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Medicaid Cuts Threaten Services For Disabled And Elderly People. Member of the Garda (Irish Police) playing keepy uppy with a Dominican Sister  How Frog and Toad Author Arnold Lobel Explored Gay Intimacy in His Work. One hot shower, one cold pie, one roof over his head click 2x. Last updated 16:32, May 12 2017 Play Video Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window.

One hot shower, one cold pie, one roof over his head click 2x

Escape will cancel and close the window. Close Modal Dialog This is a modal window. Key findings about U.S. immigrants. The U.S. has more immigrants than any other country in the world.

Key findings about U.S. immigrants

Today, more than 40 million people living in the U.S. were born in another country, accounting for about one-fifth of the world’s migrants in 2015. The population of immigrants is also very diverse, with just about every country in the world represented among U.S. immigrants. At A Former Japanese Internment Camp. The Manzanar cemetery includes a white obelisk monument in the midst of a wide clearing, making it feel lonely.

At A Former Japanese Internment Camp

Melissa Hung for NPR hide caption toggle caption Melissa Hung for NPR From the car seat, the toddler, almost three years old, asked his parents what we were doing. "We're here to learn our history, your family's history," his father said from the driver's seat. Hijabi by Mona Haydar. ‘One word says it all. Asian’: Airbnb host reportedly leaves guest stranded because of her race. For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her. By the time the cop called “Lisa Davis”, I’d been sitting in the hard wooden pew in New York City criminal court for two hours.

For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her

Field to plate: undocumented workers feed a city. Miguel has endured a lot to be able to make food for the people of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Field to plate: undocumented workers feed a city

As one of the city’s thousands of undocumented workers from Mexico, he once spent over a week in the Texas desert after crossing the border. He hasn’t seen his children for over three years. This Woman Is Said to Rival Einstein, and She's Only 23. Einstein For Millennials At age 14, Sabrina Pasterski walked onto the MIT campus to request notarization of aircraft worthiness for her single-engine plane.

This Woman Is Said to Rival Einstein, and She's Only 23

She built it herself and had already flown the craft solo, so even within the bastion of brilliance that is MIT, people were interested. Nine years have passed, and now Pasterski is an MIT graduate and Harvard Ph.D. candidate in physics at age 23. (You can stay up to date with her many published papers and talks on her website, Israeli Comedian Assaf Harel - Apartheid / Full Story. “This Is the Future That Liberals Want” Is the Joke That Liberals Need. Couple Moves On From Silence About Time In Japanese Internment Camps. Roy Ebihara (far left) with his siblings, Mary, Kathy and Bill, on Easter 1941 in Clovis, N.M.

Couple Moves On From Silence About Time In Japanese Internment Camps

In 2014, Roy and his family received a formal public apology from the mayor of Clovis for the mistreatment they endured there. Courtesy of Roy Ebihara hide caption toggle caption. New Yorkers come together to remove swastikas inside subway car on Upper West Side. Jared Kushner forgot grandma was refugee. An interview with the late grandmother of Donald Trump’s son-in-law and close aide Jared Kushner has re-emerged in which she describes her anguish over America’s refusal to accept Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

Jared Kushner forgot grandma was refugee

The rediscovery of the video comes amid an international furore over the US president’s executive order denying entry to citizens of seven Muslim countries. Excerpts from the transcript of the interview with Rae Kushner, taped in 1982 and published in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, have been reported in several Israeli newspapers this week and contain parallels with the situation faced by refugees today. Rae Kushner was one of the only members of her family to survive the second world war. Fernquest - Eaton - Nights.

100 People: A World Portrait. 11 things you wanted to know about my turban but were too afraid to ask. This is Mama Cash - Mama Cash. Photos: Japanese internment camps were a grave American mistake. This week, when members of Donald Trump’s transition team suggested the option of setting up a national registry for Muslim immigrants, it struck a nerve.

Photos: Japanese internment camps were a grave American mistake

Then, former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie took it a step further by implying such actions of control would have precedent in the 1942 forced internment of more than 100,000 Japanese Americans. Gloria Steinem greets protesters at the barricades before speaking at the Women's March on Washington.John Minchillo/AP An estimated half a million people joined the Women's March on Washington on a crisp Saturday the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the US.

The march aims to bring together women across diverse backgrounds and send a bold message to the new administration that they will not be ignored or have their rights stomped on. People carried signs with calls for gender equality and anti-Trump statements, though the rally's organizers have insisted the demonstration is more pro-women than anti-Trump. Rude couple humiliates foster mom at Wal-Mart, stranger steps up. While waiting in line at Wal-Mart, Lindsay Rae heard a wealthy couple behind her start making nasty remarks about the woman ahead of her. The young mother had five kids with her, two biological children and three fosters.

Lindsay came from a similar situation with nine children, only two of which were her biological offspring. As the noble young woman ahead of her suffered through the horrible comments of the yuppies behind, Lindsay knew she had to take action. Aziz Ansari Monologue - SNL 1/21/17. Thousands of Muslims donate 10 tonnes of food to help homeless Londoners at Christmas. Muslim Londoners have donated 10 tonnes of food to help homeless people this Christmas. Thousands of people attended a food drive at East London Mosque in order to make and collect donations. An estimated 7,500 people attended in total, The London Evening Standard reports. After they attended Friday prayers volunteers gathered the supplies, which include rice, pasta, cereal, tinned goods and other items. Donations came from local businesses, colleges, schools and universities. Momondo – The DNA Journey. As A Syrian Refugee In Toledo Pines For His Family, A Brotherhood Forms.

The Genie Question. Gifts for the homeless. In An Israeli Prison, Two Palestinians Found A Future: A Food Truck. Khaldoun Barghouti (left) and Abdul Rahman Rahim al-Bibi (right), behind the counter at their food truck. If The World Were 100 People. 'Today We Are His Family': Teen Volunteers Mourn Those Who Died Alone.

Top 20+ Smartest People Who Ever Lived. An American pretended to be from Uganda in college, and learned a different side of beng black in America — Quartz. 'We shouldn't have to feel like this': Girl, nine, gives tearful speech in Charlotte. A nine-year-old Charlotte girl’s tearful speech about how African Americans are “treated differently than other people” has gone viral as protests about police brutality continue to ignite the North Carolina city. Zianna Oliphant could barely keep her composure as she offered powerful testimony at a city council meeting on Monday about growing up black in Charlotte, where the recent fatal police shooting of Keith Scott has renewed national debates about policing. After the New York Bomb, Muslim Americans Are Braced for a Backlash. This article originally ran at The Guardian. Chewbacca Mom: Facebook Live Star Sings Michael Jackson's Song. See how photographer Ansel Adams captured life inside a Japanese internment camp. Barely three months after Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D.

Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, allowing for the relocation of anyone on the West Coast deemed a threat to national security. Song around the world. Surely it's time American women's equality was added to the constitution. Teen Bullied for Her Dark Skin Becomes Model and Offers Powerful Advice About Loving Yourself. Okinawan Longevity and Health. An all-female crew lands an airliner into a country they're not allowed to drive in. Chart: If the world were 100 people. Unequal chance of social mobility. A Girl's World - The Fat and the Skinny. Bathroom bill costs transgender youth their dignity. The Sikh Community Celebrates 4th of July! The 'Kabuliwala' Afghans of Kolkata.

Life and style. The tragic romance that shaped Meryl Streep’s life. Fox News's Megyn Kelly blows up guest's false claims about transgender people in bathrooms. The science of skin color - Angela Koine Flynn. Myanmar’s Peace Prize Winner and Crimes Against Humanity. eL Seed: Street art with a message of hope and peace. Haircuts for the Homeless. 25 Substantiated Facts About Barack Obama. Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama.