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Quick Microwave Method

Quick Microwave Method
Update: In January of 2013 I shared a second quick-method for making lace crowns that does not use a microwave. Click HERE for that tutorial. Who wouldn't feel like instant royalty with one of these lovely handmade crowns? I often lament how little time there is left at the end of the day after chores, responsibilities, and my own creative projects, to try any of the amazing crafts I've been inspired by on Pinterest. This project is a beautiful way to repurpose bits of vintage jewelry Because the idea is nothing short of brilliant (in my opinion), creatives all over the blogosphere are adding their own unique spin to this project whose origin I've traced back to Bitter Betty Blogs. I Like Shortcuts...and I'm not ashamed to say it. Here's where my version comes in -- I'm usually short on time. Lace Crowns -- Quick Microwave Method makes ONE 18" crown 1/2 yard crocheted lace(Also look for "Cluny Lace" or "Dyeable Cotton Lace". Step 1: Place lace in a small bowl and cover with fabric stiffener. Related:  DIY Doll Hats & Hair AccessoriesCostume & Cosplay

Barbie Felt Witch Hat: No Sew I wanted to make a simple Witch Hat for Barbie and found a great graphic about how to make one HERE. Now, I pigheadedly didn't follow those instructions... but I recommend that you do:@) I free handed a circle and cone shape out of felt. This hole was about 1 1/2" wide. Barbie says "I'd appreciate it if you'd get the fuzzies off my head before a close up"... Diva. I glued the hat together. What's a real good fast drying craft glue? Then I put glue all around the outer bottom edge of the cone and fitted it into the brim. Hold it until it begins to dry then set it upside down in a cup until it dries completely.Note: This worked as a decoration/prop for me, but I suggest the method shown in the link above if you're making hats that little girls might play a little rougher with. It's fun to add a little embellishment where the brim meets the cone. Earl only has one question... There's nothing spooky about this easy craft folks-whip one up and make a girl smile!

WIP - Realistic Wings DIY Cloth Child's Activity Books A cloth activity book makes a wonderful gift for a child. These books are made from cloth and contain small activities that even the youngest child will enjoy. The books are soft, easy to carry and use. The size of the book you make is up to you. Anything from 21" x 14" to 17" x 9 ½" works great. This is the measurement of the book laying open flat. Think about making the cover of the book from a different fabric than you select for the inside pages. Before embellishing the pages with activities, lightly mark the center of each "page". The pages and activities you do can be simple or complicated. This is a great project for using up smaller pieces of fabric. The designs and ideas for each page are endless. A lamb made from a high pile fabric. These books are wonderful for lots of different occasions. Have Fun!

Easy Fleece Hat For 18" Or Other Doll Fleece Hat for your 18" Doll Make an easy fleece hat for your doll and make one for yourself! You Need: 11" x 11" piece of Fleece Fabric Scissors Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine Instructions: Cut fleece to 11" x 10" so it stretches the long way. Gather fringes and tie tightly with scrap piece. ©2010, Inc.

DIY Costume Props, Armor, Weapons, Etc. Tutorial & Pattern: Felt Activity Book Egg Come have a look at what is inside this little book... I've been wanting to make some sort of little creative felt book for a while now, and then last week, in the middle of a completely unrelated meeting at my day job with some boring white guys in suits, I just started having all these ideas for new tutorials I could create around Easter and spring related themes. Not sure where the inspiration was in that scenario, but I came out of that meeting with a whole list of ideas scribbled in the margins of my notebook. I had something sort of traditional in mind at first for this little egg design book, but then just found I loved making the kooky monster and character faces more than anything the shapes I started cutting out from felt became more and more conducive to facial features rather than stripey and dotted eggs. Whatever the case, I love the portability of this book and its open-ended creative potential using just basic felt shapes in a variety of colors.

Crochet Hat & Scarf Set (For Petite Blythe) Crochet Petite Toque and Scarf [Free Pattern] Written on December 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm by MichelleFiled under: Article with tags: crafting, diy, free pattern, petite Supplies Needed 4.00mm/US G-6 crochet hookSmall amount of sock yarn (good project for remnants!) Gauge 2 st per 1 cm Pattern Notes Total number of stitches that you should have at the end of each round is mentioned in the parentheses at the end of each round. Abbreviations sc = single crochet st = stitch sl st = slip stitch Toque Directions Round 1: Crochet 6 sc in a magic ring (6). Scarf Directions Chain 16 (or as long as you want – 1 ch is the turning chain) Sc across (15). Notes on Pattern UseThis pattern may be used for personal or commercial use provided that full credit is given to for the pattern (please include a link to the website or pattern page in your sales description).

Victorian (1888) Dressmaking Patterns fullscreen Author:Goldsberry & Doran, Chicago. [from old catalog]Subject:Garment cutting. Description Write a review Downloaded 1,505 times Reviews Average Rating: Tutorial: Dollfie’s Tiny BJD Fur Wig This easy wig pattern is designed for FairyLand pukipuki and other similarly sized BJDs (Lati White, Brownie). The fur material is elastic, which means it fits the doll perfectly! The wig can be hand-sewn or machine-sewn. Materials Piece of fur 5 inches by 5 inchesSewing threadSewing needle and/or a sewing machinePencil or a tailor’s chalkTape measureScissors Create the pattern Measure the circumference of the tiny BJD’s head . On the fur, draw a rectangle with length (circumference+ 0.5cm) and width 4 cm (1 1/2 inch). Sew the wig On the furry edge, roll the fabric backing over on itself, and then whip stitch it. Fold the band over, so the backing is on the outside and the fur on the inside. Place the sewing machine foot, or you sewing needle, half-way down the folded edge. Sew a semicircle. Trim around the semicircle without cutting the folded edge. Please help us by linking, tweeting, and sharing this article with your friends. Like this: Like Loading...

Viking Shoes Edited to add: Due to alle the comments regarding the title of this instruction, I've changed the name to 'iron age shoes' which might be more historycally correct. I learned to make these by using my own foot as a template. Therefore, all the measures given here are highly approximate. If your foot diverges a lot from mine (European size 39, long and narrow/slender), some sewing experience might come in handy. FREE Crochet Fashion Doll Barbie Sun Hat Pattern Now that I am a grandmother to a beautiful little girl, I have become interested in making some Barbie Doll or 11 1/2" fashion doll items for her...such as clothing, hats, purses and even some furniture which I will be posting the projects as I complete them here on my blog. Today I would like to share with you my pattern that I used to make this adoreable crochet Barbie doll sun hat. Supplies: Bedspread Weight Cotton Thread (for crocheting), I used Ecru Crochet Hook size 2 Scissors 1/4" wide satin ribbon (your choice of color) 1/4" diameter satin ribbon rosette Craft Glue You will start off by chaining 4 stitches and then 15 DC (double crochets) in the 4th stitch from your crochet hook, for a total of 16 DC. Next, DC in each DC around but add 4 DC evenly spaced around, for a total of 20 DC. To finish up your sun hat, cut a piece of 1/4" wide by 12" long piece of satin ribbon. Barbie Crochet Purse Pattern ---> HERE Happy Crocheting! Shelly

DIY Clothes Tutorial: Making an Elastic Harness [DIY Fashion]Monoxious | Monoxious Hello peeps, It’s been long since we had a post on DIY Fashion. We apologise on that part, the past month has been pretty crazy with the holiday season and setting up resolutions and priorities as the year drew to an end. We have load of exciting things lined up for Monoxious this year. Do watch out for them. Today we present something which we have been procrastinating for quite a while (which is not good since fashion waits for no one.) and raved about it back here. These are what you will need. Elastics (approx 5yards)Trimmings with hook and eyePinsBlack threadDress form (not pictured)Optional: Black Sock cat (for entertainment) Start pinning your elastics to the dress form. Just keep doing it until you’re satisfied or run out of elastics. I marked the lines a little further as you can see as elastics are stretchable and you would want the harness to be slightly snug when wearing. Sew all the straps together~!!!! And here’s the completed piece~!!!