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Aging - Perhaps into wisdom and joy

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A Chinese ‘Auntie’ Went on a Solo Road Trip. Now, She’s a Feminist Icon. ‘They Have No One’: At 88, a Transgender Icon Combats Loneliness Among Seniors. MEXICO CITY — The pink paint of her stairwell is peeling, the black metal banister chipped, but Samantha Flores is as sharp-witted as ever amid a profusion of climbing plants and bursting red flowers.

‘They Have No One’: At 88, a Transgender Icon Combats Loneliness Among Seniors

At 88, the Mexican transgender icon remains elegant, funny and at times flirtatious, sitting at a small round table on the landing outside her tiny Mexico City flat where she has received callers, at a safe distance, throughout the pandemic. After nearly nine decades as a socialite, a manager of a gay bar, an L.G.B.T.Q. advocate, and much more, Ms. Flores has a large community of longtime friends and neighbors who come knocking.

Aging and health

For shits and giggles. Why some baby boomers are eating up the QAnon conspiracy. Well Lived - Lived well. Stay alive keep it fresh. A field guide to Trump's dangerous rhetoric. All leaders are demagogues.

A field guide to Trump's dangerous rhetoric

You may not realize this, because we’ve come to associate the word “demagogue” with only dangerous populist leaders. But in Greek, the word just means “leader of the people” (dēmos “the people” + agōgos “leading”). Some demagogues are good, and some are dangerous. The fundamental difference between leaders who are good demagogues and leaders who are dangerous demagogues is found in the answer to this simple question: Are they accountable for their words and actions? Obviously, an unaccountable leader is dangerous in any political community. Big hospital systems buying up public hospitals. Among other problems with for-profit health systems is that even when they work today, tomorrow is not likely to bode well for patients.

Big hospital systems buying up public hospitals

The good hospitals that spend money to deliver high-value care and still succeed financially are a smart investment for the predator companies that acquire them, knowing they can profit big time off of them. Not surprisingly, big hospital systems are buying up public hospitals. Several states plan to import drugs from Canada. With drug prices in the US now substantially more than twice as much as in other countries, Donald Trump issued an executive order in his final days as president allowing states to import many drugs from Canada under certain conditions.

Several states plan to import drugs from Canada

Now, Phil Galewitz reports for Kaiser Health News that several states are planning to seek approval from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to get drugs at lower cost from our northern neighbor. Will the Biden administration provide approval? A new RAND report finds that in the 17 years between 2000 and 2017, drug prices in the US rose 76 percent. They are likely to continue to increase. Today, we pay on average more than two and a half times what other wealthy countries pay for brand-name and generic prescription drugs. Biden administration acts to ensure people with disabilities keep their Social Security benefits. The Trump administration worked hard to destroy Social Security every which way it could.

Biden administration acts to ensure people with disabilities keep their Social Security benefits

Among other things, it made it extraordinarily difficult for people to get the Social Security benefits to which they are entitled. Now, Jake Johnson reports for Common Dreams, that the Biden administration has withdrawn a Trump administration not-yet-final regulation that would likely have taken disability benefits from hundreds of thousands of Americans. The Trump administration tried to subject people receiving Social Security long-term disability benefits to constant reviews if they wanted to retain these benefits.

The Stories of Those Who Lost Decades in the Closet. In other words, they often age in isolation.

The Stories of Those Who Lost Decades in the Closet

SAGE is one of the organizers of the exhibit, in partnership with Watermark Communities, which manages dozens of senior living communities across the country. The genesis for the exhibit came in 2017, during a training session hosted by SAGE to guide Watermark staff on the best ways to care for L.G.B.T. employees and residents. One change at Watermark as a result of the training, for example, was modifying who could be listed as the so-called decision makers for its residents. Initially, that could only be direct family members. But, after learning that L.G.B.T. people might not have direct family members they can rely on, Watermark adjusted its policy to include friends, David Barnes, Watermark’s chief executive, explained. Respect the Old. Isabella Rossellini: ‘Ageing brings a lot of happiness. You get fatter – but there is freedom’ Isabella Rossellini is a busy woman.

Isabella Rossellini: ‘Ageing brings a lot of happiness. You get fatter – but there is freedom’

It is hard to know how the model, actor, writer, animal behaviourist and farmer finds so much time to talk about sex. But she does. 60 Seconds with Sir David Attenborough on literature, optimism and death. Group of 7 Girlfriends Built Their Dream Retirement Home. Untitled. Phyllis, Southdown sheep, age 13This post may contain affiliate links.


If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. Photographer Isa Leshko is terrified of growing old. After caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, she was “forced to confront her own mortality,” but she intended to face this fear in an unconventional way. Leshko began visiting farm sanctuaries across the U.S. to snap pictures of the geriatric animals that lived there. The resulting series called Allowed to Grow Old features subdued black and white portraits that capture the animals in their habitat.

How the new coronavirus surges compare to New York City’s peak. By Kennedy Elliott and Nsikan Akpan July 9, 2020 COVID-19 has been described as a once-in-a-century pandemic, with New York City as the iconic early epicenter for the United States.

How the new coronavirus surges compare to New York City’s peak

Now, as coronavirus surges across the country, many places are moving toward a New York-style crisis—and not only in urban areas. Hotspots are flaring everywhere, from Washington State to Kansas to Florida, with many of these regions matching the concentration of cases witnessed at the peak of New York City’s outbreak. The U.S. just experienced its worst two-week stretch, with more newly confirmed cases than at any point since its coronavirus outbreak began in early 2020.

What Are the Best Last Words Ever? T.

What Are the Best Last Words Ever?

C. Boyle, novelist “Will somebody please get this fucking cat off my chest!” — Filéncio Salmón (1932–96), a Puerto Rican writer of speculative fiction, on his deathbed. How Do People Communicate Before Death? At the end of life, Keeley says, the majority of interactions will be nonverbal as the body shuts down and the person lacks the physical strength, and often even the lung capacity, for long utterances. “People will whisper, and they’ll be brief, single words—that’s all they have energy for,” Keeley said. Medications limit communication. So Many Coronavirus Patients Don't Get to Say Goodbye. Read: The pandemic broke end-of-life care Sometimes, a nurse or doctor managed to connect the patient with their loved ones before the tube went in. But dyspnea is a medical emergency, after all, so in many cases there was simply no time for that last call, or anyone available to arrange it.

As the disease progressed, families were left clustering around a phone as a hospital worker held up the device for a final goodbye on FaceTime. Often, the family could talk to their loved one, but not vice versa. Why Do People Avoid Facts That Could Help Them? Maggie Kuhn on aging (1983) People who think their opinions are superior to others are most prone to overestimating their relevant knowledge and ignoring chances to learn more. By guest blogger Tom Stafford. Maturing Gracefully, A Ridiculous Alternative. click 2x. The TV show, Sex and the City, seemed to capture the audience and the sensual side of women of all ages. The episodes were about four young women who couldn’t live with a man but continued to hunt and hurt. Meanwhile, we four close friends, over our usual Saturday lunch, tried to find the solution to how to live without those of the male persuasion.

OLD & At Risk

Sixty, female and all living under one roof (just don't call it a commune) Alain de Botton on existential maturity and what emotional intelligence really means; Debbie Millman's lovely letter to kids about how books solace us - clareluxor - Gmail. The 1% Won't Owe Social Security Tax After April 2019 click 2x. Without question, Social Security is this country's most important social program. It can rightly be called a financial rock for millions of elderly Americans, with the benefits provided accounting for more than half of all monthly income for 62% of retired workers and the program single-handedly keeping 15.3 million of those aged beneficiaries above the federal poverty line.

Does Who You Are at 7 Determine Who You Are at 63? Smile! Could the pandemic lead to happier times? Senior. After 9 Months Of Competition And More Than 130,000 Submissions, Here Are The Most Breathtaking Pics Taken This Year (50 Pics) When 72-Year-Old Sherry Lansing is on a Magazine Cover: Photo Freakouts and a Hollywood Ageism Epiphany.

I've lived for exactly seven years now in Los Angeles, a town whose many well-heeled denizens consistently, comically panic over two things: aging and rainy days. 3 ways you can lose your Social Security benefits. The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line. Then and Now Celebrity Photos of Stars Hanging Out With Younger Selves. 'Death Cleaning' Is the Newest Way to Declutter. click 2x.

I Am (an Older) Woman. Hear Me Roar. How an outsider bucked prevailing Alzheimer's theory, clawed for validation. Finding Female Friends Over 50 Can Be Hard. These Women Figured It Out. The future of aging: How we will grow older, live longer, and be happier. Divorced or widowed? 5 ways to boost your Social Security spousal benefits. 30 Reasons It’s Hard to Retire at 65 click 2x. Why retirees should feel very worried right now. All Cats Go to Heaven.