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Claire Keane

Claire Keane
early concept design for Anna from Frozen. More Anna posts coming soon…. My early visual development for Frozen. In this version the Snow Queen (a diva) was frozen when we met her. This is research for what that would have looked like. My visual development during the making of Frozen for Elsa and Anna’s relationship while growing up.

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B A J S "Mother was all I had left." hey kit why havent you uploaded in a while ? let me tell you dragon age happens and it happens hard so far Snow Halation is my favorite lovelive song for sure!! OK SO this picture… I can.. explain. Hahah I’m actually a frequent roleplayer on multi-fandom rps here on Tumblr! This Nonsense joannaestep: faitherinhicks: My long road to get a digital drawing system set up has finally come to some kind of fruition … My first (mostly) complete digital comics page » finished traditional inks. The scan is not cleaned up or the panel borders drawn in (I have always done digital panel borders because I can’t ink a straight line, even with a ruler) because I scanned it at the wrong size for print, so I have to redo it anyway.Tools involved with this: Cintiq, Manga Studio 5, Epson Artisan 1430, Raphael Klonsky watercolour brush, size 1. And many, many tears. But I think I’m starting to get the hang of this.

lanimalu mistergandalf: alternate ending to the third hobbit moviethranduil walks around the battlefield and spies the dead bodies of fili and kiliand then he kneels down and touches them gently with one finger and they come back to lifeand everyone lives happily ever afterthranduil is secretly ned the piemakerthe end Fallout AU in which Thorin’s company lost their hideout to a supermutant behemoth and Bilbo’s the kid from Vault 101 that helps them to retrieve it. Y/Y? Taija's Drawing Board Scan Preparation!Enjoy this video I made for you demonstrating how I use Photoshop process... THANK YOU. AND YOU More weekend stuff. A quick one. Cala, who is fabulous, is mine. Weekend pictures of Nima and Martin because they are beautiful; IVF pregnancy talk and sharing colds. Martin belongs to xhakhalNima is mine Jasper’s first joke in years.

Alexandre "Zedig " diboine the meat shop ! A little bit of lore from saltenpepper : In the world of saltenpepper, all meats grow in the wild or in farms, for every vegetable, tree, or fungus, exists a variety that gives a type of meat ! The brushes are kyle ‘s ones, I use the basic 80 ! i’ve been having trouble drawing women figure for the longest time so i decided to tackle my flaws and started trying a little bit, there is a couple of photo studies, but most of it is trying to understand structure on a fit/aethletic woman ‘s body from scratch, next step is drawing other type of body types.

The Adventuress What is the most dangerous thing you've ever done? Anonymous I’ll give that fella some credit though, did not go down without a fight! thepianofairy: Happy 1st Anniversary Portal 2!!! Stevie Ray October 28, 2013 5 comments: veci said... i love it! :) smite the fiend. Kindan no Resistance - Nana Mizuki(34 plays) Kindan no Resistance - Nana Mizuki fucking dumb idiots having a fucking dumb tickle fight: confirmed spicybara: I HAVENT BEEN POSTING because uhhh swords… and also been trying to desperately fill out this sketchbook wah T_T i draw really tiny and my sketchbook is big lMAO GOD i need to learn how to draw bigger but uhhhhhhhhhh *bad* i want to draw more traditionally and a lot Tales of Zestiria: Sorey & Mikleo brendenfletcher: Orders for October comics are due in at your local comic book shop! That means time is quickly running out to guarantee you’re able to get your own copies of BATGIRL #35 and GOTHAM ACADEMY #1.To be sure you don’t miss out, bring the above codes in to your retailer when you head in to pick up your new books today. It’s super important to get those orders in immediately. If your shop doesn’t know you want these books, they won’t order them. And if they don’t order them, THEY DON’T ORDER THEM!

gallimaufry i made a! there isn’t much there but it is there. eeyyy your shit is cute I'm that weird person from class hello uvu aaargh HEY and thank you omgur not weird always nice hearing ppl like my art o/even tho i rly shouldn’t be doodling during lectures oops commission done for queermarauder there can never be enough oikawa in skirts

TANG AVENUE Hello again! Just an announcement that I changed my very ancient blog url to something new and a bit more professional. This is also a way for me to turn a new page in the chapters of my life and I hope it does well for me. c: fashion from old people Valentino Fall 2014 Menswear Inaugural dress of Fay Webb Gardner, 1928-29 Fuchsia Dress c. 1923-1925 Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketketur, og Design (via omgthatdress) Hi, this is Emily, and I know this isn’t a dress, but I thought I would put up a link to this project all the same for folks that might be interested… I’m part of the new line-up of art books for Benign Kingdom’s Spring 2013 collection! In addition to a lot of pictures of monsters and babes — such as those in the cover image above — my book also includes a number of my images from this here blog.

gigi d.g.'s doodle hootenanny I just wanted to say that those last two pages of CQ are so freaking adorable! I absolutely love scenarios like that, and I’m so happy you’ve written and illustrated all of this so well! Also thank you for creating CQ and working on it so hard!