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ElegantScience. 'Today I Learned': 30 Intriguing Things People Didn't Learn At School, But Found On The Net (New Pics) Deaf women fought for the right to vote. If Susan B.

Deaf women fought for the right to vote

Anthony had a deaf sister, everyone would know that deaf suffragists fought tirelessly for expanding women’s right to vote, right alongside Anthony herself. Everyone would know deaf suffragists contributed to women’s emancipation in the United States and Britain and that they lived bold lives. As a researcher of deaf history, including deaf women’s history, I work to illuminate the often hidden history of deaf people and their unique contributions to the world. I have unearthed historical information about deaf women suffragists and assembled it into an online collection chronicling what is known – so far – about these women and their lives. Despite harsh, discriminatory conditions, low pay and lack of recognition, countless deaf women have fought with brilliance and dedication for personal and professional recognition, including for the right to vote.

Underpaid and discriminated against Annie Jump Cannon was a pioneering astronomer. Two British women faced prison. Women Dominated Beer Brewing Until They Were Accused of Being Witches click2x. Editor’s note, March 17, 2021: Last week, we ran this story that originally appeared on The Conversation, a nonprofit news outlet that publishes writing by academic experts from around the world.

Women Dominated Beer Brewing Until They Were Accused of Being Witches click2x

After publishing, we heard from multiple scholars who disagreed with the framing, analysis and conclusions discussed in the article below. They argue, in fact, that contemporary depictions of witches originated in sources other than women brewers and that the transfer from women to men of the work of brewing, in various geographic and historical settings, came about for economic and labor reasons. How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll.

The Largest States in the U.S. by Area. Every state in the Union is bound by the same Constitution, but states aren't always equal.

The Largest States in the U.S. by Area

In terms of wildlife, industries, culture, and even size, the different states can be wildly different from one another. Find out which states make up a bigger part of the union than the rest (in terms of area). You May Also Be Searching For: Land and Water Area of States | Top Ten Archive Rank. What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness. Growing up in the United States, I remember on Halloween my mother used to say, “Honey, this is not just a day for costumes and candy.

What Day of the Dead tells us about the Aztec philosophy of happiness

You must also remember your relatives. Know their names.” She would show me pictures of great-aunts, uncles and other deceased relatives. Meanwhile, my family members in Mexico observed Day of the Dead, a national holiday that is celebrated from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2. They would build small altars at home to honor their loved ones, and put food, drinks, photos and other personal items on them. The U.S. was one of the last countries to abolish slavery. As the Black Lives Matter protests have continued over the past two months, there has been an influx of misinformation surrounding the group’s donations and goals.

The U.S. was one of the last countries to abolish slavery

A recent Facebook post suggested that Black Lives Matter protestors don’t know America’s history with slavery. The post reads: "Slavery used to be a normal throughout the world. America was the ONLY country that ended it! Black people owned slaves, too. White people were slaves, too. 50 Photos To Remind Everyone That Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than Most Of Us Think. We usually imagine felines as cute little furballs who, no matter how fast they grow up, still fit into our lap just fine.

50 Photos To Remind Everyone That Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than Most Of Us Think

But there’s one cat breed known as the Maine coon that can easily reach up to 40 inches. In comparison, the average size of an adult domestic cat comes in at as little as 8 to 10 inches. The Vocal Ranges of the Greatest Singers. Best & Worst countries for families click 2x. The Perfect Boob Throughout History, From Big Ol' Things To Bee Stings. From the way that large breasts are portrayed in the media — extolled in movies, worshiped on TV shows, put on display in lingerie ads, and generally fetishized as a crucial part of any "desirable" woman's body — you'd think that finding C-cups attractive was encoded into human DNA.

The Perfect Boob Throughout History, From Big Ol' Things To Bee Stings

But if you take a look at art history, you'll discover a very different story. The concept of the ideal boob — and all of its variables, from nipple size to breast curvature to depth of cleavage — has been all over the map throughout the ages, with trends favoring everything from miniature mammaries to gargantuan gazungas, and all sizes in between. Every society throughout history has had its own unique interpretation of The Perfect Bosom, each of which reflected their individual concerns, values, obsessions, hang-ups, and ideas about the role of women in society.

The chicken first crossed the road in Southeast Asia, ‘landmark’ gene study finds. It is the world’s most common farm animal as well as humanity’s largest single source of animal protein.

The chicken first crossed the road in Southeast Asia, ‘landmark’ gene study finds

Some 24 billion strong, it outnumbers all other birds by an order of magnitude. Yet for 2 centuries, biologists have struggled to explain how the chicken became the chicken. Now, the first extensive study of the bird’s full genome concludes that people in northern Southeast Asia or southern China domesticated a colorful pheasant sometime after about 7500 B.C.E. Migrants and traders then carried the bird across Asia and on to every continent except Antarctica. “Our results contradict previous claims that chickens were domesticated in northern China and the Indus Valley,” researchers led by Ming-Shan Wang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’s Kunming Institute of Zoology write in a paper published today in Cell Research. “This is obviously a landmark study,” says Dorian Fuller, an archaeologist at University College London who was not involved in the effort. Turns Out Some People Have Tiny Holes Above Their Ears And There's An Explanation For It.

From time to time, a child is born with some peculiar features.

Turns Out Some People Have Tiny Holes Above Their Ears And There's An Explanation For It

Whether it’s multicolored eyes, two extra fingers, or lack thereof, genetics and birth defects sometimes pose some interesting results. Here’s one you may or may not have noticed: preauricular sinuses. As it turns out, some people have odd little holes above their ears. Trump's farmer bailout is already more than twice as expensive as Obama's automaker bailout. Game of Thrones and Veep are poised to win big at the 2019 Emmys.

Trump's farmer bailout is already more than twice as expensive as Obama's automaker bailout

But as with any awards show, it's always wise to expect the unexpected. Ahead of Sunday's broadcast, let's check in on the likeliest winners in the top categories, as well as the dark horses to keep an eye on. 1. Bill Hader (or Michael Douglas) - Barry's Hader will probably win the comedy series lead actor award again, but don't count out Michael Douglas (The Kominsky Method), who defeated Hader in the equivalent category at the 2019 Golden Globes. Derinkuyu: The Tumultuous History of Turkey's Underground City. Derinkuyu is the deepest excavated underground city in Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. A beautiful natural wonder with impressive fairy chimneys and eroded caverns, Cappadocia is an amazing geological spectacle.

It is also riddled with extensive subterranean dwellings and secret tunnel passages that various people utilized for shelter across the centuries. There are hundreds of these homes in the region, and Derinkuyu is the most famous. At a depth of more than 250 feet with a capacity of up to 20,000 people, this multi-leveled city contained everything an entire population would need to survive a history riddled with invasions. This Derinkuyu map shows only a few levels of the 18 level complex. (1) IF THE WORLD WERE 100 PEOPLE UPDATED.

(1) 10 Most Dangerous Ocean Phenomena In The World. 30 Countries Compared To The United States With A Real Scale Perspective. Muslims lived in America before Protestantism even existed. The first words to pass between Europeans and Americans (one-sided and confusing as they must have been) were in the sacred language of Islam. Christopher Columbus had hoped to sail to Asia and had prepared to communicate at its great courts in one of the major languages of Eurasian commerce.

So when Columbus’s interpreter, a Spanish Jew, spoke to the Taíno of Hispaniola, he did so in Arabic. Not just the language of Islam, but the religion itself likely arrived in America in 1492, more than 20 years before Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door, igniting the Protestant reformation. Moors – African and Arab Muslims – had conquered much of the Iberian peninsula in 711, establishing a Muslim culture that lasted nearly eight centuries. The Complexity of Love, in 13 Untranslatable Words. Meet the Rare Swimming Wolves That Eat Seafood. They move like ghosts along the shorelines of Canada's Vancouver Island, so elusive that people rarely see them lurking in the mossy forests. British filmmaker Bertie Gregory was one of the lucky ones: He saw coastal wolves—also known as sea wolves—in 2011. "There is something about being in the presence of a coastal wolf—they just have this magic and aura around them," he says.

That experience inspired him to return and document the animals for National Geographic’s first YouTube series, wild_life with bertie gregory, which launches August 3. List of redheads. Figures from the Bible or classical mythology, such as Esau or Judas Iscariot, are included. Characters from modern fiction such as Anne of Green Gables or Ginger Hebblethwaite are not. The term 'Redhead' is also popularized by the American Archie comics where the titular main character, teenager Archie Andrews, has red hair and a Scottish family background.

When 7-Up was created in 1929 it contained lithium, a mood-stabilizing drug. Charles Leiper Grigg was born on May 11, 1868, in Price’s Branch, Missouri. He moved to St. A Surge In Migrant Asylum-Seekers Is Overwhelming System : NPR. Highest-paid job in most states is college basketball, football coach - Business Insider. An early look at the 2020 electorate. The 2020 U.S. presidential election is rapidly coming into view – and so is the electorate that will determine its outcome. While demographic changes unfold slowly, it’s already clear that the 2020 electorate will be unique in several ways. Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders. Those who arrived in the Native American Garden of Eden had never seen a land so uncorrupted. Earth's Magnetic North Pole Has Shifted So Much We've Had to Update GPS. Fascinating Chart Details The History of the Alphabet. Jaywalking: How the car industry outlawed crossing the road. Image copyright AP. Eerie Photos of History's Deadliest Pandemic.

Tricking and treating has a history. Submarine to visit deepest parts of the ocean in Five Deeps Expedition. Imagine exploring a place so far from humanity that any message you send takes seven seconds to be heard. Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study.

Bizarre 'Blue Buttons' Wash up on Florida's Gulf Coast. Sean's Bar. What If Only 100 People Lived In The US? A brief history of ketchup. 10 Ways JAPAN is 10 Years Ahead of the World. Top 20 Facts That Will Make You Say "I Had No Idea" Evolution of Meme Music (1500 AD - 2018 ) 50 Facts About the Human Body You Probably Didn't Know. Latif Nasser: You have no idea where camels really come from. America's first Syrian immigrant worked for the US camel corps in the 1800s. Why 11 Babies Have Been Born in Antarctica. Hamilton Vs. Burr: What Really Happened? - by Amelia Onorato. There's No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label. Women's Suffrage: Crash Course US History #31.

14 Things About The Bodies Preserved At Pompeii click 2x. First census asked 4 questions click 2x. Happy Birthday, Dynamite: Interesting Facts About the Explosive Material. Where are they now? The 12 members of the original 1896 Dow Jones industrial average. Life's Nice In The Nordic Ice: Finland, Neighbors Top U.N. Happiness Index. Worldwide Flu pandemic 1918 click 2x. Fathers pass on four times as many new genetic mutations as mothers – study. Elon's Mom Maye. Christmas - Ancient Pagan Holiday Which Was Criminally Illegal Until 1907. Blue Whale. Real books are back. E-book sales plunge nearly 20% - Apr. 27, 2017. Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria.

Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years. 'We shall fight on the landing grounds': Sir Winston Churchill believed in aliens, essay reveals. Prince Charles, heir to Dracula's blood line. 15 Colossal Facts About the Great Wall of China. List of largest employers. The Claim: Some People Dream Only in Black and White. List of richest Americans in history. Nuclear weapons: Who has what? Meet-sparklemuffin-and-skeletorus-two-newly-discovered-species. The Year in Animal Accomplishments. Ada Lovelace one of first computer programmers click 2x. CDC: 1 in 3 antibiotic prescriptions unnecessary. Like ducks to water in the snow - keeping kids healthy Siberian style. List of national independence days. Russian famine of 1601–03. Stalin, his father and the Rabbit. Braille. Fun Number: Apple Is Now Worth More Than The Entire Russian Stock Market. Lake Baikal. Closed city. Vodka to blame for high death risk in Russian men.

Lake Karachay. Beard tax. Domesticated red fox. Delivering data: World War II is not over yet. 32,000-Year-Old Plant Brought Back to Life—Oldest Yet. Alaska Purchase. Feodor Vassilyev. From Ben Franklin, a Gift That's Worth Two Fights. Three Words Ben Franklin Crossed out of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin's phonetic alphabet.