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Clothes on Film

Clothes on Film
© 2014 Lord Christopher Laverty. All rights reserved. Two weeks of juicy costume links. Sandy Powell A costumer who needs no introduction. This Sunday at the J. Paul Getty Museum she discusses the use of period photographs in her process.

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Wardrobe Inventory and Outfit Log - Universe This base is an inventory of items currently (and previously) in your closet and how many times you've used them. Use this base to: easily view your wardrobe's contents by categorysee which items you've worn and haven't worn this month, year, or all timesee how many times per week you wear itemsidentify items that are good candidates for purging because you don't wear them muchbudget for your shopping (see your closet's total value and how much you've spent in the past month or year for different types of items)keep track of which items are in storage or should go into storage (sort by season)identify patterns in items you donated before they wore outand more! The sky's the limit. Terminology - University of Fashion A-Line Dress A dress silhouette close to the body on top and flares out from the underarm to the hem. A-Line Silhouette

In Contention — Film Awards – Film Festivals – Interviews – Film Reviews – Movie News There is no press release planned for this news but I wanted to pass it along to our readership in any case. After seven years of owning and operating In Contention, first as a blogspot thingamajig, then guiding the .com forward as (I think) one of the preeminent awards season outlets in the space, I’m happy to announce that our little company has been formally acquired by HitFix. The final signatures were committed to paper just after Telluride, which is serendipitous as at last year’s fest, just before the premiere of “Albert Nobbs,” Greg Ellwood first bent my ear and told me his ideas. Then, three swift weeks later — a year ago today, in fact — we officially hitched our wagon to HitFix. These last 12 months have been kind of a trial run, if you will. And it’s been a wonderful experience, a great partnership and a solid foundation on which to build a more permanent and organic relationship.

Observations on film art The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Kristin (with some help from David) here: David and I have been offering this greatest-of-90-years-ago series almost as long as this blog has existed. For earlier annual entries, see 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925. I approached 1926 with the assumption that it would present a crowded field of masterpieces; surely it would be difficult to choose ten best films. Instead it turned out that some of the greatest directors of the era somehow managed to skip this year or turn in lesser films.

"Keep Your Pants on Honey Until I Come Home:" The Allure of Embroidered WWII Lingerie Glamorizing times of war always rubs me the wrong way; there’s nothing nostalgia-inducing about state-sanctioned murder and military occupation. But some remnants of these bygone eras are so charming, it’s worth looking past the sordid history to admire them for a moment. One example: these WWII-era satin lingerie sets. 1940s souvenir lingerie set, via Etsy They’ve caught my eye for years, and I’m seeing them pop up more and more frequently online. Sold in the 1940s as a war-time souvenir, they were available in many colors with various cheeky phrases and symbols embroidered or printed over the bust and bottoms.

Retail Clothing Store Directory and guide of Fashion Retailers Clothing stores are the building blocks of society. Without amazing places to shop for clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories, the world would fall apart around us. Having access to stylish boutiques and department stores is critical to the survival of humanity. If you are ready to learn more about apparel retailers or you are just looking to do some shopping, we hope that the resources in the section will help guide you on the proper path.

First Pics Of André 3000 As Jimi Hendrix - Films It was just a few weeks back when news broke that André 3000 was going to play rock legend Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic. It seems as if the project is moving rather swiftly as pictures have just emerged of the Outkast frontman on set in almost-full costume. The film, called All Is By My Side, focuses on the late sixties when Hendrix was originally discovered and his ensuing time in London.

香蕉鱼书店 BANANAFISH BOOKS 7月5日新书上架: Long Distance Dialogue II 来自韩国三位摄影师的摄影书项目,香蕉鱼夏天推荐。 6月15日新书上架:Kinfolk #12 盐水特辑 :"没有盐的夏天是不完整的。我们与海和调味品的关系比你想像得更紧密,这可能就是气温一升高,我们便迫不及待奔赴水边纵身其中的原因。 ZOO JEANS スペシャルサイト ズージーンズは、動物園の動物がつくった世界に一つだけのダメージジーンズです。動物たちが普段遊ぶタイヤやボールなどの遊具に、デニム生地を巻いて遊ばせることで、ダメージの入った生地が産まれました。その生地からズージーンズは製作されています。動物たちがつけた本物の爪痕、傷痕をデザインとして身につけ愉しむことのできるジーンズです。 Historic Clothing Collection - The Maine Historical Society Historic Dress Collection - Page 1 of 2 Narrative by Jacqueline Field, textile and dress historian Maine Historical Society’s Historic Dress Collection is an amalgamation of primarily donated garments accumulated by the Society since the organization’s founding in 1822. Initially specializing in clothing from the early to mid-nineteenth century, the collection was added to by an extensive acquisition of late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century dress acquired from Westbrook College in 1993, as well as more recent individual donations. As of 2020, the MHS collection consists of approximately 3,000 pieces. With few exceptions, the garments and accessories are associated with people who lived in Maine (often commemorating an aspect of family history) or were in some way connected to the state.

In Film Australia - all about Australian films Wardrobe Diagnostics: Why you don’t have anything to wear Who hasn’t been there… Your closet is jam-packed but you just cannot come up with a single outfit to wear. Despite how common the symptom is, the underlying cause can be hard to pinpoint. Why? Because your wardrobe is a pretty complex organism.