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Living in the Bones – Bathsheba Demuth. The Legacy of 9/11: A Reading List. A few years ago my sister-in-law, who teaches fifth grade in the New York public schools, told me that her students often get 9/11 mixed up with Vietnam.

The Legacy of 9/11: A Reading List

Aside from making me feel ancient—the attacks on the Twin Towers, I realized, took place nearly a decade before these students were even born! —her anecdote made me wonder about the legacy of something that, until Trump’s election and our country’s subsequent transformation into an Orwellian dystopia, seemed sure to remain the foremost U.S. historical event of my lifetime. So what exactly is that legacy? As recent events have made clear, a big part of it is the War in Afghanistan, the repercussions of which will continue to be felt for a long time to come.

But the attacks on the Twin Towers had other less visible effects as well. How to be Well-read in No Time: 100 Short Novels. How Heather Cox Richardson Became a Breakout Star on Substack. Dr.

How Heather Cox Richardson Became a Breakout Star on Substack

Richardson confounds many of the media’s assumptions about this moment. She built a huge and devoted following on Facebook, which is widely and often accurately viewed in media circles as a home of misinformation, and where most journalists don’t see their personal pages as meaningful channels for their work. She also contradicts the stereotype of Substack, which has become synonymous with offering new opportunities for individual writers to turn their social media followings into careers outside big media, and at times appears to be where purged ideological factions go to regroup.

Reading List. 7 Books That Look at Nature Up Close. There is an area of Central Park called Cherry Hill, located just above the Lake and east of Strawberry Fields, that is covered in a ring of its namesake trees.

7 Books That Look at Nature Up Close

Ignored most of the year in favor of bigger, flatter picnicking spots like Sheep’s Meadow or the Great Lawn, Cherry Hill is overrun with visitors for a few weeks each spring. On a recent walk, I saw an engagement shoot, a couple taking wedding portraits, and a dozen tourists crowded under the pink boughs, all angling for a photograph that didn’t include someone else’s head. Rebecca Solnit: How Change Happens. We are building something immense together that, though invisible and immaterial, is a structure, one we reside within—or, rather, many overlapping structures.

Rebecca Solnit: How Change Happens

They’re assembled from ideas, visions and values emerging out of conversations, essays, editorials, arguments, slogans, social-media messages, books, protests, and demonstrations. About race, class, gender, sexuality; about nature, power, climate, the interconnectedness of all things; about compassion, generosity, collectivity, communion; about justice, equality, possibility. Though there are individual voices and people who got there first, these are collective projects that matter not when one person says something but when a million integrate it into how they see and act in the world.

The Third Self: Mary Oliver on Time, Concentration, the Artist's Task, and the Central Commitment of the Creative Life. “In the wholeheartedness of concentration,” the poet Jane Hirshfield wrote in her beautiful inquiry into the effortless effort of creativity, “world and self begin to cohere.

The Third Self: Mary Oliver on Time, Concentration, the Artist's Task, and the Central Commitment of the Creative Life

With that state comes an enlarging: of what may be known, what may be felt, what may be done.” But concentration is indeed a difficult art, art’s art, and its difficulty lies in the constant conciliation of the dissonance between self and world — a difficulty hardly singular to the particular conditions of our time. Two hundred years before social media, the great French artist Eugène Delacroix lamented the necessary torment of avoiding social distractions in creative work; a century and a half later, Agnes Martin admonished aspiring artists to exercise discernment in the interruptions they allow, or else corrupt the mental, emotional, and spiritual privacy where inspiration arises.

Oliver writes: Short Stories Online. Homepage > Resources > Web Sites > Short Stories Online These Philip K.

Short Stories Online

Dick stories come from Project Gutenberg and are stories that were written early in his career. For more reading formats, visit that site. Only html and text are provided here. Beyond Lies the Wub html text Beyond the Door html text Mr. The Lost Words: An Illustrated Dictionary of Poetic Spells Reclaiming the Language of Nature. “Words belong to each other,” Virginia Woolf’s melodious voice unspools in the only surviving recording of her speech — a 1937 love letter to language.

The Lost Words: An Illustrated Dictionary of Poetic Spells Reclaiming the Language of Nature

“In each word, all words,” the French philosopher Maurice Blanchot writes a generation later as he considers the dual power of language to conceal and to reveal. Joy Harjo Named U.S. Poet Laureate, Becoming First Native American In That Role : NPR. (1) Take Joy! The Magical World of Tasha Tudor. 10 Essential Native American Novels. Brandon Hobson's remarkable, moving novel, Where the Dead Sit Talking, follows 15-year-old Sequoyah as he becomes the foster child of Harold and Agnes Troutt, a middle-aged couple already fostering 13-year-old George and 17-year-old Rosemary. Sequoyah bonds with Rosemary over their shared Native American heritages—he is Cherokee, she Kiowa. Sequoyah also learns of Harold’s illegal sports bookie business from his foster siblings, and the lure of Harold’s hidden sacks of rolled hundred-dollar bills, tucked safely in a backyard shed, tempt all three children with the possibility for trouble, excess, and freedom.

Hobson, a member of the Cherokee Nation Tribe, picks 10 essential Native American novels. The 10 essential Native American novels I’ve listed here are in no specific order. Short Stories Online. Radha Schwaller - c u r r e n t m o o d We are... TED-Ed - Why should you read Kurt Vonnegut? JSTOR Detail. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Of and Rintrah roars & shakes his fires in the burdend air; Hungry clouds swag on the deep Once meek, and in a perilous path, The just man kept his course along The vale of death.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

UCLA Children's Book Collection : Free Books : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming. Publisher's chromolithographed pictorial wrappers favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 23 reviews ) Topics: Brothers and sisters, Orphans, Conduct of life, Education California Digital Library.

UCLA Children's Book Collection : Free Books : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming

Amazon could never replace libraries. Here’s everything we offer that Amazon doesn’t. Chibundu Onuzo Recommends a Reading List of African Authors. “Blackass” (Excerpt) by A. Igoni Barrett. Reading. UFDC - Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature. Joseph Campbell Reading List (47 books) Already Read All of Ursula K Le Guin? Try 75+ Books She Recommended! In Ursula K.

Already Read All of Ursula K Le Guin? Try 75+ Books She Recommended!

Le Guin’s passing, literature has lost a giant. In the cruelty that always occurs after an author’s death, it has brought more attention to her work. And so it should! Real books back. E-book sales plunge 20% - Apr.2017. New data suggest that the reading public is ditching e-books and returning to the old fashioned printed word. Sales of consumer e-books plunged 17% in the U.K. in 2016, according to the Publishers Association. Sales of physical books and journals went up by 7% over the same period, while children's books surged 16%. The same trend is on display in the U.S., where e-book sales declined 18.7% over the first nine months of 2016, according to the Association of American Publishers. Paperback sales were up 7.5% over the same period, and hardback sales increased 4.1%. "The print format is appealing to many and publishers are finding that some genres lend themselves more to print than others and are using them to drive sales of print books," said Phil Stokes, head of PwC's entertainment and media division in the U.K.

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria. You were going to get one-click access to the full text of nearly every book that’s ever been published. Books still in print you’d have to pay for, but everything else—a collection slated to grow larger than the holdings at the Library of Congress, Harvard, the University of Michigan, at any of the great national libraries of Europe—would have been available for free at terminals that were going to be placed in every local library that wanted one. At the terminal you were going to be able to search tens of millions of books and read every page of any book you found. You’d be able to highlight passages and make annotations and share them; for the first time, you’d be able to pinpoint an idea somewhere inside the vastness of the printed record, and send somebody straight to it with a link.

List of books banned by governments - Wikipedia. Wikipedia list article A display of formerly banned books at a US library In many territories, distribution, promotion, or certain translations of the Bible have historically been prohibited or impeded. See Censorship of the Bible.[1]

Bill Gates book list 2017: Viet Thanh Nguyen's "The Sympathizer" and Eddie Izzard's "Believe Me" Emily Wilson's 'Odyssey' Scrapes The Barnacles Off Homer's Hull. In the 17th century, the poet John Dryden satirized the deep anxiety around letting women learn the Classics: But of all Plagues, the greatest is untold;The Book-Learn'd Wife in Greek and Latin bold.The Critick-Dame, who at her Table sits:Homer and Virgil quotes, and weighs their Wits; Alas! We Critick-Dames abound. Free Philip K. Dick: Download 13 Great Science Fiction Stories. Although he died when he was only 53 years old, Philip K.

Books by People at 40 Great Anthropology Books That Anyone Can Appreciate. Humans studying humans is what anthropology essentially boils down into. Considering what all the subject entails, it comes as no shock to anyone at all that many find it absolutely gripping. But not everyone ends up with a formal education or profession in or near the field, thus rendering some reads a little too technical. But fortunately, a right fair amount of excellent popular anthropology books exist to make the extremely nuanced topic accessible to anyone. Nothing Was Ever The Same: 10 Comics That Changed The Game. Behold the Manga: Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy. The History of Movable Paper 2x. Ellen G.K.

Why We Read

The Best Illustrations from 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland. On July 4, 1862, English mathematician and logician Charles Dodgson boarded a small boat with a few friends. How Frog and Toad Author Arnold Lobel Explored Gay Intimacy in His Work. 7 Fiction Books That Will Light You On Fire – Personal Growth – Medium. Besides reading to feel, most of us read to learn. We want to know what we need to know when we need it, and so we keep pushing the number of books. Higher. The world’s required reading list: The books that students read in 28 countries. In the US, most students are required to read To Kill a Mockingbird during their school years. Sorry, Ebooks. These 9 Studies Show Why Print Is Better. 50 Fictional Days Immortalized in Literature. Today is April 4th, the day on which George Orwell’s 1984 famously begins—in the year 1984, of course (a year that seems rather closer than usual right now). Yuval Noah Harari: ‘Homo sapiens as we know them will disappear in a century or so’

7 essential books- when life gets hard. 16 Overall Favorite Books of 2016. Neil Gaiman. 16 books -2016 2 clicks. The world’s required reading list: The books that students read in 28 countries. These Are the Books We're Giving Our Friends This Year. Kids explain how banned and challenged books helped them and even saved their lives / Boing Boing. Works by Muslim authors- 2 clicks. Frog and Toad and the Self: How Arnold Lobel's Books Taught Millennials to Cherish Their Individuality. Around the World in 80 Books: A Global Reading List. An Ode to Shakespeare from Kurt Vonnegut. 50 books to read in 2016: TED-Ed Educators and TED Speakers share their picks. Behind Our Favorite Children's Books, a Woman Who Championed Imagination. What Kurt Vonnegut Meant to Me Growing Up. Ann Morgan: My year reading a book from every country in the world. These are the books students at the top US colleges are required to read. The Deep State: How Camouflage Became Chic in Beltwayland -

Free for All: NYPL Enhances Public Domain Collections For Sharing and Reuse. Digital Public Library of America. Works in the William Blake Archive. Free ebooks - Project Gutenberg. World Digital Library Home.

On a Beam of Light: The Story of Albert Einstein, Illustrated by the Great Vladimir Radunsky. In America's libraries, young Adult, graphic novels, and books by people of color are most challenged / Boing Boing. The 100 Best Children's Books of All Time. Top 10 first lines in children's and teen books. Welcome · Digital Public Library of America. Six Word Stories. The Best 100 Opening Lines From Books. The 50 Best Short Stories of All Time. NYPL Digital Collections. My hero: Mary Shelley by Neil Gaiman.

While Some Are Shocked by ‘Go Set a Watchman,’ Others Find Nuance in a Bigoted Atticus Finch. 70+ book picks from TED speakers and attendees. 12 Banned Books Every Woman Should Read. Ted Ed on hero story & Joseph Campbell. 50 Most Influential Books of the Last 50 (or so) Years. The Internet Classics Archive: 441 searchable works of classical literature. Teacher's Top 100 Books for Children. Recommended. How to Find Your Bliss: Joseph Campbell on What It Takes to Have a Fulfilling Life.

Herman and Rosie: An Illustrated Ode to Finding a Sense of Purpose and Belonging in the Big City. “The Apologizer” Sci-Fi Lists - Top 100 Sci-Fi Books. The 50 Books Everyone Needs to Read, 1963-2013.

25 of the greatest Sci-Fi books ever written. Your Picks: Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books. 15 Books That Will Change the Way You Look at Robots. ICDL - Free Books for Children - International Children's Digital Library. Create and Learn - Roald Dahl.

World Stories. Best Free Children's eBooks Online. Culture - The 11 greatest children’s books. Kids Online Games for Elementary School.