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Iron age shoes (previous 'viking shoes') - All

Iron age shoes (previous 'viking shoes') - All
Edited to add: Due to alle the comments regarding the title of this instruction, I've changed the name to 'iron age shoes' which might be more historycally correct. I learned to make these by using my own foot as a template. Therefore, all the measures given here are highly approximate. If your foot diverges a lot from mine (European size 39, long and narrow/slender), some sewing experience might come in handy. That said, there's no reason to be too specific in making these. As you can see, the 'laces' can be loosened or tightened to fit, and the basic idea is really very simple.

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Fairy Wings Tutorial With Mid-Summers Eve and Fairy Day being only 2 days away the glitter if flowing freely at our home. I ventured out trying to find my girls some fairy wings and ended up with nothing after visiting four different party/costume stores. Soooooo we made our own. I found them simple enough to do although the decorating took a while to finish. List of Supplies Needed: 4 wire coat hangers, Tire Sandals: Innovative footwear recycled from old tires. Make Your own Tire SandalsAdapted from Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills I'm hard on shoes. It's not uncommon for me to go through half a dozen pairs of shoes, or more, each year. I maintain an active lifestyle, hiking, playing, camping, and working. Water wears out a shoe quicker than anything else.

Ruffly Shirt Refashion Here's a little refashion I did the other day! I almost didn't post it because I didn't want you to see the horrible pictures of me, and because there's no shortage of ruffly t-shirt tutorials out there, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway. Pride before the fall, right?

Going to Space, BRB This weekend Taylor, Sym and I DIYed some space shirts! We started with plain black organic cotton t-shirts from American Apparel, in small (for Sym), medium (for me) and large (for Taylor). Sym probably would have been better with an extra small but they didn’t have any in the store but if you buy 3 of the same style you get 15% off.

Annales Historiae: Adventures in Medieval Shoe-Making! (a tutorial)  A while ago, while browsing, I discovered this beautiful pair of handmade shoes, reproductions of a 9th - 10th century Norse style shoe by Ian at Barefoot Cordwainer. I really loved them, but couldn't quite afford to buy them, so I thought I'd give shoe-making a shot and see if I could figure out how to make a pair for myself. I searched the internet for how-to's and tutorials on the subject, but most of what I found related to Native American style moccasins, not medieval European style shoes, so they were of little help. I ended up piecing together my process from several different sources, each of which contributed their experience to my plans. Disclaimer: it has been over a year since I actually made my Viking shoes, and I've intended to write a post about the process since then, but seeing an actual extant example of a Viking shoe like mine in the Jorvik Museum in York, England a few weeks ago has rekindled my motivation to publish this post.

Quick Microwave Method Update: In January of 2013 I shared a second quick-method for making lace crowns that does not use a microwave. Click HERE for that tutorial. Who wouldn't feel like instant royalty with one of these lovely handmade crowns? I often lament how little time there is left at the end of the day after chores, responsibilities, and my own creative projects, to try any of the amazing crafts I've been inspired by on Pinterest. But when I saw the lace crowns made by Joyfolie, I was wonderstruck. If I could have twitched my nose and transported myself immediately to my local fabric store, I would have.

Tutorial: rounder roomy bag Here's my tutorial for the bag you've seen here you need two pieces of outer fabric cut following this pattern (full size pattern also available as attachment at the bottom of this post) it's real sized, but of course you can change it or enlarge it as you like.Then two pieces of lining fabric, but you don't need to cut the tiny triangles.Two wooden rings if you like to make the straps like I did. Crystal Egg Geodes - Martha Stewart Holidays - StumbleUpon Geodes can be grown without using egg dye. The resulting crystals are clear to milky white, like quartz. While large chicken eggshells are suggested in this process, larger eggshells can be used. Simply increase the size of the plastic or glass container and double or triple the amounts of dye (1 packet), alum (3/4 part), and water (2 parts) used to create the growing solution. This Easter craft from Jim "Figgy" Noonan doubles as a science project, offering an opportunity to show kids the crystallization process at work.

Beginner Advice for Shoemaking A Beginner's Addendum to Making Damiana Illaria d'Onde/Elizabeth Jones 21 March 2002 Skiving Butt-Stitching 101 This information is intended for the rooky period shoemaker, and is meant to supplement other instructions available on the Internet. It provides some basic information from the novice point of view, as I have made a few pairs of shoes, but am still new enough at it to have trouble. DIY Clothes Tutorial: Making an Elastic Harness [DIY Fashion]Monoxious Hello peeps, It’s been long since we had a post on DIY Fashion. We apologise on that part, the past month has been pretty crazy with the holiday season and setting up resolutions and priorities as the year drew to an end.

How An Urban Abo Tans a fox Hide How an Urban Abo Tans a Fox Hide by Bill Scherer Urban Abo sounds like an oxymoron. A lot of us who like to practice primitive skills live in cities, have college degrees, hold regular jobs and careers. Lined Paper Tee by Maybe Matilda I’m pretty dang excited to be guest posting on U Create, of all places, with an easy and fun project for you. Just in time for heading back to school, I came up with this cute top: My name is Rachel, and I blog over Maybe Matilda. I’m from small-town New York, currently living in Utah with my soon-to-be-chiropractor husband and our soon-to-be-one-year-old son. When I’m not sweeping up Cheerios, I love sewing and crocheting for my etsy shop, and sharing what I make on my blog. I think this lined paper tee is such a fun way to bring out the inner student, and possibly even encourage a little bookishness in a little one (maybe that’s a stretch, but a girl can hope, right?).

The Hipster Home » Blog Archive » How to Make a Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb Ahoy there Hipster Homers! I’m Julie and I’m the very first guest blogger on this fine site. Today’s project involves breaking stuff, plants, found objects, and miniatures. Fun, right? Let’s get started! Regia Anglorum - Basic Clothing [5f] - Shoes Shoe Types Typical basic turn-shoe pattern The sole is first stitched to the upper, Inside out. When this is completed the side seam 'A' is stitched together.

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