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Cosplay Tutorial - Tutorial List

Cosplay Tutorial - Tutorial List
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HUGE Fancy Dreamer Masterpost! AGELESS PATTERNS™©1999 Inception: Jeffrey Kurland Costume Q&A | Clothes on Film Perhaps the most mind-churning mainstream film of recent years, Inception is testament to the power of great costume design. Not only does it look sumptuous, thanks to all those 3 pc suits and silk ties, but because of costume designer Jeffrey Kurland and director Christopher Nolan’s commitment to clothing serving an implicit function, Inception is at least partially decipherable by what the characters wear. The screen is filled with costume clues to interpret. Jeffrey Kurland has been costume designer on thirty seven feature films, including Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and Collateral (2004), though Inception is his first collaboration with Chris Nolan. Clothes on Film, Chris: Was it your intention to give each character a signature look, e.g. Jeffrey Kurland: I set out, as I always do, to design all of the costumes for Inception to best serve the emotional and physical needs of each of the characters. Tom Hardy’s watch as Eames was an antique piece. With thanks to Jeffrey Kurland.

Cosplay manuals. How to make neko / cat ears (nekomimi)? Many beginners in cosplay know about such cute creatures as neko girls or guys, who are different from common people by having cat ears, tails or even paws sometimes. You can meet plenty of people cosplaying these cute creatures at anime festivals. Anyway, it’s very simple to make nice neko ears by hand. For that we need: - Fur, aka main material. - Some pink fabric; - Thin headband; - Threads, needles, scissors, etc. Patience may also be added to this list, for those who do not get along very well with the needle. Draw an ear in pencil on paper to begin with. Go over the outline with marker. Neatly cut out the pieces. I decided to make a double stitch to fix pink fabric tight. By the way, don’t sew up the base of the ear. Turn what you got right side out and make the other ear in the same way. Now take the headband and leftover fur. As experience shows, it’s better to sew up the fur right on the headband, with the right side of the fur facing you. You are supposed to get a furry headband.

How to sew a fishtail skirt I thought that I would bring my “fishtail skirt tutorial” over to here from my livejournal, so here you go :) I thought that I would share this little tutorial on how to make a nice fishtail skirt, it is really not that hard as it can look and you will end up with a smashing skirt that makes you look flash were ever you go. You can make this skirt at any length, from the knee and down. I put a triangular panel of ruffles in between the two back panels but this tutorial does not include that and this skirt can be both lined and not lined but I will not give any explanation how to line the skirt. The things you will need for this project is: Fabric, depending on your measurements (I used 6 meters (about 6 yards) of fabric, but I’m not really that petite) Zipper, I use a hidden zipper since they look so good (well they are invisible ;)) A button To start up you need to take these measurements: Waist: Hips: Butt: Now on to making a pattern. Start of with serging all the edges, or use a zigzag.

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