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Vintage Photos Enter Spooky Afterlife as Animated GIFs Weir describes this as one of his more "conceptual" pieces. "There's a conflict between the cannon, which has the sole purpose of destruction, and the soldier, whose soul is capable of both good and evil," he says. Turn-of-the-century feminist Mother Jones struck Weir as a mythic character. "She seems shrouded in mysticism, full of mischief and hidden power," he says. "She's exactly the type of person that would burst into a flock of crows."

Inside Instruments This print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra uses macro photographs taken inside the cramped spaces of instruments making the inner workings of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ appear vast and spacious, almost as if you could walk around inside them. So wonderfully done. Art directed by photographer Bjoern Ewers, you can see more over on Behance. Update: The photography is by Mierswa Kluska and the original concept came from Mona Sibai and Björn Ewers. Signs for the Homeless We have begun to accept submissions. If you have any we’d love to see them, please email at - Chris H. (*Person has requested to not use his face online) November 2013, Park Street, Boston, MA 1.

Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs Capture The Monotony of 'Routine' How do you capture ‘routine’ on camera? That was the question that talented cinemagraph creator Julien Douvier (featured before here and here) was asking himself late last year. The answer, when it struck him, was simple: nothing is perhaps more routine than our early morning walk to work. So he set about capturing that in the only way he knew how: photography with a touch of motion — or videography with a touch of stillness — in order words, cinemagraphs. “One day, I realized that I was making the same trip every day for almost four years,” he writes on Behance. “Waking up at the same time, taking the same routes through the same streets, walking on the same sidewalks in front of the same buildings…”

Iron Man Gets the Shakes and Other Superheroic Animated GIFs A classic Iron Man cover gets a shaky update in Kerry Callen's animated GIF. Spider-Man faces an extra-watery end in this free-flowing GIF. Tony Stark suffers the DTs in a freaky animated GIF created from a classic The Invincible Iron Man cover.

New York by Subway Case study images for Interband's Singapore's redesign and branding of Banco De Oro's branches in Manila.Photography, Digital Photography2012 Cinemagraphs of People and Objects Spinning on an Axis RRRRRRRROLL_gif is a project by a group of friends in Japan that comes together to create two cinemagraphs each week. The images feature people and objects rotating around a single axis. RRRRRRRROLL_gif (via Colossal) Image credits: Photographs by RRRRRRRROLL_gif Monstrous Animated GIFs Give Classic Creatures a Noir Look This Loch Ness monster animated GIF is just one of the creatures in the Saline Project's Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims series. Saline Project's ghost GIF. Saline Project's alien GIF. Saline Project's swamp monster GIF. Saline Project's werewolf GIF.Saline Project's werewolf GIF. caption hereThis Loch Ness monster animated GIF is just one of the creatures in the Saline Project's Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims series.Saline Project's ghost GIF.Saline Project's alien GIF.Saline Project's swamp monster GIF.Saline Project's werewolf GIF.Saline Project's werewolf GIF.

Unbelievable Street Art Murals by El Mac «TwistedSifter 1. Inspired Background by Kofie. HOW TO: Make A Cinemagraph Music Video Cinemagraphs might be my favorite "new" music video effect, presenting the viewer with a mostly still image that has an isolated spot of motion. Director Chris Grieder uses the technique in this new Kelsi Luck video, and was kind enough to break down the process for those interested in using it. It's a complicated and time-intensive process, and Chris' instructions are definitely aimed at those with a working knowledge of 3k/FPS/XML/AE/TIFF and other letters, so be prepared to go full nerd. Chris Grieder, director: We shot on a RED Scarlet — mainly at 3k resolution so we could shoot 48fps, but some stuff was shot 4k/24fps. We tried to make wider compositions full of detail, closer to still photograph compositions, rather than typical music video comps.