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Cosplay Tutorial - Tutorial List

Cosplay Tutorial - Tutorial List

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The point of this blog is SEXINESS our-whales-can-fly Asked: Hi!!!!! I plan on making an Aimless Renegade cosplay. The entire costume shouldn't be very hard, but there is one problem, the head. I am a lowly middle school student and do not have the money for an expensive project. Do you have any advice on how to make an inexpensive, good looking, AR head? Please help!!!!! Make your own geta It's not really complete, but you can get started. Here are the things we'll cover: Disclaimer and Warnings: It's a sad state of affairs that I ought to consult an attorney before telling you how to make your own geta. If I actually did, he/she would probably tell me to not do it at all. Cosplay manuals. How to make neko / cat ears (nekomimi)? Many beginners in cosplay know about such cute creatures as neko girls or guys, who are different from common people by having cat ears, tails or even paws sometimes. You can meet plenty of people cosplaying these cute creatures at anime festivals. Anyway, it’s very simple to make nice neko ears by hand. For that we need: - Fur, aka main material.

How to sew a fishtail skirt I thought that I would bring my “fishtail skirt tutorial” over to here from my livejournal, so here you go :) I thought that I would share this little tutorial on how to make a nice fishtail skirt, it is really not that hard as it can look and you will end up with a smashing skirt that makes you look flash were ever you go. You can make this skirt at any length, from the knee and down. I put a triangular panel of ruffles in between the two back panels but this tutorial does not include that and this skirt can be both lined and not lined but I will not give any explanation how to line the skirt. The things you will need for this project is: Fabric, depending on your measurements (I used 6 meters (about 6 yards) of fabric, but I’m not really that petite) Zipper, I use a hidden zipper since they look so good (well they are invisible ;)) A button To start up you need to take these measurements: Waist: Hips: Butt:

ConstantlyAlice I’m SO excited to finally get a start on this series! Since I’ve recently been obsessing about the 1920′s, this seemed to be a perfect place to begin In this post, I’ll touch on some of the fashions of the 1910′s and 1920′s (which encompassed WWI). For all you Homestuck cosplayers I’ve just recently been searching online for good bits and pieces for my Meulin cosplay [I plan on doing a Trickster!Meulin based off of kreepykurloz’s design], and stumbled across some things that may interest others as well. For her shoes I found these lovely cat themed wedges, and they are only $14 (US) without shipping. Black Gothic Lolita Online! - Are you from Canada ? Please select your language: Most PopularNew ArrivalsPriceMost ReviewsVideo 148 results in Gothic Showing Results 1 - 36 of 148

COTTON LYCRA 60" Lycra puts the stretch and comfort into the fabric! 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra knit fabric. Similar to the fabric we make our Cotton/Lycra clothing with, it dyes up brilliantly. History of Womens Fashion - 1900 to 1919 Women’s Dress & Style from 1900 to 1919 - The previous century had produced crinolines, bustles, polonaises, dolmans, abundant frills and furbelow’s of every description ; but the new century, at the height of the Belle Epoch ( beautiful era) was bowing to simplicity and to common sense, and, though details were still elaborate, fussy trimmings and unnatural lines were gradually being abandoned. This trend of simplicity was enormously intensified and sped up by the The Great War, which clearly established two great principles in women’s dress — freedom and convenience. The Belle Epoch – Age of Opulence. House-of-Redfern—Galerie-de-vente—Paris-fashion-1910 In the 1900′s, if you were a fashionable young English lady of the social elite, you would make a twice annual pilgrimage to Paris, joining other women from as far away as New York and St Petersburg.

Cosplay Tutorial, For those who are planning to start sewing their... Home | Blog | Tutorial List | Articles/Guides | Tools | FAQs | Contact For those who are planning to start sewing their own cosplays this year this might be helpful: How to take measurements! Waist Front / Waist Back: to Take Measurements: for Taking Measurements: for the images: Posted Friday January 4th 2013 32,170 notes