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Kawaii. Clothes on Film. Wardrobe Inventory and Outfit Log - Universe. This base is an inventory of items currently (and previously) in your closet and how many times you've used them.

Wardrobe Inventory and Outfit Log - Universe

Use this base to: easily view your wardrobe's contents by categorysee which items you've worn and haven't worn this month, year, or all timesee how many times per week you wear itemsidentify items that are good candidates for purging because you don't wear them muchbudget for your shopping (see your closet's total value and how much you've spent in the past month or year for different types of items)keep track of which items are in storage or should go into storage (sort by season)identify patterns in items you donated before they wore outand more!

The sky's the limit. Add your own formulas! You can even use the Airtable API to programmatically load these records and do even fancier calculations or make charts. How to Use This Clear the example records in the Items and Outfits tables. Easy! Please note: Airtable does not provide any functionality to create outfit collages.

Goyard – Page 2 – BAGAHOLICBOY. Abandoned Republic – A journey through vintage Banana Republic catalogs. Con so much fuoco that audience catches fire. "Keep Your Pants on Honey Until I Come Home:" The Allure of Embroidered WWII Lingerie. Glamorizing times of war always rubs me the wrong way; there’s nothing nostalgia-inducing about state-sanctioned murder and military occupation.

"Keep Your Pants on Honey Until I Come Home:" The Allure of Embroidered WWII Lingerie

But some remnants of these bygone eras are so charming, it’s worth looking past the sordid history to admire them for a moment. One example: these WWII-era satin lingerie sets. 1940s souvenir lingerie set, via Etsy They’ve caught my eye for years, and I’m seeing them pop up more and more frequently online. Sold in the 1940s as a war-time souvenir, they were available in many colors with various cheeky phrases and symbols embroidered or printed over the bust and bottoms. 1940s souvenir lingerie set, via Etsy To be honest, I’m not sure how tounge-in-cheek these little gifts were supposed to be. 1940s souvenir lingerie set, via Etsy And aside from that, it’s easy to see why these sets are so appealing to vintage collectors and lingerie lovers today.

This one has a “locked” zipper along the gusset! What do you think of these vintage lingerie sets? The Knot - Weddings, Wedding Planning & Ideas. Official Site. A minimalist fashion blog. Sad cotton candy, moonie-couture: ... *Rouskilla*, vincecartersisgone-deactivated2: collections...

The top 20 fashion infographics of July 2014: 01.... Wardrobe Essentials Checklist for Women Via. ♥The crème de la crop♥ ZOO JEANS スペシャルサイト. ズージーンズは、動物園の動物がつくった世界に一つだけのダメージジーンズです。

ZOO JEANS スペシャルサイト

動物たちが普段遊ぶタイヤやボールなどの遊具に、デニム生地を巻いて遊ばせることで、ダメージの入った生地が産まれました。 その生地からズージーンズは製作されています。 動物たちがつけた本物の爪痕、傷痕をデザインとして身につけ愉しむことのできるジーンズです。 Zoo Jeans are the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals.We first take their favourite playthings — old tires and giant rubber balls — and wrap them in sheets of denim.Then we return them to the animals and let nature run its course. The animals roar, gnaw and claw at their toys, and when they’re done we gather up what’s left of the damaged denim. ZOO JEANS model L1 Designed by LIONS Size: W32 / Men's ZOO JEANS model T1 Designed by TIGERS Size: W32 / Men's ZOO JEANS model L2 Designed by LIONS Size: W32 / Men's ZOO JEANS model B1 Designed by BEARS Size: W32 / Men's ズージーンズは、(ライオンモデルL1/トラモデルT1/ライオンモデルL2の計3点)は、ヤフーオークションで7月7日(月)から1週間出品され一般向けに販売されます。

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Unacceptable! PurseForum - The Handbag Chat and Shopping Resource. Putting Me Together: Wardrobe From Scratch. Galería de fotos 1 de 72. Female Fashion Advice. Wardrobe Diagnostics: Why you don’t have anything to wear. Who hasn’t been there… Your closet is jam-packed but you just cannot come up with a single outfit to wear.

Wardrobe Diagnostics: Why you don’t have anything to wear

Despite how common the symptom is, the underlying cause can be hard to pinpoint. Why? Because your wardrobe is a pretty complex organism. Its health and functionality are completely dependent on the individual components it is based on, like your style concept and shopping strategy. To help you figure out your wardrobe’s individual weak spot, I’ve created a little flow chart complete with a recommended course of treatment for each diagnosis. Treatment resources Some resources to get you started: diagnosisYou have no idea what’s in your closet Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe DetoxA quick guide to wardrobe editing diagnosisYour wardrobe no longer matches your style Upgrade your Wardrobe in 30 Minutes a Day: A 2-Week ProgrammeDeveloping a Signature Look: The Complete Guide {Part I} & {Part II} diagnosisYou have no definition of your own personal style diagnosisYou have no coherent style concept.