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Feng Zhu Design

Feng Zhu Design

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Robh Ruppel College Boss Films thrived and Robh also freelanced in Los Angeles, working on the movie 'Misery' with Rob Reiner and Norman Garwood. He also went back to the Art Center College, where he crossed over and did some teaching on their invitation. "They wanted an additional teacher for the landscape class and I taught that for several terms and then I said, 'Hey why don't we start doing this on laptops, because most of these students are going to be working digital anyway', and from then on we went out into the field and painted on our laptops, from life." Ruppel had turned his class into a digital landscape painting session.

Portfolio This is a quick view of my recent work. Illustration and Visual Development Please contact me here: Download 67 free hi-res HDR files from HDRMAPS Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 | Posted by Jim Thacker Originally posted on 28 May 2013. Scroll down for updates. – aka artist Grzegorz Wronkowski – has made 24 hi-res HDRI files available to download for free. The images range from industrial interiors to landscapes under quite a range of lighting conditions, and are licensed for use in commercial work. Star Wars Samurai in Feudal Japan Darth Vader Vail-based digital artist Clinton Felker adds an Eastern twist on some of our most beloved Star Wars characters, giving them full samurai gear as if they were transported in time to feudal Japan. Light sabers and blaster rifles are replaced with samurai swords and battle axes, and Yoda is seen with several eyes all over his head, meditating in mid-air, while smoking a spliff. The level of detail and creativity is amazing!

TOYOTA — GLASS ORGANS on Behance THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety) is simulation software, which represents actual humans in detail, including the outer shape, but also bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and internal organs. Therefore, THUMS can be used in automotive crash simulations to identify safety problems and find their solutions. The technology then helps Toyota build safer cars across the entire range. The aim of the campaign was to highlight the notion of 'human fragility'. This was brought to life through a glass body.

Hasan Bajramovic - Interview - Hello Hasan, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in CG and are you self-taught or have taken some training? First of all Hi to all fellow artists out there and a big thank you to CGArena for this interview. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I currently reside. SPARTH I’m not very good at the whole store thing, same when it comes to prints. but there are still a few things you can find online really.first of, my Structura art book series is available on Amazon and DesignStudioPress. here’s a link to my author page. But for your information, the art of Halo 5 Art book will be available at the end of October when Halo 5 ships, and as you may already know, i have quite a few pieces visible in these pages. i also took a lot of time selecting the best pieces from the Halo 5 production from many great illustrators from 343 Industries, and the book is truly awesome. Here’s a page taken from the Amazon preview, here. finally, you can also find a lot of additional personal pieces in the Halo 4 Artbook from 2012, here: Awakening, The Art of Halo 4.

Detailed Close-Ups of Star Wars Spaceships This precious collection of rare close-ups of the ships used in the original Star Wars Trilogy gives us a glimpse into the great effort and detail that went into assembling them and shooting them. Kiéra Malone - France - Nightly Kiéra Malone - France Love, tenderness, innocence, kindness, sensitivity ... a smile, a glance, a tear ... source of inspiration! Kiéra Malone. I feed every expression ... tapping into the soul's eternal search for the other !"...

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