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Sense & Sensibility PatternsWinsome Clothing with an Old-Fashioned Appeal

Sense & Sensibility PatternsWinsome Clothing with an Old-Fashioned Appeal

True Religion Jeans, Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, Citizens of Humanity at Revolve Clothing Antimony & Lace ~ DIY dark and gothic fashion Panel Skirt This is a great trick to use when you want to make a slim skirt full. It's also wonderful if you have a small waist but wide hips. I've done this with yummy velvet skirts I've found at thrift stores which would never have fit otherwise. Count the number of seams in your velvet skirt, you will be inserting a lace panel at each seam. Carefully rip out all the vertical seams in your skirt. Fig. 1 Add an inch to each side of the triangle, that's how big each triangle of lace should be. Fig. 2 Once these are cut, sew them in-between the skirt panels {Fig. 3}. Fig. 3 Incidently, the rendering at the top of the page is actually for an outfit I made out of a grape velvet dress I found at a thrift store. Not only was the skirt too slim, but the top of the dress was too small.

Tenue 1er Empire en photo ! | Mode d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui Pareil que pour la tournure je voulais faire un essai de l’ensemble de la tenue avec les ballerines noires et les collants grisâtres pour voir si j’avais besoin d’investir, d’ici dimanche, dans des collants et des ballerines. Et bonne nouvelle : ça ira très bien ! et les fameux pieds ! J’ai un gros gros faible pour cette tenue là (le charme du chapeau sans doute ). Pour la sortie j’essayerai de me faire des bouclettes, mais je doute que ça tienne très bien… WordPress: J’aime chargement…

Regency Era This is my original Regency gown pattern, modeled after the styles of the middle Regency and particularly appropriate for 1810s impressions. If you’re new to this time period, this is the pattern I recommend starting with, as it goes together very easily. Please add the supplement to your order: Ready to expand your Regency wardrobe? This supplement is the ticket! Designed for use with the original Regency Gown Pattern, the supplement provides options for necklines that will give you four new looks. Here is a pattern with something for everyone! Here are the underpinnings you need to give you the proper Regency foundation! I created this pattern by pulling research together from several sources (along with customer requests!). For the finishing touch to your outfit, fingerless gloves meet the protocol of your costume while providing practicality and freedom of fingers for those Jane Austen tea parties and needlework by firelight.

HUE Leggings, Legwear, Socks, Knee Hi's, Panties and Tights Antimony & Lace ~ DIY dark and gothic fashion Circle & Handkerchief Hem Skirts Circle skirts are a great staple for any goth wardrobe, whether you are a fem Goth or a skirt wearing Goth guy. They are fun to dance in, comfortable and flattering to just about every figure. Handkerchief hem skirts are also great, and super easy to make. Here I will show you how to do both. Circle Skirt You can make these out of almost any fabric. For instance: Say Lily has 36-inch hips, add 6 use the calculator and the radius is 6.68. Okay. Fig. 1 Now what you have are 2 doughnut halves. You have a few options for making the waistband. Another easy way to make the waistband is to use blanket binding or wide bias tape in a colour that will match your skirt. If you want a waist band the will match the skirt exactly, make a track for the elastic that is as long as 'A' minus 2 inches. Now pin your waistband to the skirt. You want the elastic to be short enough to hug your waist, but be long enough to easily go over your hips when it's stretched out. Fig. 3

Aujourd’hui j’ai testé les boutons brodés | Mode d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui Je prête ma robe 1er Empire pour une pièce de théâtre en avril, j’en ai donc profité pour améliorer le système de fermeture qui ne convenait pas (les crochets se défaisaient tout le temps et je me retrouvais dans une situation plutôt indécente). Au XVIIIe siècle il y avait pas mal de boutons brodés ce qui m’a toujours un peu intriguée, et le fabuleux livre sur la broderie au XVIIIe siècle dont je vous ai déjà parlé explique comment les faire. Je ne sais pas si j’ai tout compris, mais je m’en suis sortie avec des boutons qui ressemblent quand même à l’objectif fixé. En guise d’anneaux, j’ai utilisé des joints WordPress: J’aime chargement…