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Peinture à l'huile - Esao Andrews

Peinture à l'huile - Esao Andrews
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Performance Sand Art - Kseniya Simonova Born in a small town on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, Kseniya Simonova has skyrocketed to international stardom following her 2009 win of Ukraine’s Got Talent. Her combination of story telling, sand art, and music has been showcased in over 200 performances over the past 4 years, including locales such as Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Japan, Poland, Austria, China, The United Kingdom, India, Italy, Germany, Kazakhstan, Malta, and others. She performs regularly for presidents, heads of state, and royalty. Since she was a child, Kseniya painted, drew and designed alongside her mother and family. At first, she tested her art with beach and river sands, which proved difficult to work with over time due to their salinity. Her husband, Igor, suggested that she should enter the competition Ukraine’s Got Talent. In the semi-finals, she created a sand performance centered around World War II, though the producers had encouraged her to choose a less somber theme.

The Art of Frank Frazetta artwork by lawrence yang Artist Bio: Lawrence Yang wrestles with informational abstractions by day and paints by night. Influenced by graffiti art and traditional Chinese painting, he employs ink, marker, and watercolor, as the permanence of this media adds a sense of immediacy to his work. Lawrence's paintings make use of color to communicate atmosphere and emotion, and they are concerned primarily with creating order out of chaos (and vice versa). Lawrence once ate an entire bag of Fun Size Three Musketeers™. He lives in San Francisco with his imaginary pets, Cholo and Binky. Interview: Thanks to my buddy Jonny Kloberdanz at, you can now take a deeper look at what's going on in my studio and in my head when I'm painting. FAQs: Q: I'd like to purchase a print or a print! Q: I'm doing a report on you for school, where can I find more information? Q: Can you help me design a tattoo? Q: Can my band use your artwork in an album cover? Questions / comments / suggestions? All work © Lawrence Yang 2009

Vermibus Over-consumption and the unchecked use of our natural resources to serve that consumption, is wreaking havoc on our environment and on our minds. Our unabated need for the latest products and ideas leaves us only wanting more, at the expense of the world around us. Fueling this unchecked desire is a commercial media whose goal is the promotion of more consumption through every outlet known. Newspapers, Magazines, Television, the Internet, and even the Public Space that we collectively share, all serve to promote our desire for more. In an effort to examine the issue of over-consumption, “Buy Nothing Day” began in 1992 by artist Ted Dave, and participants were asked to refrain from purchasing goods for 24hrs. 22 years later this single act of defiance has grown into a worldwide movement that now takes place in 65 countries and includes thousands of participants. All fotages were sent by the activists. Video: Xar LeeProducer: VermibusVoice: Desi IvanovaSound Engineer: Elliot German

Sculpture sur Papier - Calvin Nicholls It was only a matter of time before Calvin Nicholls' life-long passion in art and wildlife combined! The Canadian has been a full-time paper sculpture artist since the mid-1980's. With such a variety of animals in his collection, he's essentially created his own paper zoo. Many of the animal paper sculptures belong in Nicholls' most extensive collection, which includes over 75 pieces for Follett Library Resources in McHenry Illinois. "Initially a rigid form is constructed which establishes the contours of the subject and provides a stable base upon which the detail pieces are attached," Nicholls' says, as he explains his process. Calvin Nicholls' website

Francois Abelanet's vertigo-inducing street Stunning images offer a 3D glimpse into surreal worlds, giving the impression viewer is thousands of feet above sceneWorks created by French artist Francois Abelanet for an event showcasing the latest range of Renault trucksThe work was also an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the largest street art work By James Rush Published: 18:45 GMT, 6 July 2013 | Updated: 20:56 GMT, 6 July 2013 Suspended thousands of feet above the city below, this bridge would probably not be the most popular of places for those with a fear of heights. Yet something is not quite right about the city which lies underneath the feet of those walking across the structure - as none of the boats in the harbour move and the skyscrapers show no activity of life, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a picture. But that's because this vertigo-inducing scene was in fact created by French artist Francois Abelanet. Visitors were also able to get on board some of the new trucks.

Adriana de Barros Follow @Scene360: Magic worlds of Russian Dali - Vladimir Kush Scroll down to see more Vladimir Kush was born in Moscow in 1965 in a small wooden house with carved windows and a private cherry orchard not far from Moscow's famous Sokolniki Park. Although Vladimir's father, Oleg Konstantinovich Kush, is a mathematician, the entire male half of the family was fond of painting. His "career" as an artist began aged three years, when he learned to hold a pencil, while sitting on his pop's lap. At the age of seven, in addition to elementary school, Vladimir started going to art classes, where he would stay until late in the evening. Art school gave Vladimir the freedom to create. At 17, Vladimir Kush entered the Stroganov Academy, but a year later was called up for compulsory army service. In 1990, together with two other Russian artists, he exhibited his work in Coburg, Germany, to public acclaim. Here, on the island of Maui, which became his home, Vladimir finally found himself as an artist.

Sculptures de crayon - Dalton Ghetti Nouvel artiste à ajouter dans la catégorie (toujours fictive) « Insolite » et néanmoins talentueux, voici Dalton Ghetti et ses sculptures de crayon. C’est vraiment impressionnant et je vous invite à jeter un oeil. Depuis 25 ans, Dalton Ghetti exerce avec minutie sa passion. Il dit lui-même que cet art peut être extrêmement frustrant lorsqu’il arrive à la fin de sa création et qu’il commet une erreur, donc j’imagine que souvent la mine se casse… Pour en savoir plus sur son travail c’est par là : Dalton Ghetti sur OddStuffMagazine Que pensez-vous de cet artiste insolite ? Merci à @Alois_Val pour ce lien Auteur: Gaétan Weltzer, comme toujours en fait. Partagez l'article et l'amour qui s'en dégage ! 3inPartager0 Articles qui pourraient vous plaire