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Viking shoes

Viking shoes
Edited to add: Due to alle the comments regarding the title of this instruction, I've changed the name to 'iron age shoes' which might be more historycally correct. I learned to make these by using my own foot as a template. Therefore, all the measures given here are highly approximate. If your foot diverges a lot from mine (European size 39, long and narrow/slender), some sewing experience might come in handy. That said, there's no reason to be too specific in making these. As you can see, the 'laces' can be loosened or tightened to fit, and the basic idea is really very simple.

Upcycled sweater boots (w/mini tutorial!) What do you get when you mix a cheap pair of flats, an old sweater, and lots of hot glue? Sweater boots!! Yay! Making reversible bag from top of straps to bottom of bag: 50 cm / 20 inchesheight: 28 cm / 11 incheswidth: 40 cm / 16 inches I don’t know because I used leftover fabric for my bag. You can print the pattern and place it on your fabric to make an approximation. A Guide To Leatherworking Tools & Supplies Would our Guide to Essential Leatherworking Tools be of any help? Quick navigation: A B C D E G H K L N O P R S W Awls Ball Jar Lights I’ve been wanting to do this for a year. It’s one of those things I’ve just been putting off. I love ball canning jars, especially the blue ones. The first thing you have to do to make the Ball jar lights, is take out the glass seal. So I took the hammer and busted up the seal to get it out. Make sure to do this on a hard surface.

Fabric Folder Portfolio Tutorial This week I made a couple more fabric portfolio folders, and so as promised, I'm here to show you how I made them. I decided not to use the iron-on vinyl with these, but I'm not totally giving up on the laminated cover idea, yet. ;-)Let's get started... 1.) How To Make Moccasins The most comfortable moccasins in the world… This last summer Wilderness Youth Project took a group of teenagers on a trip up the coast experiencing elements of survival such as sleeping in a debris hut, making fire by friction and eating wild edibles. One of our most popular activities was going through the entire process of brain tanning a deer hide and then making something from the leather. It took much persistence from all the participants to complete three skins but when the smoking was done we had three beautiful hides to work with. Some of us made medicine pouches or wallets but most of us made moccasins custom made to fit our feet.

Craft Project Ideas with Shells, Sea Glass, Rocks and more Here is a collection of Coastal Craft Project Ideas with shells, sea glass, rocks and more from fellow bloggers who love the sea as much as we do! "I just can't help myself! I made another Seashell Garland." Kimba's words from a Soft Place to Land! Well, I made one too and I'm loving it. See here!

Thick and warm crazy rug This is a super easy rug to make and it is a lot of fun! You will need about 5 yards of T-shirt material or something similar that coils up easily when stretched. You will also need a square (or any shape) of fabric for the base. The one I made is about 15" x 20" and it is super plush. How To Brain Tan Deer & Elk Skins From handouts made at Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site. Used with permission. To tan your deer or elk skins the traditional Indian way takes hard work and patience. The Indians have used the brain tanning method for centuries. It has proven to be one of the best for withstanding the elements.

Vintage-looking painted sign from salvaged wood Today I have a little tutorial for you. I'm going to show you how to (easily!) make these sweet wooden signs. I promise- they're a cinch, they don't take long at all to make and cost pretty much nothing. You will need: piece of salvaged wood upholstery tacks or short nails (optional) hammer acrylic paint (background color) black acrylic paint (or other color to fill in letters) large paint brush small paint brushink jet printer twine Sharpie Marker or other dull, rounded tool Watercolor Painting One of my favorite types of art is watercolor painting. Watercolors are a great way to introduce a child to painting -- they are fun and easy to clean up. It's also the media to try if you want to paint, but you have a limited amount of space or time.

Ultimate Collection of Leather Resources Leather, a flexible and durable material created from animal rawhide and through a tanning process, comes in a variety forms. Leather undergoes a long, arduous process to produce luxurious and tough material that can be found in books, automobiles, shoes, jackets, drum heads, and dog chews. Leather has an extensive history, sometimes used for armory after hardening, and becomes increasingly popular to preserve documents and other important texts. In fact, leather can be oiled to improve its water resistance to supplement those already existing oils within the animal skins themselves. 16 Headband Tutorials As a busy mom of three little boys, I don’t always have time to do my hair. (Like, never, actually! I try to sneak in sessions with my flatiron while the boys are distracted with a cartoon… IF I have to leave the house. If I don’t, my hair looks like the bus driver from South Park’s… i.e., bird’s nest. Hmm, a bird’s nest headband sounds kind of cute and funny, actually!)

20 Places to see in your 20s TOP 20: 20 Places to See in your 20s 20. Lantern Festival, Taiwan Here’s a photo you’ve likely seen doing the endless rounds on social media – and it’s little wonder due to the spectacular nature of the photograph, which encapsulates the spirit and wonder of the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan. 19. Great Wall of China