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Digital, Creative and Marketing Jobs in Manchester and Leeds Having looked at My First Tweet, which didn't have a link, or an @, or a #, and was written in third person, I couldn't help but notice how much things have changed since 2009, and how much better twitter users seem to understand 'the rules' of Twitter. My feed is a traffic jam of useful snippets of information, articles, images, surveys, results, jokes. It's awash with incredible rich content and it's all useful, well kind of. Whilst most of the content has been carefully chosen by the poster the sheer noise level has deafened me. I can't read it all. My thought was - how much time? How much time is being dedicated to trawling the internet or using handy RSS tools to find this content to pack our streams full of juicy interesting bits. How much time that previously would have been spent on other ventures is now spent publishing a landslide of information to ensure that our feeds are interesting. How much time do we spend reading this content? Has twitter gone wrong somewhere? I'm not sure.

Actor Tips From Employers See what the employers on our website say about how to deal with your profile, auditions and general life in the industry! In December 2010 we conducted a survey of companies and casting directors for their feedback and advice on applications and auditions. We had hundreds of responses. Here are the findings... First and foremost Your profile: Make it up to date and enter all the relevant information. Work on yourself and let it show. Don't lie about your credits or skills - it will come back to haunt you. Your Photo: Make sure you have good headshots and that you do look like them. What the employers say: I think actors need to have quite a variety of photos on CCP or spotlight or wherever - the immediate thing we are looking for in film is a particular 'look' and just having one photo or two does not give us much to go on. If you don't look anything like your headshot it is not really worth turning up. Consider your photo carefully- avoid posing. Your Showreel: When a Job Appears RELAX! It's all good | Clean healthy recipes Q:The photos are stunning, and more than just recipes, they emanate this clean and healthy (yet intensely interested in beauty and taste) lifestyle. Has this book of recipes that both taste good and make you feel good affected the way you approach cooking and ingredients? A:My philosophy is: eat good, fresh food that is totally delicious. Q:Wanting to spend more time with family rather than in the kitchen is sometimes stated as a reason people don't cook as often as they like. A:I’ve included my kids in the kitchen from almost the time they were born. Q:Your kids are such good eaters and seem to like all the right foods – in a world where kids menus and snacks are dominated by high sugars and fats, how can we steer our kids in the right direction? A:I tried to start them off with all of the right foods but as they got older, the lure of Oreos and cotton candy outweighed the lure of carrots with hummus. A:My food comes from me and so it is true to me.

Search engine for work. Full time and part time job vacancies, career search - Trovit Jobs UK ARTCONNECT BERLIN People4 (UK): Freelance Jobs, Contract Work & Recruitment Services Projektraum | Mindpirates e.V. Mindpirates Projektraum reopening Thursday, April 319:00 — Mindpirates Projektraum Schlesische Straße 37 21:00 — Afterparty in the Mindpirates Vereinsheim Mindpirates are very happy to announce the reopening of our Projektraum space at a new location on Schlesische Str. 37. The opening will take place on April 3, 19h, with a new video installation, a kaleidoscope reshuffling of our previous video work. It is a time travel of sorts through the history of Mindpirates in and around our Vereinsheim and Projektraum, various projects and exhibitions, our collaborators, friends and family. souziehaas: The Eye Has to Travel July 5th – August 3rd, 2013 The Eye Has to Travel stages an intimate, almost disturbing portrait of the life of the artist, souziehaas. CDM + Mindpirates present: Laptops on Acid – make your own DIY tools for beats and visuals May 23 – 25Doors 19:00 Chinese video art screening (curated by Jin Shan) Wednesday / May 8Doors 20:00 / Film 21:00 Mindpirates present ART PORN WEEK