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Claire Keane

Claire Keane

THECAB - The Concept Art Blog the magic behind the magic Hi everyone! This post is actually about two months overdue, but I kept putting it off in the hopes that I would feel inspired again. I haven’t updated this tumblr in a few months and before that, hadn’t been updating all that frequently. While I still love Disney and adore concept art and appreciate everyone who followed and affiliated and contributed to this blog, I’ve found that I don’t have the passion needed to update this tumblr on a regular basis. This is my official “~closure~” announcement — I say ~closure~ because I’m trying to make this post as not-serious as possible! Thanks so very much to everyone who followed, and I’ll close with a link to the song that started my fascination with Disney concept art: If I Never Knew You. Filed under disney Pocahontas A concept design for Governor Ratcliffe Source: Pocahontas special edition DV Filed under disney pocahontas The Little Mermaid Source: the Little Mermaid special edition DVD Filed under disney the little mermaid Cinderella

Lorelay Bove lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts Founded in 2003 by Jon Beinart as the “beinArt Australian Surreal Art Collective” and expanded internationally in 2006 as the “beinArt International Surreal Art Collective”, the beinArt Collective has long been a web destination, publisher and sponsor of group exhibitions for artists working in the areas of strange, surreal, fantastic, psychedelic, visionary and outsider art. Aficionados of these genres have found the website, and its reserve of artist galleries, missing for a time now, while founder Jon Beinart endeavored to bring the site up to date, reduce the strain of upkeep on the multiple galleries and generally bring the site into line with the modern web, streamlined and functioning more as a lighthouse than a repository. The good news is that the beinArt Collective site is now back from the shadows; and, given its nature, has of course, brought the shadows back with it.

CMYK A QUIET WORD - Tamasin Cave & Andy Rowell Lobbying is a two-billion pound industry, answering to no-one and operating out of public sight. This book shows just how effectively the voice of public interest is being drowned out by the word in the ear from the professional persuaders of the lobbying industry. And if you’ve never heard about them, that’s because the most effective lobbying goes unnoticed. Our design echoes this dichotomy – the noise of the influence industry, driven by it’s silent mechanics.

Nate Wragg Art and Illustration lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts Les cas sociaux du net | L'intelligentsia 2.0 Brittney Lee Camille André Les Textapes d'Alice / saison III Les Textapes d'Alice / saison III eric guillon Epais et Tordu, le site officiel de Manu Larcenet Le catalogue Christie’s. Je reçois le catalogue Christie’s d’une vente aux enchère d’originaux de bandes dessinées. Je dois avouer que, si la vente me laisse froid, je reste des heures à admirer ce catalogue. Le génie de certains grands anciens, pionniers, virtuoses vous explose à la figure. Les fac-similés sont superbes. On voit les repentirs, les retouches, la densité des traits, les crayonnés, le sens des traits, leur force, les tensions, les repos… Une Bible pour dessinateur, pour peu qu’on aime la bande dessinée classique. Au sortir de ce grand moment, je me dis que, tout de même, il est dommage que j’en sois réduit à me palucher sur un catalogue d’exposition! Eux ont des livres d’art. publicité Aujourd’hui, les Rêveurs sortent le livre époustouflant de Carlos Nine « rapport visuel sur la ville de Buenos Aires et ses environs. » Sans oublier mon propre « Microcosme ». Ses deux livres ont été somptueusement habillés par Aude Charlier, grâce lui soit rendue.

Je suis une vraie fille Quand après m'avoir larguée comme une merde, il tente de prendre de mes nouvelles. When, after dumping me like shit, he wants to catch up for some news. (Source: whatshouldbetchescallme) Quand on me dit: “ C’est que tu dois les effrayer” When someone says: “Maybe you frighten them, no?” (Source: hollywoodassistants) Quand le mec est super à donf When the guy is really pushy (Source: whatshouldwecallme, via jesuisunevraiefille) Quand on m'a présenté tout le monde à la soirée et que tous les mecs sont en couple. When I’ve been intruduced to everybody at the party and all the guys have come with their girlfriend. (Source: whatshouldwecallme)