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Joseph Campbell. Leonard Cohen. Terry Jones of Monty Python. Stan Lee. Ursula Le Guin. Freddie Mercury. Alan Rickman. Vonnegut. Gene Wilder. Chadwick Boseman - A Life in Pictures click 2x. Chadwick Boseman remembered by Ruth E Carter. In 2015, I interviewed for the film Marshall, about the supreme court justice Thurgood Marshall in the 1940s, and they told me that Chadwick Boseman was playing the lead.

Chadwick Boseman remembered by Ruth E Carter

The incomparable and notorious RBG. Last October, while Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was speaking at Amherst College, she was asked how she thought people in the future would characterize this period in American history.

The incomparable and notorious RBG

Ginsburg’s answer: “as an aberration.” And yet her death means that the age of Trump will almost certainly be our new normal. With Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, the power to shape our Constitution was split between four liberals, four archconservatives, and Chief Justice John Roberts — a conservative whose respect for institutions and for procedural regularity sometimes tempered his fellow conservatives’ tendencies. Justice Ginsburg’s death means a sixth Republican appointee and Trump’s third. Ruth Bader Ginsburg remembered by Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen. Before she became the Notorious RBG, Justice Ginsburg was my hero.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg remembered by Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen

I had worked at the American Civil Liberties Union and knew of her advocacy establishing gender equality in the law. I was beyond excited years later to interview for a judicial clerkship with her, and yet the interview began in the most awkward way. Philip K. Dick. Short Stories Online. Homepage > Resources > Web Sites > Short Stories Online These Philip K.

Short Stories Online

Dick stories come from Project Gutenberg and are stories that were written early in his career. For more reading formats, visit that site. Only html and text are provided here. Beyond Lies the Wub html text Beyond the Door html text Mr. This title was found on Wikisource by a reader of this site. Adjustment Team pdf. Sean Connery remembered by Jackie Stewart. When people think of Sean of course they think of James Bond, but he wasn’t really acting when he was playing that part.

Sean Connery remembered by Jackie Stewart

In real life, when he walked into a room, he walked like James Bond and he talked like James Bond, which people could find disconcerting. That was because he didn’t change anything about himself, including his Scottish accent, which tells you a lot about the man. Sean was a very tough man in some ways, but very sensitive in others. I first met him in 1971 when he was setting up a charity to help young Scots [the Scottish International Education Trust], wanting me to get involved – he liked how I projected Scotland to the world as a racing driver. He loved his country but realised it had its limitations – even though Glasgow’s fine art is renowned, he knew there weren’t similar opportunities elsewhere in the arts. 2005: The wilder side of Gene Wilder. Carl Reiner, a founding father of TV comedy.

Carl Reiner, comedy’s rare untortured genius, dies at 98. NEW YORK (AP) — No one in the world of comedy was more admired, and loved, than Carl Reiner.

Carl Reiner, comedy’s rare untortured genius, dies at 98

An intelligent thoughtful Presidency

Ennio Morricone, Oscar-Winning Composer of Film Scores, Dies at 91. Ennio Morricone, the Italian composer whose atmospheric scores for spaghetti westerns and some 500 films by a Who’s Who of international directors made him one of the world’s most versatile and influential creators of music for the modern cinema, died on Monday in Rome.

Ennio Morricone, Oscar-Winning Composer of Film Scores, Dies at 91

He was 91. His death, at a hospital, was confirmed by his lawyer, Giorgio Assumma, who said that Mr. Morricone was admitted there last week after falling and fracturing a femur. Mr. Assumma also distributed a statement that Mr. The Sum of Life: Zora Neale Hurston. It came via phone, a literary agent on one end.

The Sum of Life: Zora Neale Hurston

They explained they were interested in a biography about Hurston and asked if Boyd might like to write it. Of course, she would, and so she began mapping out how, because there was no choice. ‘Benson,’ ‘Star Trek’ actor René Auberjonois has died at 79. Lorenza Mazzetti obituary. The Italian film-maker and author Lorenza Mazzetti, who has died aged 91, declared herself to be a genius on her first day at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, and she made good on her promise.

Lorenza Mazzetti obituary

She unleashed a capacity to tell stories in film and literature that evoked a childhood trauma in Italy that she found too painful to discuss in person. Living in Britain after the second world war, she became a founding member of the British Free Cinema movement alongside Lindsay Anderson, Karel Reisz and Tony Richardson. Her most acclaimed movie, made in 1956 with the support of the BFI’s Experimental Film Fund, was Together, a heartbreaking depiction of urban isolation. In this largely dialogue-free film, the painter Michael Andrews and the sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi appear as two brothers, both deaf and without speech, working as dockers in the blitz-struck East End of London, who are snubbed and taunted by locals, with terrible consequences.

Mazzetti is survived by Paola. Johnny Clegg, South African singer and activist, dies aged 66. The South African singer and songwriter Johnny Clegg, one of the few white artists to openly confront the apartheid government in the late 1970s and 1980s, has died aged 66, his agent has said.

Johnny Clegg, South African singer and activist, dies aged 66

He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015. The Grammy-nominated singer, sometimes called the “White Zulu”, died peacefully at home in Johannesburg on Tuesday with his family, according to Clegg’s manager, Roddy Quin. “Johnny leaves deep footprints in the hearts of every person that considers himself or herself to be an African,” Quinn told AFP. South Africa’s government paid tribute to Clegg’s achievements on Twitter, saying his music could “unite people across the races and bring them together as a community”. William Goldman, Butch Cassidy and Princess Bride screenwriter – a life in pictures. Ginger Baker: six of the best songs. "In the 60’s, there were a few drummers that came onto the scene playing 'lead drums'," tweeted Mike Portnoy, as news of the death of Ginger Baker broke.

"Ginger Baker was one of them, taking rock drumming to a whole new level of expression. " Sean Brock And Anthony Bourdain Eat At The Waffle House. Won’t You Be My Neighbor review: a subversive Fred Rogers documentary 2x. Mr. Rogers and Why Kind Men Freak Us Out. Mister Rogers's Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Kids.

Rogers brought this level of care and attention not just to granular details and phrasings, but the bigger messages his show would send. Hedda Sharapan, one of the staff members at Fred Rogers’s production company, Family Communications, Inc., recalls Rogers once halted taping of a show when a cast member told the puppet Henrietta Pussycat not to cry; he interrupted shooting to make it clear that his show would never suggest to children that they not cry. In working on the show, Rogers interacted extensively with academic researchers. Daniel R. Anderson, a psychologist formerly at the University of Massachusetts who worked as an advisor for the show, remembered a speaking trip to Germany at which some members of an academic audience raised questions about Rogers’s direct approach on television. The True Story Of How Mr. Rogers Sued The KKK And Won. After he learned that the Missouri chapter of the Ku Klux Klan was impersonating him in order to spread racist messages to kids, Mr.

Rogers took them on — and won. Getty ImagesAfter the KKK mimicked his voice to create a hate hotline, Mr. Rogers took them to court. Mister Rogers' Photographer Captured Fred Rogers In His Own Neighborhoods : The Picture Show : NPR. J.R.R. Tolkien's Grave – Oxford, England - Atlas Obscura. The final resting place of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892–1973) and Edith Mary Tolkien (1889-1971) is covered in an abundance flowers, plants, and offerings from fans in the verdant cemetery of Wolvercote in Northern Oxford.

They are buried together in a single grave in the Catholic section of the cemetery. J.R.R. Tolkien attended Exeter College in Oxford, studying the Classics, Old English, the Germanic languages (especially Gothic), Welsh and Finnish. When World War I began, he delayed enlistment until he obtained his degree in 1915. (1) Bruce Cockburn - April In Memphis. 'I Have A Dream' Speech, In Its Entirety. REBECCA ROBERTS, host: This is TALK OF THE NATION. I'm Rebecca Roberts in Washington. Today, we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

As millions of Americans honor his legacy today with a national day of service, we take a moment to reflect on Dr. King's life and message with his own words. Lessons on Democracy from Woody Guthrie. BILL MOYERS: I’m Bill Moyers. And welcome to Join us over the next few weeks, because on the air and on this website, we’ll be talking a lot about “winner-take-all” politics and how economic inequality – that vast gap between the top and everyone else – is not the result of market forces. A Conversation With Koko The Gorilla: Full Documentary. Hugh Masekela, Trumpeter and Anti-Apartheid Activist, Dies at 78. ‎Janis Joplin Essentials on Apple Music. Music, Infused With Sorrow and Joy, in Honor of Migrant Dreamers. 17 times Carrie Fisher handled the world with eloquence and bluntness. King of kitchen sink - Albert Finney: a life in pictures. I am sorry- (witness at scene) very moving. I am sorry You died last night. 'Becoming Cary Grant' Reveals The Self-Invention Of A Hollywood Icon.

The new Showtime documentary Becoming Cary Grant traces the actor's journey from working-class England to Hollywood stardom. Getty Images hide caption toggle caption. George Martin and the Beatles: A Producer’s Impact, in Five Songs. Photo. Diana funeral eulogy click 2x. Filmmaker Adam Nimoy’s Homage to His Famous Dad. Inspector Morse creator Colin Dexter dead at 86. Colin Dexter, the author behind detective Inspector Morse and his adventures solving mysteries in Oxfordshire, has died at the age of 86, with the top names in crime writing lining up to pay tribute to a “a kind, generous man”.

In Memoriam: My Friend, George A. Romero. I had known my friend, my hero George A. Romero was sick for a bit. Stephen Hawking, modern cosmology's brightest star, dies aged 76. Stephen Hawking argued that humans evolve through books and not just biology. On Saturday, students and activists will rally in Washington, DC for the March For Our Lives to protest against gun violence. Planning for the rally (and 800-plus others worldwide) began the week after a Feb. 14 school massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a gunman killed 14 students and three educators.

In the days that followed, student survivors quickly mobilized to form the #NeverAgain movement, and have emerged as national voices in the growing movement to reform US gun law. Best Sean Connery Movies to Stream. Sean Connery died Saturday at the age of 90. Best known for originating the role of James Bond in movies, the Scottish actor had a career that lasted nearly 60 years, most of which he spent playing a variety of “man’s man” roles — from suave spies to violent brutes. Sean Connery, Who Embodied James Bond and More, Dies at 90. Bodybuilding led indirectly to acting. In 1953, he and a friend went to London to compete in the Mr.