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Mr. President, Put it in Writing

Mr. President, Put it in Writing
Services The Salsa Client Services team handles all new client set-ups as well as custom projects such as data clean-up, large-scale content and campaign migration, webpage customization and custom reporting. For more services including everything from strategic consulting to development, we have a community of partners ready to help too. Support The folks in support help you be successful in Salsa in a friendly, clear and efficient manner. You can count on the support specialists to ask you questions to target the specific problem and determine how to best address your concerns. Training We provide weekly online training, certification courses and strategic best practices webinars and resources at a variety of levels so you can customize your education the way you need it.

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Are You at Risk? There are 400 nuclear reactors in the world. A nuclear disaster like Fukushima could happen at any one of them. nuclear plant under construction Population Density Tell Stephen Harper: Nuclear Polluters Must Pay Prime Minister Stephen Harper has proposed a new law to shield nuclear companies from taking responsibility in the event of a nuclear accident. This law is irresponsible and must change. The Fukushima disaster shows us why. Tens of thousands of people are still displaced 3 years after the Fukushima accident. Their livelihoods demolished, they’ve received but a fraction of the money needed to replace what they have lost.

THE ECOLOGIST 22/10/09 Behind the Label: nanosilver The Ecologist has long been sceptical of the necessity and safety of antibacterial toiletries and household cleaners. In spite of the fact that they are widely used in a variety of consumer products, many antibacterials work in ways similar to pesticides and, more alarmingly, antibiotics. In a world where microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi) are fast developing resistance to any kind antimicrobial substance, increasing resistance puts us at risk at home and in places where keeping microbial numbers at bay - such as hospitals - is crucial for health and safety reasons. These facts haven't however stopped the anti-bacterial juggernaut from delivering newer and more powerful products - most recently nanosilver. As you might expect the US is somewhat ahead of the UK in its use of nanosilver, but we are rapidly catching up.

More on the media's Pentagon-subservient WikiLeaks coverage - Glenn Greenwald This is really good to hear: quite encouraging. Apparently, many people become quite angry when the newspaper which did more to enable the attack on Iraq than any other media outlet in the world covered one of the most significant war leaks in American history — documents detailing the deaths of more than 100,000 human beings in that war and the heinous abuse of thousands of others — by assigning its most celebrated war correspondent and London Bureau Chief to studiously examine and malign the totally irrelevant personality quirks, alleged mental health, and various personal relationships of Julian Assange. Imagine that. Then we have this from Burns: Oh my, how upsetting. People are so very “embittered,” and over what?

Currency Proposals Commercial Credit Circuit (C3): A Financial Innovation to Structurally Address Unemployment This paper explains how mutual credit systems can help small and medium-size businesses face the current banking and economic crisis and deal with the problem of cash flow shortage. Businesses can take an initiative to … “Natural Savings: How to Save Forests with Savings for and by the Poor?” Nuclear Power Whistleblowers Charge Federal Regulators With Favoring Secrecy Over Safety Richard H. Perkins and Larry Criscione are precise and formal men with more than 20 years of combined government and military service. Perkins held posts at the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration before joining the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Division of Risk Analysis in 2008. Criscione landed at the agency a year later, after five years aboard the USS Georgia as a submarine warfare officer.

Ghostly protests against Northern Territory uranium mining Ten people dressed as spectres protested outside Energy Resources of Australia’s head office in Darwin yesterday, in opposition of plans to expand uranium mining in the Northern Territory. As Australian Mining reported yesterday, Energy Resources of Australia say a new uranium mine in the Northern Territory will play an important role in future energy needs. The company is seeking approval for the proposed Ranger 3 Deeps underground uranium mine. The miner has also allocated $57 million for a prefeasibility study into the development of the underground mine. However, environmentalists say they do not want the mine to go ahead near Kakadu National Park.

NUTRA INGREDIENTS 18/12/08 EFSA questions nano silver safety in supplements The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said there is insufficient evidence to determine the safety of nanotech, silver hydrosols in food supplements. The opinion will influence whether the nutrient is added to annex II of the Food Supplements Directive (FSD), a decision that has to be made by the European Commission and Member States by the end of 2009. If the nano-nutrient, said to have immune system boosting properties, can be shown to be safe and efficacious it will remain on the market.

Christopher Alessi: WikiLeaks Founder Lashes out at New York Times WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg, a former Pentagon analyst best known for leaking key memos about the Vietnam War 40 years ago, led a packed forum at London's Frontline Club last night to discuss the fallout over the non-profit group's disclosure of approximately 400,000 US Army files documenting the Iraq War. While the two men predictably levelled forceful criticism at the Pentagon, their main target for most of the evening was actually the New York Times. Assange fumed openly about John Burns and Ravi Somaiya's expose from this past Sunday's Times that characterized the WikiLeaks mastermind as increasingly paranoid, erratic, and dangerously egotistical. "It's a smear piece, and more tabloid behavior by the Times," Assange said of the article. "Is it that only journalists with bad character work for the Times?" Assange has acknowledged, and even accepted, that he has become part of the story he was trying to tell.

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