and movies. Segawa 37 more gifs. Umami. Japanese women - home - 2 clicks. Check out this incredible multi-home teepee structure called “Jikka” designed by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma. It’s in a rural, mountainous region of Japan known as Shizuoka Prefecture. These GIFs Show How Hiroshima Has Emerged From Devastation Over 71 Years. Japan, South Korea settle wartime sex slave dispute. By Associated Press December 28 at 7:46 AM TOKYO — Japan and South Korea have reached an agreement to resolve their decades-long dispute over Korean victims of Japan’s World War II-era military prostitution system, with an apology by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a pledge to set up a 1 billion yen ($8 million) fund for the victims, euphemistically called “comfort women.”

Here are statements Monday by Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and his South Korean counterpart, Yun Byung-se, released by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Announcement by Foreign Ministers of Japan and the Republic of Korea at the Joint Press Occasion. The Perfect Home: Japanese Architecture. Japanese aesthetics. EASTERN Love of Rocks Ryoanji @ 6:13. 6 WTF Japanese Trends (You Can Blame on White Guys) How to Eat Ramen - from the Japanese Movie "Tampopo" Biracial Beauty Queen Challenges Japan’s Self-Image. "People don't believe I am Japanese" says Miss Japan - BBC News. This 390-year-old bonsai tree survived an atomic bomb, and no one knew until 2001. 12 Elements of the Traditional Japanese Home. Japan: The Most Religious Atheist Country. Australian convict pirates in Japan: evidence of 1830 voyage unearthed. Japanese mythology.

What the Ancients Knew - Japan. The Ancient Japanese. Nihon Shoki. Japanese Traditional Music. Medieval Japan. Samurai: Their Final Years In Stunning Photos.


Japan. Japan Will Be Harvesting Its Solar Energy from Floating Mega-Structures. This Summer's Magical Photos of Japan's Annual Flurry of Fireflies in Forests. Tatsuya Kuwahara And Bluegrass Police Are At The Heart Of Japan's Bluegrass Revival. Bluegrass Police - Lonesome Road Blues / Chicken Fried.