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Styling Google Maps Map Stylr is a new Google Maps API Styled Maps wizard that can help you create a unique style for your own Google Maps. Map Stylr includes the Styled Maps wizard and a showcase of styles created by users of the site. The Map Editor allows you to customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas. Instead of using the Map Editor tool you can use the Map Stylr 'showcase' to select from styles created by other map developers. If you find a style that you like in the showcase you can simply cut & paste the style JSON code into your own Google Maps creations.

Coding, Computer Science and iPads – My Current View Photo Credit: flickingerbrad via Compfight cc I have spoken a lot recently about my frustration with a lack of apps that help teach children to code. Largely this frustration is centred around the resulting perception of ICT and edtech this limitation gives our schools. Web retro: The first stumbling steps of back in 1994-1998 Posted in Tech blog on August 14th, 2009 by Pingdom This is what Microsoft’s homepage looked back in 1994 when it was first launched, and its evolution during the following years. Scroll down for a closer look at the seven first versions of and some very retro web design. April 1994 – August 1995 How do I use Air Gestures to control my Samsung Galaxy S® 4? : AT&T Cell Phones Page 1. Air Gestures™ Settings The Air Gestures settings let you control your mobile device by making specific movements with your hand above the proximity and gesture sensors. To access Air Gestures settings, from the Home screen, touch Menu

The Tattoos Of Russia's Brutal Prisoners & Criminals Custom Tattoos Of Russia **_Warning some of the imagery you're about to see is NSFW_** Here's a tale of struggle, individuality, brutality, creativity and all set against the bleak background of cold Soviet Russia. Custom Google Maps Style Tool A tool for playing around with Google Maps colours and generating the styling code. The generated Google Maps code can be copied from the bottom of the page. Colours can be controlled with sliders below or by entering a hex value. Tags: api, custom, google maps, maps, styles Written by Myke Cook

Interactive Whiteboard #101 : A short primer At this time of year I find myself running a lot of interactive whiteboard training sessions for schools and colleges on how to get started with their IWB and to get going with the basics. I always direct them back to this blog to check out the IWB Guides area on here, so I thought it would be useful to collate a lot of the basic ideas that I hand out. So if you are a newly qualified teacher soon to be embarking on their teaching career at their new school, an existing teacher moving schools, or simply having an interactive whiteboard installed in your classroom over the summer for the first time, then here’s a couple of handy tips to get you started. 1 Get hold of the IWB software The Web back in 1996-1997 Posted in Tech blog on September 16th, 2008 by Pingdom Back in 1996 the Web was starting to gain some serious momentum, but it was still just a few years old. Now in 2008, looking 12 years back into the past of the Web can be a both nostalgic and entertaining experience.

Pictures: Samsung F480 Red – La Fleur Edition Samsung F480 La Fleur pictures - The Samsung SGH-F480 is another all-touch phone and the first to use the TouchWiz interface, which is the successor of the Croix found on previous models. It features a 2.8" TFT Touch display with 240x320 pixels resolution, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash, image and video stabilization and has an abundance of multimedia functions, including a video editor, RDS FM Radio and Media player.All this is packed into small and slim stylish body, resembling the PRADA by LG. Samsung F480 La Fleur [Via]

DIY Project: Floral Garland Mirror Materials: mirror or frameblack acid-free papercraft glue or PVAwirescissorspliers and wire cutterstaple gunspray finish, matte or glossyoptional: black paint and paintbrush for frame Steps: Earth Outreach Before You Begin In order to complete this tutorial, you will need some text, photo and video content to add to your tour. You can use your own text, photos and videos, or you can use the sample content provided by our friends at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). Just download the zip file below and extract the contents to a folder on your desktop. (530k Zip file) Prerequisites

Tools for plugging ICT into any lesson: my top five resources ICT shouldn't just be utilised within ICT lessons. There are many applications out there that allow teachers to dazzle their students with their ICT skills. There are so many, in fact, that its very difficult to know where to start. Furthermore, you don't want to be using your time and effort investigating something which might not be of any use to you. So here's a list of my top five, free, ICT applications. Edmodo

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