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Leaked memo shows Amazon knows delivery drivers resort to urinating in bottles. Sign up for the Guardian Today US newsletter Amazon caused an uproar on Thursday when it denied reports that its delivery workers have been forced to urinate in bottles due to lack of access to bathrooms, but a leaked internal memo shows the company has been aware of the problem for at least several months.

Leaked memo shows Amazon knows delivery drivers resort to urinating in bottles

14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon's overworked delivery drivers. Sign up for the Guardian Today US newsletter James Meyers worked as a driver for several Amazon delivery service providers in Austin, Texas, for about one year until he quit in October 2020 citing the immense workloads and poor working conditions.

14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon's overworked delivery drivers

Fourteen-hour shifts were common because delivery service providers wouldn’t allow drivers to return any packages from their routes and the pressure to meet delivery rates meant Meyers used a plastic bottle to go to the bathroom on a daily basis. Why some baby boomers are eating up the QAnon conspiracy. Insurrection at the Capitol: A Timeline of How It Happened. When President Trump railed against the election results from a stage near the White House on Wednesday, his loyalists were already gathering at the Capitol.

Insurrection at the Capitol: A Timeline of How It Happened

Soon, they would storm it. We analyzed a crucial two-hour period to reconstruct how a rally gave way to a mob that nearly came face to face with Congress. Supporters already.

Koch Brothers Manipulating Policy for Profit

World's richest 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017, Oxfam study finds - Jan. 21, 2018. That's according to a new report from Oxfam International, which estimates that the bottom 50% of the world's population saw no increase in wealth.

World's richest 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017, Oxfam study finds - Jan. 21, 2018

Oxfam says the trend shows that the global economy is skewed in favor of the rich, rewarding wealth instead of work.

Toxic Trump in one location

Vote fraud = Vote Suppression. Big money buys power - what democracy. Policing for Profit. A Russian 'troll slayer' went undercover at a troll factory. Sinclair sends biased news into rural areas. Extremists conspiracy and politics of fear. Not the same justice for all. MORE outrageous. F.B.I. Arrests Leader of Right-Wing Militia That Detained Migrants in New Mexico. [Read the latest edition of Crossing the Border, a limited-run newsletter about life where the United States and Mexico meet. Sign up here to receive the next issue in your inbox.] Truth about drug "war" These five charts show how bad the student loan debt situation is. Most Americans with student debt are young.

These five charts show how bad the student loan debt situation is

But adults 60 and older — who either struggled to pay off their own loans or took on debt for their children or grandchildren — are the fastest-growing age cohort among student loan borrowers.

Health care

Plain Talk. Texas Bill Could Make Abortion Punishable By Death. Corporate Personhood. CRISIS. Harvested alive -10 years investigation of Force Organ Harvesting. Life Inside China's 'Re-Education' Camps. NRA’s Ties to Russia and Alleged Spy Maria Butina Run Deep Despite Denials, Report Reveals. For the first time since the National Rifle Association’s links to Russia became a matter of public interest, the gun advocacy organization released a statement about a trip high-ranking members of the group took to Moscow in 2015.

NRA’s Ties to Russia and Alleged Spy Maria Butina Run Deep Despite Denials, Report Reveals

The organization’s lawyers told The New York Times that the NRA’s chief executive had forbidden members of the association from joining the delegation that went to Russia, and noted that the NRA’s then-president Allan Cors had decided not to go on the trip. But despite attempts to minimize the involvement of its top officials, analysts say there is ample evidence that the organization had deeps ties to Russia and a longstanding relationship with Russian guns rights activist Maria Butina, who was recently charged for attempting to infiltrate Republican political circles on behalf of the Russian government.

ABC News reported Wednesday that it had reviewed internal NRA emails showing that the organization was deeply involved with planning the trip to Moscow. 'Literally What Jesus Told People to Do': In Arizona, Possible Prison Time for Leaving Food and Water for Migrants. Against Forgetting: Ground Zero Nagasaki. Trump's Budget Wouldn't Erase Deficits, CBO Said. Under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2018, there would have been hundreds of billions of dollars in deficits each year from 2018 to 2027, according to projections from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Trump's Budget Wouldn't Erase Deficits, CBO Said

That contradicts Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s claim that the U.S. “would actually be on a glide path to balancing the budget” had Congress enacted Trump’s desired plan. CBO did say that deficits and debt would be lower under Trump’s plan than they would have otherwise been under law at the time. But, while the Office of Management and Budget projected that Trump’s budget would add $3.2 trillion to the deficit over that 10-year period, CBO estimated deficits would increase by $6.8 trillion.

And, in 2027, when OMB projected there would actually be a $16 billion surplus, CBO estimated a $720 billion deficit. Deaf children losing out as English councils cut support, charity warns. More than a third of councils in England are cutting educational support totalling £4m for deaf children, according to figures obtained by the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).

Deaf children losing out as English councils cut support, charity warns

The figures, gained through freedom of information requests, show that councils in these areas are cutting 10% on average from deaf children’s services, which the charity warns are already near breaking point. In the last four years, one in 10 specialist teachers of the deaf have been cut, the charity claims. Saudi Arabia accused of torturing female activists by electrocution and flogging leaving them unable to walk. Campaigners have accused Saudi Arabia of subjecting several activists, including female human rights defenders, imprisoned since May to torture and sexual harassment.

Saudi Arabia accused of torturing female activists by electrocution and flogging leaving them unable to walk

More than a dozen women’s rights activists have been detained for months, most of whom had campaigned for the right to drive and an end to the Kingdom’s male guardianship system, but some have since been freed. A group of UN experts last month called for the immediate release of six female human rights defenders they said were still being held incommunicado in Saudi Arabia. Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her. Grieving and frightened, just days after her son's death she checked her Facebook page hoping to read messages of comfort from family and friends.

Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her

Instead, she found dozens of hateful comments: You're a terrible mother. You killed your child. War crime investigators will be barred from entering US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says. War crimes investigators working for the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be barred from entering America if they probe the actions of the country's soldiers in Afghanistan and other locations, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said Suggesting they would not be granted visas, he said: "We are determined to protect the American and allied military and civilian personnel from living in fear of unjust prosecution for actions taken to defend our great nation.

" Getting to Know You: Kathy Kraninger. Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign? In June, 2016, after news broke that the Democratic National Committee had been hacked, a group of prominent computer scientists went on alert. Reports said that the infiltrators were probably Russian, which suggested to most members of the group that one of the country’s intelligence agencies had been involved. They speculated that if the Russians were hacking the Democrats they must be hacking the Republicans, too. “We thought there was no way in the world the Russians would just attack the Democrats,” one of the computer scientists, who asked to be identified only as Max, told me. Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Wider Than Previously Known, Draw Little Scrutiny - The New York Times. But months later, for Ms. Greenhalgh, other election security experts and some state officials, questions still linger about what happened that day in Durham as well as other counties in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Arizona.

After a presidential campaign scarred by Russian meddling, local, state and federal agencies have conducted little of the type of digital forensic investigation required to assess the impact, if any, on voting in at least 21 states whose election systems were targeted by Russian hackers, according to interviews with nearly two dozen national security and state officials and election technology specialists. The assaults on the vast back-end election apparatus — voter-registration operations, state and local election databases, e-poll books and other equipment — have received far less attention than other aspects of the Russian interference, such as the hacking of Democratic emails and spreading of false or damaging information about Mrs.

Clinton. Photo. Dan Snyder Killed Some Trees, And A Park Ranger Paid The Price. U.S. Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018 Even as Coal Plants Closed. Nigerian army posts Trump video to justify shooting Shiites. Nigeria's army on Friday posted a video of US President Donald Trump saying soldiers would shoot migrants throwing stones to justify opening fire on a Shiite group this week.

Report: Google's Chinese Search Prototype Logs Phone Numbers, Hides Unapproved Pollution Data. LDS Bishop Questions. My stolen childhood: understanding the trokosi system - BBC Africa Eye documentary. I’ve Been Reporting on MS-13 for a Year. Here Are the 5. Phoenix golf courses use more water than anywhere else in country click 2x. Nazis separated me from my parents as a child. The trauma lasts a lifetime. American workers just got a pay cut click 2x. National Guard soldiers Trump sent to border are shoveling manure, changing flat tires: report. The Bible and the belt: Inside a camp for gay youth. Chart: Are We Living Under Fascism? - by Scott Bateman. Was the Obama Administration Unable to Arrange the Release of Three Hostages in North Korea? The Obama administration failed to secure the release of the three men detained by North Korea.

Mostly False. Americans in danger of losing 640m acres of national land. Opiod epidemic white=victim, black=addict click 2x. Nunes Memo: More Nonsense. PolitiFact - Here's our video fact-check of NRA... Trump said he would charge a gunman. Here’s what he’s actually done in the face of danger. Who Is Your State's Highest Paid Employee? New CIA Deputy Director's Past Intertwined With CIA's History Of Waterboarding. How the Chinese Government Took Control of BC Seniors’ Homes.

Surveillance State China now US next? 2 clicks. The Republican Tax Bill Is a Poison Pill That Kills the New Deal. President Hoover signing the Farm-Relief Bill at the White House on June 15, 1929, providing for a $500,000,000 revolving fund to stabilize agriculture and stimulate cooperative marketing. Your US fake news for $ from Macedonia. Rotting cabins, closed trails: why we're shining a light on US national parks. 60 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump.

Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter “Deep State” Enemies. The ugly history of the Pledge of Allegiance — and why it matters. Block grants would be a disaster. Here’s how we know. Emoluments Hearing Hints At What May Be At Stake: Trump's Tax Returns. The Silent Terrorism on Our Doorsteps. There’s a disaster much worse than Texas. But no one talks about it. The One Thing We Should Always Remember About Donald Trump.

Why Is Donald Trump Still So Horribly Witless about the World? After Orlando, Examining the Gun Business. No Apology, No Explanation: Fox News And The Seth Rich Story. It’s Not a Women’s White House. China Detains Rights Monitor Investigating Ivanka Trump Shoe Factory - WSJ. Montana assault breeds 'frightening' talk of violence against journalists. Paul Ryan's Pants on Fire claim on Air Force pilots forced to scrounge for airplane parts in museums. Column: This is what happens when you take Ayn Rand seriously.

Politics Of Respectability And A Dragged Passenger. Congress considers making it illegal to protect consumer privacy. Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist : It’s Ayn Rand’s America now: Republicans have stripped the country of its last shred of morality. Donald Trump Cuts Library Funding - Institute of Museums and Library Services FundingCut. Presidential Travel Costs: Obama vs. Trump [OC] : dataisbeautiful.

Google’s featured snippets are worse than fake news. UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world. Revealed: how US billionaire helped to back Brexit. I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you. Trump’s proposed NOAA cuts threaten national security. Why We Ask to See Candidates’ Tax Returns.

Radical Efforts to End Homelessness: Old, Sick, and on the Street. 'FGM happened to me in white, midwest America' The $100bn gold mine and the West Papuans who say they are counting the cost. The George W. Bush White House ‘Lost’ 22 Million Emails. Secret Money Floods Judicial Elections. How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security. The human toll of America's public defender crisis. A State-by-State List of the Lies Abortion Doctors Are Forced to Tell Women. Gun Deaths In America.