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Letting environmental art speak for itself is no longer enough Cynthia Hooper is constantly dancing. At least, this is how the Californian film-maker describes balancing the two halves of her practice. Yes, she makes works of art; but she also tries to raise awareness of environmental issues. Her films of energy infrastructure, waste landscapes and agricultural spaces are often stark and hypnotic – even strangely alien and futuristic – when presented on their own. A couple of weeks ago, Hooper presented some of her work as a guest in the Infrastructure Aesthetics series at New York University’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. Advertisement Exportadora De Sal from Cynthia Hooper on Vimeo. The first piece she showed was Exportadora de Sal (2007), which perfectly sets the tone for her style of work. Geotérmoeléctrica Cerro Prieto from Cynthia Hooper on Vimeo. Geotérmoeléctrica: Cerro Prieto (2012) was again filmed in Mexico, this time at one of the country’s largest geothermal energy fields. More on these topics: energy and fuels

SR X. STENCIL MADE IN XIXÓN El Sr. X es un artista urbano, que por encima de todo práctica el stencil. Sus obras se pueden apreciar en paredes, muros, puertas y rincones de ciudades como Gijón, Londres, Madrid, asi como en algún espacio de Croacia, Brasil, o Alemania. Contando con la mayor parte de sus trabajos en espacios públicos, también ha sabido trasladar sus imágenes al mundo del taller y de las exposiciones a un nivel más tradicional, o al menos más normativo como es el de galerías o centros de arte, destacando sus intervenciones para Arenas Movedizas, festival de arte de LaBoral (Gijón). L: También es normal escuchar que stencil y graffiti comparten muchos puntos en común. L: Aunque consta que el stencil también puede ser una técnica que represente otros mensajes. Entrevista por Lara A.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils Selected Works Stina Persson: a moda em aguarelas De entre todas as formas em que a moda chega até nós, a ilustração é talvez a mais sincera, despretensiosa e, de certa maneira, a mais poética, menos aprisionada pelas contingências comerciais. E se na moda a ilustração é a forma poética, na pintura imagino que seja a aguarela, com as suas transparências e sobreposições. Sendo assim, Stina Persson será também poeta, ilustrando a moda com a sua paleta de aguarelas. © Stina Person, "This is my veil". Senhora de um vasto portefólio e de uma alargada lista de clientes, Stina Persson continua a transmitir um olhar muito próprio sobre o mundo da moda, começando com o tipo de materiais e técnicas que escolhe para ilustrar. Através de um estilo que mistura o estilizado com o texturado, Stina traz-nos a moda a partir de elementos quase abstratos, manchas de cor que iluminam o fundo branco, misturando-se e vagueando pelo papel até formar belas representações femininas e masculinas. © Stina Person, "Blue Jean". © Stina Person, "Catwalk".

Poppy Dandiya- Poppy Dandiya Poppy Dandiya is a studio jeweler living between Jaipur and England. Poppy was born in 1955 and by 1975 he completed his formal education at St Stephens College in Delhi. This education was designed to pave his way into the Indian bureaucracy, but he started biking and backpacking across India and Europe instead. To pay for his travels he bought pieces of old silver jewellery from pawn shops during his biking trips around the Thar desert, and sold it to friends, and later boutiques. Little did he know then that he was setting up the foundations of his new career. By 1980, Poppy found himself in London, taking evening classes in jewellery-making and gemmology at Sir John Cass, honing the jewellery instincts he had inherited from his jeweler grandfather. Finally, since around 1996, Poppy started sharing his time again between Jaipur and the UK, first in Cambridge and later in Devon.

info : Lunar New Year Massive Art Nouveau-Inspired Mural in Montreal For 16 days straight, from dawn to dusk, five highly determined Montreal-based artists (who make up the artist run collective A'shop) worked on a graffiti mural of a Mother Nature-esque Madonna or a modern-day version of "Our Lady of Grace." Inspired by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha, the crew created this breathtakingly beautiful five story mural using 500 cans of spray paint in over 50 different colors. “We been doing graffiti for a long time but this is our first large project involving the whole team,” Fluke of A'shop told The Montreal Gazette. The city gave the group complete control of the project and, luckily, the public ended up loving it. Fluke said that he hopes this project will encourage other city boroughs to consider murals of their own. To really appreciate the time and effort that went into this massive mural, here are some progress shots that were taken over the 16 day period. Update #1: We got in touch with Kris Wilk at A'shop to ask him some more questions.

fluidos coloridos: um jogo excitante e criativo de formas e cores O artista promove um campo específico de fotografias abstratas em que ele explora as possibilidades de suas expressões criativas. "Demersal" é uma série de fotografias experimentais do fotógrafo Luka Klikovac, de Belgrado, que mostra a interessante aleatoriedade das formações de fluidos coloridos. Por meio de uma técnica de captura de imagens, submerso em água, ele conseguiu captar as formas liquidas abstratas suspensas em um copo d'água, com movimentos imprevisíveis e surreais, criando efeitos psicodélicos. O artista usou apenas sua câmera e um sistema especial de iluminação.

Photographer encounters forgotten Chinese city covered in lush vegetation Whenever new photographs arise of manmade structures gone untouched for years, it's hard to look away. Some photos are haunting and eerie, yet these lush, green-shrouded buildings on Gougi island, in China’s Yangtze River, are anything but eerie. Instead, they reveal a tranquil sense of what happens when nature reclaims the land. Related: Buy your very own gold rush ghost town on Craigslist! Gouqi island is located in the Shengsi archipelago of about 400 islands. Each discovery of abandoned cityscapes is captivating, but one covered in beautiful ivy and greenery surely enchants in its own way. Via Bored Panda and Images via Jane Qing

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