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Cosplay Tutorial - Tutorial List

Cosplay Tutorial - Tutorial List

HUGE Fancy Dreamer Masterpost! Inception: Jeffrey Kurland Costume Q&A | Clothes on Film Perhaps the most mind-churning mainstream film of recent years, Inception is testament to the power of great costume design. Not only does it look sumptuous, thanks to all those 3 pc suits and silk ties, but because of costume designer Jeffrey Kurland and director Christopher Nolan’s commitment to clothing serving an implicit function, Inception is at least partially decipherable by what the characters wear. The screen is filled with costume clues to interpret. Jeffrey Kurland has been costume designer on thirty seven feature films, including Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and Collateral (2004), though Inception is his first collaboration with Chris Nolan. Clothes on Film, Chris: Was it your intention to give each character a signature look, e.g. Jeffrey Kurland: I set out, as I always do, to design all of the costumes for Inception to best serve the emotional and physical needs of each of the characters. Tom Hardy’s watch as Eames was an antique piece. With thanks to Jeffrey Kurland.

HOMESTUCK: ARMSOCK TUTORIAL Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya THE WIRE ATTACHMENT METHOD FOR COSPLAY HORNS MiLadys' Wardrobe xx The point of this blog is SEXINESS our-whales-can-fly Asked: Hi!!!!! I plan on making an Aimless Renegade cosplay. The entire costume shouldn't be very hard, but there is one problem, the head. I am a lowly middle school student and do not have the money for an expensive project. Do you have any advice on how to make an inexpensive, good looking, AR head? Please help!!!!! Constructing a head that shape, you definitely need something very solid to base the head around, and then wrap the caution tape around it. Good luck! pinkxombie Asked: Hello! I used a polyester/cotton blend because I’m poor haha, and I bought it at Lincraft which is my local fabric store. Good luck xx Anonymous Asked: do you have any advice for types of fabric to use, specifically medium-to-heavyweight fabrics with a bit of stretch to them? For coats I think non-stretch fabrics are probably best, I would recommend chino, or homespun if you’re on a budget. Use the employees to your advantage and ask them for some help! Good luck!!

For all you Homestuck cosplayers I’ve just recently been searching online for good bits and pieces for my Meulin cosplay [I plan on doing a Trickster!Meulin based off of kreepykurloz’s design], and stumbled across some things that may interest others as well. For her shoes I found these lovely cat themed wedges, and they are only $14 (US) without shipping. I hope to post progress of that cosplay once I get everything together. submitted by antilogist Comments about patterns and bodices / Ballgown Kanaya Cosplay Tutorial, For those who are planning to start sewing their... Home | Blog | Tutorial List | Articles/Guides | Tools | FAQs | Contact For those who are planning to start sewing their own cosplays this year this might be helpful: How to take measurements! Waist Front / Waist Back: to Take Measurements: for Taking Measurements: for the images: Posted Friday January 4th 2013 32,170 notes Tag List Asks: Please Read Below! Submit Follow on Tumblr RSS feed Random Archive Mobile © 2011–2014 Powered by Tumblr Home | Blog | Tutorial List | Articles/Guides | Tools | FAQs | Contact

Stuck on Homestuck Cosplay? Homestuckcosplayhelp stands behind Match Wigs! So of course many of you have heard about Match Wigs and their facebook page debacle. Here’s the skinny of what happened in one paragraph. Match Wigs hired the wrong person to run their facebook, tumblr and instagram. That person was unfamiliar with the cosplay protocols for crediting cosplayers and photographers. Photographers and cosplayers went uncredited in photos on their social media accounts, and it became known by those cosplayers and photographers. So essentially, an employee made a mistake, and a company fixed it. Match Wigs is NOT a scam website. And that’s that. Makeup for Canadian Cosplayers For Canadians (or those Toronto if you want to physically go there yourself), Malabar’s contains Ben Nye products and being a theatre company they may contain other reliable brands for body paint and makeup. sbumitted b yhonk-honk-its-gamzee Bathrooms and Disposable Gloves I come to tell you guys about Mehron Colour Creamlend Stick!